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Saturday 13 February 2010

A Proposal, a Lie, a Submission and an Un-marriage: Fri Feb 12, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jan McVerry, directed by Tony Prescott

It's early morning at Peter's flat and he tells Leanne he's been for a run in the morning. She seems very happy to believe this. Peter is fired up about taking his son to school but Leanne tries to cool him down. Leanne phones Eve to tell her that Peter's on his way to take Simon. Eve is getting Simon ready and Peter's there to take him. George says he can smell alcohol on Peter and doesn't want him endangering Simon's life in the car so takes him to school himself, as per usual these days. Meanwhile, Leanne is upset that Peter's not back yet and Ken and Deirdre think they need a new approach. Ken tells Leanne she needs to give Peter an ultimatum - sign up for rehab or she leaves. Leanne wants to know what happens to her and Simon if Peter chooses drinking over her and kicks her to the curb. They ask Leanne instead to persuade Peter to come 'round to theirs tonight since George would be there so they could all talk about it. Leanne agrees but isn't making any promises. Peter's got a real chip on his shoulder, but Leanne tries to persuade him to go over to No.1 later to put Simon to bed.

Peter arrives to everyone's delight and asks where Simon is, only Simon isn't there. Peter gets angry with Leanne immediately. Peter tries to escape but Ken puts his foot down and tells him they're going to sort this out once and for all. Deirdre tells Peter that he's so bitter and no 6 year old should have to sit through this. They tell Peter that he needs to have another shot at rehab, and George offers to pay for him to go private. George says he could go tonight if he wanted to. Peter refuses George's charity and is shocked that Ken's backing it up. Peter says he wants to recover and do it his way. Peter wants Simon back, and he'll think about it. Peter figures they don't have a leg to stand on legally. Actually, if any of them called child services Simon would be taken away from Peter immediately and Peter might never get custody again. Peter gets angry and leaves and Ken tries to stop him, but Peter shoves Ken to the ground.

Nanny Eve isn't having much luck with Simon since it appears he's begun to act up. I'm surprised this hasn't started any sooner. Uh oh, more trouble for her as Peter shows up and starts knocking on the door shouting at Eve to let him see Simon. Poor Simon is talking to his dad through the glass and is wanting to trust Peter so much only he can't open the door. Why doesn't Eve take Simon away from the door. Even Simon says that someone will call the police. Oh, it looks like someone has as we hear police sirens in the back. Hopefully it was Eve, how scary must this be for her. Simon tells Peter to run, but he won't. What a sight for a six year old child to deal with - daddy being taken away by the police. Peter realizes that Simon doesn't believe him that he will stop drinking, so Peter asks Leanne to help him and to tell George that he'll go to the rehab as soon as possible. Wow, these scenes with Peter almost made me shed a tear.

Back at the lake house, it's clear that Joe hasn't show up, so David tells her it's time to go. David figures they shouldn't call the police at all and just let Joe sweat it out without a bank or a mobile. David asks Gail how she's going to explain coming back to the street without Joe but Gail obviously hasn't thought of that. David thinks she should call the police and tell them everything. David warns her that if she doesn't stick to a story that she'll go down for fraud, and he'll go down for conspiracy. David's having trouble getting the boat on the tow when a police car arrives, of course. Don't lie, don't lie, don't lie, just be out with it! Nope, Gail and David lie to the police that Joe had to leave early from their holiday for work. Oh, please, if they knew Joe that be the most unbelievable lie. The police man is there to ask about the motorboat that went missing from someone's house. The motorboat that David "borrowed?" Gail sobs into the night darkness before they leave the house and David gives her a card he found in the bedside cabinet. It's a Valentine's Day card from Joe. Gail tears up thinking she might never see Joe again.

On the street, Audrey and Tina are acutely aware that Joe and Gail aren't answering their phone, and now David hasn't come into work. Jason's cooking Tina a dinner and the smoke alarm goes off like crazy. Regardless the meal turns out swell and Jason gives Tina her Valentine's Day present - divorce papers. Well, his and Sarah's divorce papers. Tina thinks this is dead romantic. Tina figures it calls for a celebration and they need something better than lager, so goes out to get a bubbly. Jason tells her her steak'll get cold as he cradles a ring box.

Gail and David go over their "story" again. Joe supposedly met an old guy in a pub who says joiners always let you down, and owns an old people's home, and they need a new kitchen... David and Gail arrive back and I just noticed how a "hire sure" sign on the side of the jeep. So for all of us who figured Joe had a jeep he could have sold for the loan payments, it's a renter. Still, he should have stole the boat. Tina sees them arrive and asks where her dad is. Gail tells her that they left him in the lake district as he got a job fitting kitchens and he won't be back for a few weeks. Gail's already stumbling over her lies. Clearly, David didn't get his fibbing talent from his mother.

