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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 22 2010

Here I am again, back from me jollies. I’d like to say I was sunning myself around the Balearics but only because it’s a slight innuendo. I was really sunning myself somewhere else. But now I’m back and sending a million thanks to Karen Jankel and Richard Whitbread for writing the updates while I was away, and to John Dean, for fluffing the cushions. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Big story of the week is Joe’s death in the Lakes. As Gail and David try to keep up their cover story of Joe remaining in Cumbria because he’s working there, their lies float to the surface when Joe’s body is found. Tina and Gail have to identify Joe’s body and there’s hysterics and tears, it was very moving indeed. Mind you, you’d think Gail would be used to this by now, she’s done it twice before. If only she was as good in identifying a decent man before they died, ah well. The loan shark doesn’t yet know Joe has died and pesters Tina for the cash, throwing a burning newspaper through her letterbox and setting fire to the flat. He’s a scary bloke, that fella.

Sunita’s aunts are causing agony for Dev as he battles with the old biddies. Mind you, they’re not half nosy, wanting to know about Dev and Sunita’s sleeping arrangements, why she isn’t pregnant and who this Matt bloke is who turns up out of nowhere. Pretending to play happy families does have a nice side, however, as Dev finds himself spending more time with Sunita and the twins and both of them seem to be getting along well. So well in fact that the aunties decide to stay for another week. Nice.

Eileen’s upset this week as Jesse wins big on the horses. But when he books a holiday for himself and his folks without taking Eileen, she nags him and tosses him out. “Take yer parrot and go!” About time too, if you ask me.

Anna’s over the moon when Gary turns up for a weekend away from his army training. He brings with him a mate called Quinny who hits on Rosie in the pub. But when Quinny receives news that his army brother’s been blown up in a landmine, losing both legs and his right arm, “He wasn’t even left-handed, or nowt”, it fair takes the shine off Gary’s visit home.

Home alone with just a bottle of Freshco red for company, bored, bawdy Audrey rings Lewis the escort. When he turns up, she’s in full battle dress and war paint, pretending that a do she was going to has been cancelled and she’s at a loose end. Lewis takes her to the Rovers where he hits upon a plan. He sends Audrey in there first, all done up like a dog’s dinner and she chats to Deirdre to Liz at the bar. Then Lewis comes in, pretends he doesn’t know Audrey and flirts across the bar with her. Deirdre and Liz, especially Liz, are hoping Lewis’ lingering looks are for them, but they’re not. He walks around the bar and chats up Audrey, making her giggle and making Deirdre and Liz as jealous as cats. Yes, cats can be jealous, my friend. However, Norris thinks he recognises Lewis and remembers him as being the ‘husband’ of Claudia at the Weatherfield Council Christmas Ball and assumes Audrey is having a fling with a married man. Audrey? Never! Ahem.

Over in the Kabin, Mary’s helping Norris out by playing with the magazines and annoying him greatly. “Google ganglions!” she advises Natasha, apropos not much.

And in the factory there's no cleaner so Carla has to get scrubbing. Just as she's on her knees in an awful apron, in comes Janice's lodger, Trevor the binman. He assumes Carla's the cleaner, as you would, and tells her that Janice reckons the factory boss is a right old hag. Oh, how Carla laughed as she pretended it wasn't her. "I've just found two kittens," Trevor tells Carla. "Want one?" No thanks, she's just eaten.

And finally this week, Connie and Jack come to visit Tyrone. As Jack takes the lad out to the pub for a pint, Connie cleans and cooks and does what she can for Tyrone. So when the phone rings, she answers: “Hello, Tyrone’s house,” and it’s Tyrone’s mum on the line so Connie spills all about his split from the Mol. Well, Connie’s never met Jackie Dobbs before, how was she to know she should have kept her gob shut?. Within minutes, minutes I tell you, the doorbell rings and the pink-haired gob on a stick is at the door. It’s Jackie Dobbs emoting to her son, she’s clearly on the want. “I feel yer pain, lad.” We all do, Jackie, we all do.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, Mark Wadlow, Simon Crowther and Jonathan Harvey.

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gadgee said...

The kittens are soo cute!

daisychain said...

Great scene with Audrey and Lewis, so funny especially when he called Audrey the Golden Lady!!


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