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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Boom: Mon Feb 8, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Tony Prescott

Jason gives Joe a hand as he loads his stuff into his boat, that is being pulled by his Honda 4x4. Okay, really, why doesn't he just sell those two items to pay off his debts? Perhaps he thinks that Slick Rick will never cease to take money from him? Jason tells Joe he's got a good surprise for Tina on Valentine's Day and it'd be nice if he were there. Gee, I wonder what that could be. Joe is paranoid that Slick Rick will show up, and rushes Gail. Gail fusses over Nick on the phone and Joe is so freakin' jumpy I can't even watch. With some extended goodbyes from Joe, and without any further adieu, they're off to the lakes district.

Just as they leave, Slick Rick drives up and asks David if Joe's in. David asks if it's about the house, but soon finds out it's not as Slick Rick asks where he can find Joe. Slick Rick tells David to give Joe a message: when he gets back, Rick'll be waiting for him and he's not happy. David seems confused as Tina overhears this exchange. Tina finds from David that Slick Rick was looking for Joe and she tells David that her dad owes him money. David's not too confident that Joe will "sort it out" as Tina says. For once, I agree with David.

Joe is at peace out on his boat, and Gail is on pins-and-needles on the water. Later, Joe asks Gail by the fire what she'd give to just have a clean slate in life again. Joe suggests to Gail that they disappear like the canoe guy that faked his own death. Joe says he's been reading all about it, and he's worth so much more to her dead than alive. I'm guessing this isn't the romantic conversation Gail was looking forward to on this trip. Gail is stunned as she realizes that Joe is planning on faking his death for real. Oh poor, poor Gail. Gail finally tells Joe to go to the police, but Joe says he's got no evidence and that if Rick finds out he went to the cops, he'll put him in hospital, or Gail. Joe freaks out that if he doesn't pay Rick that he'll be dead for real.

Joe's master plan: He goes out on the boat at night, Gail reports him missing in the morning, Joe lays low in Ireland (maybe he can stay with Mammy Connor?), Joe gets jobs for cash, sets up a new identity, when the dust settles, he'll be in touch. He then drops the life insurance bomb on Gail that in 7 years, they'll pay up. Poor Gail! Do I say that too much? Gail desperately scrambles and says they'll just put the house up on the market. Gail wants to know how much he owes exactly. If I were Gail, I'd let Joe go out, then get right in the car and drive back home saying he'd left me, and that's that. Gail tells Joe that he's stark raving mad and she's phoning the police to tell them about the loan shark but Joe grabs the phone off her and puts his coat on. Gail runs after Joe telling him it's too dangerous, but it goes through one ear, out the other. Meanwhile, the couple that approached them earlier that were staying nearby witness this scuffle as they get into their car. Joe ends up literally throwing Gail onto the dock off the boat. Gail says she won't report him missing, as Joe pleads "please" as he sails off into the darkness leaving Gail sobbing on the dock.

Gail makes her way back into the cottage and tries to call Joe. Joe is struggling on the boat, and somehow manages to lose his raft that he was to use to travel to shore. Joe desperately tries to grab his boat with an oar and gets it. Suddenly, the wind picks up and the "boom" knocks Joe into the lake. Joe flails around while his phone rings over and over again.

Tina is worried about her dad and Gail and asks if Audrey's heard from them, but she hasn't. She keeps ringing him and Jason is upset with Joe for having put Tina in danger. Only, it doesn't look like Tina's the one in danger and Joe struggles to stay afloat and Gail yells out "Joe!" from the docks. Joe slides down the side of the boat, and surrenders to the cold, dark water. All that's left to be heard is the empty rings of his mobile.

It's the morning after, and Peter's got one hell of a hangover. It's not nearly as strong as Leanne's frown, however. Leanne apologizes to George on the phone for letting him down and tries not to break out in tears. George tells Eva he doesn't know what he's going to do now. I was wondering what on earth was going to happen to the bar actually.

Ken wants to see Peter, but Deirdre thinks he should get some rest as well. Deirdre thinks she should go see Peter instead of Ken, since she doesn't want Peter to think Ken's come to say "I told ya so."

Peter bumps into Janice and doesn't exactly get a "good morning." Janice finds Leanne sulking in The Joinery, or what's left of it. Janice says that Peter can't cope, so she's not going to do the bar. She's choosing Peter over the bar. Ken bumps into Janice who tells him that Peter's going to have to choose Leanne or the bottle, and she's not to sure he can. Of course, Peter overhears this. Is that a bottle in his pocket? Or is he just happy to see Janice? Peter hides in The Joinery, lights a ciggie and helps himself to the bar.

Meanwhile, Ken, Deirdre and Leanne can't find him. That's because he's on George's doorstep and he's "c...c...cuuum fer es sohn George Simon." Peter tries to drunkenly apologize, but George tells him to call a cab and go to bed. George doesn't want Simon to see his father like that. Simon immediately realizes that Peter's been drinking, since Nanny Blanche says Peter gets nasty when he's drinking. Right, she is.

In the Rovers, Ciaran tells Michelle about last night's catastrophe and asks if it were the drink that came between her and Peter. Ciaran figures that a beautiful Irish girl like Michelle needs a Dublin boy like him. Don't we all? Peter stumbles into the Rovers and orders a pint around. Michelle won't take his order and tells him to go home. Peter threatens to go behind the bar and get his own but Ciaran and Jason block him.

George comes to the street and tells Ken that Peter came to their place drunk and he even took Simon and Eve to a friends incase Peter came back. Leanne informs Ken that Peter's been in the Rovers and all making a scene. George tells Ken and Deirdre that sadly, Simon understood what the problem with Peter was. Deirdre figures they should put the kettle on and figure out what to do with Peter. Rehab, maybe? George suggests rehab, only Leanne reminds how that didn't work well for Peter before. Leanne worries that Peter might not want to go to rehab.

Ciaran finds Peter in the bookies and tells him how everyone's worried about him. Peter thinks that that's not true, everyone's just looking out for themselves. Peter tells Ciaran he can't face his loved ones. Ciaran leaves Peter shaking his head.


- Deirdre remarking that it's good that her mother's in Portugal whilst all of this Peter-Alcohol drama went down. Funny, but I disagree!
- Gail figuring whomever called the "boom" on the boat a "boom" had just been hit over the head by it!


- Leanne being so upset over her bar (life) being ruined.
- Poor Simon not understanding why he can't see his daddy if he's "sick" and they can't catch it, but eventually realizes that daddy's been "drinkin" again. So sad.
- Terrible Joe putting Gail through something like that. It's really self-centered!

Looking forward to: Jason's surprise for Tina on Valentine's Day - if it's even happening now.

NOT looking forward to: The hurt that Joe's foolish actions will cause to all around him.


Ena's Hairnet said...

Will the loan shark just "let off" Joe now? I wouldnt have thought so, he will come after his family. What a coward Joe was and how pathetic Gail has shown herself to be. I actually feel sorry for David and Tina. Why did Joe take his switched on mobile phone with him in the first place, if he was supposed to be disappearing who would he ring? Doesnt he know that a mobile can tracked - dah! Disappointed in Cieran sharing a tinnie with Peter yesterday.

Tvor said...

Poor little Simon. It's heartbreaking to see a child understand about drinking isn't it?

This Joe storyline was frustrating but seeing him with this boat and expensive car was just stupid stupid stupid. SELL IT !!! That really annoyed me and i really think the writers fell down badly on that one. He spent all that time whinging and hiding when he had assets that could have been sold for more than the debt. Yes, of course Rick might still have come back on him but he might have had a chance at least.

ah well. It's only a soap.


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