Thursday, 4 February 2010

Betty Driver, Vegetarian

It's all about Betty Williams today, on her 90th birthday. Ian Wylie has a great run down of Betty Driver's time on Coronation Street. Betty Williams' 90th birthday is being celebrated on screen tonight although Betty Driver's 90th birthday isn't until May. Tonight's celebration will be interrupted by another woman who claims that she's the oldest barmaid in Weatherfield.

Did you know that Betty Driver auditioned for the role of Hilda Ogden? Even though she didn't get it, she and Jean Alexander became firm friends over the years. Betty did appear in a Coronation Street spinoff, Pardon My Expression, which starred ex-Corrie star Arthur Lowe who played Leonard Swindly in both that series and Corrie.

Acting a role for over 40 years, you would think you might start to wonder where your character ends and you being but Betty, in her autobiography, says "I know where she ends and I begin, but it strikes me that the majority of Coronation Street’s viewers see the two Bettys as the same person." And guess what? The Queen of the Hotpots doesn't eat meat!


seapenguin said...

Whatever Betty's on, I want to know what it is - she looks nowhere near ninety!! a great advert for vegetarianism if ever I saw one. But I'm not giving up my bacon barms just yet. By the way - I have asked before and am dying to know - anyone got a recipe for the hotpot? don't tell me it's Quorn. Roll on the century, Betty!

Helen Flanagan Blog said...

She looks wonderful. xxx

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