Saturday, 27 February 2010

Blast from the Past

Yes, it's him again. I know I need to get a life, but this has been bugging me for ages. Does anyone else remember seeing a Stanley Baxter special in 2008, called Now and Then? As I recall, the programme was a mix of the usual sickly interviews with celebs gushing on...and on...and on about how wonderful Stanley is (and personally I actually think he is), recent sketches, and sketches from his classic 70s shows. They showed a particular sketch from the 70s in which Stanley was doing his famous impersonation of "The Queen", doing her Christmas broadcast. I'm not certain if it was his first EVER version of this. It may well have been. However, what I'm really curious about is this. "Someone" comes in with a clapperboard and says "Cue Queen" and dashes off screen again. I am CERTAIN that this "someone" was none other than Brian Capron, in what must have been one of his earliest telly appearances. I've googled this till my fingers are sore, but can find nothing. Anyone else remember this?

And hey - how about Stanley doing a Corrie cameo? THAT would be worth watching!


Cobblestone said...

You're absolutely right, it IS Brian Capron with the clapper. Not sure whether the Stanley Baxter sketch predated his regular appearances as Mr Hopwood on Grange Hill though.

seapenguin said...

Thanks for confirming that, Cobblestone. I think he was on G.Hill early 80s, and I think the Queen sketch was quite possibly from the 70s. Will keep at it.

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