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Sunday 7 February 2010

Trouble: Fri Feb 5, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Kay Patrick

Peter wants to go to the Hard Hat Party, but Leanne tells him that this is an adult party. Preparing for the party, Leanne thanks George for helping make the whole thing happen and George reckons that her chef is trying to seduce his wife. Leanne reckons no woman's safe as long as he's around.

Trevor and Janice are having a lovely breakfast together in the morning, and Trevor suggests they can take turns doing a fry up every Saturday morning. Janice agrees, and he says he's going to love living here.

Peter brings over a jar of olives to Ken's, and says he'd have brought a branch, but that's all he could do. Ken agrees that he doesn't want to keep fighting. Peter says he's won the battle against alcohol, and asks if Ken can have Simon tonight when they're at the party. Ken refuses, because he doesn't want the bar party to happen. It's the big night, and Leanne tells Peter she had a dream that no one turned up at their party. Leanne thanks Peter for making this all come true. Deirdre's getting ready for the Hard Hat Party, and Ken still refuses to show up. The party's going off with a swing as Ciaran spills the charm on Carla.

As the Hard Hat Party is going on, the silence is noted in the Rovers. In The Joinery (Leanne's bar), Peter takes an opportunity for a swig of champagne while he's passing them out. By swig, I mean glass. In the Rovers, Ken tells Emily how he's done nothing by try to support Peter's quest to get off alcohol. Michelle tells Ken how even in here with Ciaran, Peter didn't fall off the wagon. Ken wonders why he's making life more difficult for Peter, and figures he might call in and say hello.

Meanwhile, Ciaran notices Peter swigging back some champagne and asks him what he's doing. Eve also thinks that Peter's been drinking, and it's clear from his manner that he has not only had just "one drink." Deirdre is bewildered to see Ken show up at the party. Leanne isn't happy to see a glass of champagne in Peter's hand and it immediately wipes the smile off her face. She asks Peter how many he's had noticing his drunk demeanor. Peter sees Ken there and Ken tells Peter that he was wrong about him. Peter says that today just keeps getting better. It's clear to Jan, Deirdre and Ken that Peter is wasted as he kicks back a glass of champagne to everyone's horror. Peter still maintains that he's in control, but clearly he's not. Someone needs to videotape him so he can see himself for what he is. Leanne begs Ken to try and take Peter home, as she goes to speak to more people. Peter's really knocking them back and getting loud and Ciaran tries to convince Peter that there's a supplier outside who needs to speak to him. Peter goes outside and realizes it's only Ken there waiting to take him home. Ken tells Peter that Leanne asked him to take him home. Peter busts into the bar making a scene asking Leanne if she told Ken to take him home. Well, this is an embarrassing site as Ken and Peter fight in the bar over Peter's alcoholism. Ciaran tries to take Peter away, but Peter shoves him on his back into a trolly, and Leanne breaks down in tears. Peter can't understand why everyone's looking so miserable. Everyone starts leaving the party immediately. It's amazing how one person can single-handedly ruin an entire event, isn't it? Shouldn't there have been security?

Leanne figures she should have listened to Ken and known that Peter couldn't handle it. Ciaran says he cannot find Peter and Leanne's upset since the bar is officially closed before it's even opened. George and Leanne try to look for Peter, but can't find him. George offers to stay with Leanne, but Leanne assures him she'll be fine. Peter eventually comes home to find Leanne asleep on the sofa and he's still drunk and doesn't know that anything's wrong. Leanne tells him that it's finished - the bar. Leanne tells him how he was an embarrassment tonight and he doesn't even know it. Leanne tells him that he killed their bar stone dead. Leanne reckons it's all her fault since she's the one who made him do it. Leanne tells Peter he needs help. Like Sally Webster would say "it'll all end in tears." The view must be pretty good from Ken's high-horse right about now.

Jumpy Joe is supposedly taking Gail on a romantic Valentine's Day trip with the boat on a lake, and Gail is hesitant as she's not comfortable around water. Joe assures her she'll be safe with him. Later, we see Slick Rick, the loan shark, barge into Gail's house in an argument with Joe. Joe says he's got a project on the go and it's going to pay out big time. Joe reminds Slick Rick that he can beat him up, but that's not going to get him his money. Joe says he guarantees that he'll have him money by next week. Uh oh.

