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Sunday 14 February 2010

Corrie weekly awards, Feb. 8 - 12

Performance of the week: Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow. He's doing a cracking job! It's difficult to play drunk realistically and he's running the emotions up the flag pole!

It doesn't add up award: Gold Star: Auntie Grisma is 72. She's Sunita's great-aunt. Sunita's parents must be pretty young for one of them to have an auntie that age.

Delusional award of the week: Gold Star: Joe, thinking faking his death would give him a fresh start. It did, but not the way he thought.
Silver Star: Gail, for thinking Joe's plan went ahead as planned and lying to everyone to cover up.
Bronze Star: Sunita for thinking she can fool her aunties into believing she and Dev are still married.

Heartbreaker of the week: Simon understanding that his daddy is drunk.

Can we pick a ringtone and stick with it: Joe and Gail's phone must have gone through a half dozen different tones between them!

Sorry isn't enough award: Gold Star: Peter.

At least one person had a happy surprise: Jason asked Tina to marry him with a very small diamond.

Lines of the Week:
Deirdre: "I'm sure he's found somewhere warm and dry." Leanne: "Depends on what you mean by dry!"
Tina about Joe: "He's a dead man next time I see him." (Um, yes)
Gail: "I'm going to wait and see if he comes to his senses"
Audrey: "I'm THE Audrey of Audrey's!"
Leanne to Ken :"Gambling's easy when it's not you paying the stake"
Nick: "Expecting romance by a roaring fire, ending up with a sausage roll in the pouring rain"
Peter: "Help me!"


abbyk said...

I think CG and JD should share the gold this week. In spite of the preposterous situations (ie, Eve letting Simon stay at the door, et al), while he's been an amazing drunk, she's been a woman with poor prospects who's just seen her best career opportunity destroyed and her home life crumble yet she's remained strong and level headed, and very believably so. Yeah, Peter's going to rehab, but who's going to help her get her life back?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Chris Gascoigne and JD are doing a brilliant job. My dad had problems with drink, and i can vouch for the fact that the storyline is very realistic. Mum actually said to me yesterday, "isn't the storyline well acted, and it's so true? I can understand exactly what Leanne is going through, worrying about him and being suspicious of everything he says" It is hard to play a drunk, and chris is awesome! Another corrie triumph! x

Anonymous said...

Sunita's Parents do not have to be that young for her great Aunt to be only 72. If her Grandparent and Great Aunt come from a large family their can be an age spread of 15 to 20 years from youngest to oldest. I have an Uncle that is only a few months older than me thus making my childs great Uncle only a few months older than her parent.

Tvor said...

That's true, re the Auntie's ages. It just struck me as odd.

Sea Penguin said...

Can only echo what's been said about CG and JD. In fact the whole Barlow clan are doing a great job with this storyline, not to mention the writers.
I'm enjoying the Gail/Joe storyline, but for goodness sake, what is she playing at? surely if she'd reported Joe missing early on, that would have fitted in with the faking own death thing, rather than digging herself a bigger hole by telling lies? or am I missing something?
I like Dev as a character, but cannot be doing with Sunita and the aunties, sorry. Bring back uncle Umed.

daisychain said...

There was a scene this week with Dev where he appeared to be talking straight into the camera on a couple of occasions did anyone else notice?

Walzing Matilda said...

When did David pass his test? He used to sit outside in that old banger Gail bought him, I dont recall any mention of him passing his test or having driving lessions yet he drove the 4x4 back towing the boat quite competently.

Tvor said...

seapenguine, i totally agree and watch this space tomorrow for an essay on exactly that point!

Tvor said...

er... about Gail, that is


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