When Gail and David come home they find that Nick is there and has made himself at home. A shirtless NuNick, I might add. It's clear that Nick didn't get his tenancy sorted and needs to stay with them. Gail lies to Nick that Joe got a job fitting kitchens. Gail is a terrible liar! Nick is already suspicious. Nick asks David what the real story is, and David said that Gail and Joe just had a row. David tells Nick that Joe stormed off on a bender or something, he also tells Nick that it's just between the two of them.

Tina goes on a tangent to Jason about how Joe doesn't ever phone her. Jason asks if they can forget about Joe for a few minutes. Jason tells her to shut up and to finish opening her presents - in which he reveals the ring box. She opens it up to find an engagement ring, and Jason gets down on one knee and tells her she's the cats pyjamas and the bees knees, and if she'd marry him. Tina's ecstatic and of course it's a "yes." That is pretty romantic, they're a nice couple.

At home, Gail has opened the Valentine's Day card and displays it on the buffet. Joe's phone rings, and it's Tina, so Gail freaks out and throws Joe's phone to the floor. It's not too late, you can still go to the police now and tell them everything. David tells her that if she tells one more person, he's going to the police. Someone doesn't want to go back to the clink.

It seems that Natasha gets her hair colouring done at competing salon and Audrey reminds her that she is "the Audrey of Audrey's." It is kinda funny that she goes elsewhere.

Dev's over at Sunita's house doing husband-like duties - fixing her window. Dev proposes that they pretend they're still married for her great auntie's sake. Sunita at first rejects the idea, but Dev says it'll work out swell. Well, surprise it seems her auntie's have arrived early. Sunita's all too eager for the pretense now. I'm personally loving Sunita's aunties. Maybe they should have brought back the aunties instead of Sunita? Dev is frantically looking for their wedding album on the auntie's request but of course cannot find it. Of course, the aunties aren't staying at a hotel, but they're staying at Sunita's. Er, I mean Sunita and Dev's. Dev doesn't know how he's going to spend a week living this lie, and Sunita passes him an airbed. They also agree that they can't leave the aunties with the kids alone, even for a minute.

More trouble, since the aunties also want to see Dev's shops and his "restaurant" - the kebab shop. Sunita invents a story that Dev's been called away for business somewhere on the other side of London. The aunties make it very hard for Dev to get away. Tomorrow they are seeing the shops, and restaurants, and his friends. Sunita's not happy and doesn't want to talk to Dev as he slides onto his deflating airbed for the night.

- David asking Gail what she's going to say when Norris asks her how the weekend at the lakes went and why Joe hasn't returned. Does everyone worry what Norris will think?
- Dev imitating Sunita's parents - "Sunita's such a failure, we can't admit it to the family."
- Sunita's aunties complaining about tourists, and technology. Haha, fantastic.
- Dev knocking himself in the bits with a rugby ball that fell from the cabinet. His voice was even higher pitched than normal!
- George announces that he'd like to pay for Peter to go to private rehab and Peter tells Ken to cover his ears on the mention of the word "private."

- Simon reeking of booze after his "run" and trying to get Simon in the car with him! If you're going to drink, don't drive.
- Gail and David lying to the police over Joe's disappearance! What are they thinking? Throw that Joe under a bus!
- Natasha getting her hair done at a competing salon!
- Gail is a terrible liar, what was she thinking???
- Eve having to call the police on Peter, how scary that must have been for her and Simon.

Looking forward to: Not having to deal with Peter's alcoholism any more - just too sad.
NOT looking forward to: The nail-biting tension as we all watch Gail feebly try to lie her way out of trouble to save Joe. Especially when we at home all know that there is no saving Joe.


Llifon said...

Just a ment for my blog: Coronation Street Corner, where the Corrie Couple countdown continues!

Ena's Hairnet said...

Sorry I think the farcial behaviour with the Alahans or was it an unfunny version of the Kumars at No 49? should be in the lowlights, anyone notice that one of the ridiculous aunts was Auntie Mayer who ran the corner shop for Dev at one time? Dire.

Billy Niblick said...

I think that actress has a virtual monopoly on playing Indian women of a certain age - she was also Mrs Kumar with Meera Syal on that show.

But what the devil became of Uncle Umed? I must have been away when he disappered - I presume returning to India.

daisychain said...


When the little girl of the twins was ill and the Doctor came did you notice it was the same doctor who Del Boy went to see when he thought he had an onion baji stuck inside and the doctor asked him to strip to the waist.


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