Tina notices Slick Rick leaving Gail's place after speaking with Joe and looks concerned. Tina confronts Joe about his visitor, and then threatens to ask Gail, so Joe decides to tell her the truth. Joe actually comes clean to Tina about his loan shark issues. Tina asks how much he owes, but he won't tell her, and he promises he's worked out a way of dealing with it. Tina realizes that Gail's selling her only asset to bail him out. Who's more stubborn about their issues? Joe or Peter? After Tina leaves, Joe furiously packs a backpack. Joe tells Gail that they're trip has been moved forward to Monday since he got a deal. What a lying scumbag. Gail wonders where all Joe's energy is coming from, Joe figures he'll be making things happen with his life. Joe apologizes to Tina later and assures her everything's going to be fine. Joe says he's also come to say goodbye - since he's going to the lakes for some days. Joe tears up as he says goodbye to Tina.

Becky is bewildered by all she sees in the pregnancy book, and hides it. Becky announces that her and Steve are stopping smoking. Liz gives Steve a week and Becky a day. Liz asks Steve if he knows something she doesn't and he spills that Becky's pregnant and it's a secret. Liz can hardly contain herself. Oh, why did he do this? Liz refuses to let Becky climb up on the step ladder and asks how she's doing at stopping smoking and Becky knows immediately that Steve told her. When Becky confronts Steve later about telling Liz, he lies and says she guessed so he had no choice. Steve displays the pregnancy book that Becky's been hiding from Claire, which means she also told Claire. Becky disputes she told Claire before they decided to keep it a secret. Becky let's it go, but they can't tell ANYONE else.

Apparently, they may have served a bad hot pot to Enid, the alleged "oldest barmaid in Manchester." Liz freaks out thinking they'll get shut down. They find out that Enid is alright, she's just got a hangover from one too many milk stouts. Steve gets Liz to tell Betty about the pregnancy so he won't get in trouble.

Anna asks Hayley if she's all set for salsa tonight, but Hayley's hesitant now. Hayley had a great time at Salsa, however. She said it was a great dab of sunshine in a Weatherfield winter. Hayley asks Becky if there's anything new in her life, and she blusters that she can't say anything. Becky said she made a promise not to tell anyone anything, but if Hayley was to "guess." Becky lays hints out, and Hayley is shocked and says it's daft but she feels like she's going to be a grandma. That is daft. Steve realizes that Becky told Hayley and Roy, or "they guessed" and gets mad at Becky. Just then, Betty comes out and congratulates Becky herself. Steve tells her it was supposed to be a secret, but Betty figured that Becky already knew. Who wants to take the bet that everyone on the street will know about this news within a week?


- The nice little scene between Steve and Liz when he spills to her about Becky's pregnancy. Liz saying that the pub is the dearest thing to her, then later changing her answer. Lol.
- Ciaran feeding an all too enthusiastic Eve some hors d'oeuvres
- Deirdre hoping Ken chokes on his olives.
- Janice giving Peter a kiss on the cheek for making Leanne happy.
- Ken finally going to support Peter at the party.


- Steve telling Liz about Becky's pregnancy when he knew it'd make her mad if she found out.
- Leanne saying she'll do anything to make this bar work, and Peter stating that he hopes it doesn't come to that. Oh, was that a prostitution joke?
- The smile wipe off Leanne's face when she sees Peter with a glass of champagne in his hand.
- Joe tearing up as he says goodbye to Tina...for god knows how long.

Looking forward to: Janice and Trevor's budding relationship

NOT looking forward to: Whatever Jumpy Joe has planned!


Tvor said...

I don't think it's daft that Hayley feels like a grandma. She and Roy are the closest thing to parents that Becky has and way better than the mother that dragged her up.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Friday's eps. The Peter/Leanne scenes were very well done, with ever so convincing acting from Chris and Jane. I think it's the best storyline at the moment, hope it continues to be this good!

Yoork said...

@ Tvor, I meant it's daft that she feels like a "grandma" since, she's really a man. Hardy-har-har, bad joke, I know!

@ Anonymous, I agree! Chris is fantastic, and I was impressed by Jane.


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