Sunday, 7 February 2010

Weekly awards for February 7

Steal your thunder award: Graeme blew Betty's candles out!

The mistress of trivia didn't know that? Gold Star: Mary, you'd think someone that knows so much trivia would know there's such a thing as "live" yogurt.

Desperation award: Molly, still trying to get a look in with Kevin so she brings Sally a card. Lies to Kevin about wanting to support Kevin and gets rejected yet again.

Off the wagon award: Tarnished star: Peter Barlow. ("I can handle just one drink, really." Not)

You can't live like this award: Joe (and saying his goodbyes. Please let this be over so I don't have to see his pathetic face)

Lines of the Week:
The girls "To window shopping!!!"
Becky "I don't know what I want. What I dare to want."
Molly to Kevin "If you ever need me you know where i am" (Begging much?)
Betty (glancing down Michelle's cleavage) "Some things never change behind the bar. Never a dull moment!"
Janice to Sean and Julie "Shotgun? You two wouldn't even add up to a water pistol!"
Trev to Janice "You offerin' it to me?" Janice "Oh on a plate, luv!"
Betty "Over my dead body" Enid "If necessary!" (Them's fightin' words!)
Hayley "My Auntie Monica's mynah bird, Paul, rocks in time to Una Paloma Blanca. And if Paul could do it, I'm damn sure I could"
Deirdre to Ken "What's the view like from that high horse"
Joe "so I'm completely useless am I" (yes.)


Coronation Street Corner said...

Best scenes of the week: Betty and Enid fighting and Steve and Becky failing to keep their secret that also involved Liz, Roy, Hayley and Betty.

Ena's Hairnet said...

Excellent acting and very poignant scenes with Peter and Leanne with Leanne finally realising that Peter is ill and really cannot cope with owning a wine bar. Will it be closed before its been opened? Loved the scenes with Enid, would like to see more of the old bird.

A couple of great lines:

Steve about Betty "she is our assett in crimpline"

Peter to Ken, "just because I am sucking a mint doesnt make me Oliver Reid" would be funny if not so desperately sad.

Tvor said...

Yes, the scenes with Peter and Leanne were very good. I can't see them going to the trouble of building a new front for the bar if they aren't going to use it so maybe someone else will take it over. George financed it, perhaps he'll hire Leanne or Ciaran to run it.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Leanne or Ciaran would work there. That means neither she nor Ciran would be able to go into Rovers and interact with the rest of the characters - Rovers is the "centre" of gossip after all. Either the new bar is going to be shut down or it will be sold off to an outsider, run by outsiders perhaps as a night club and it will be like the medical centre --occasionally referred to.

Just speculating, of course...

gadgee said...

Chris Gascoyne and Jane Danson were indeed excellent. And Graeme was wearing that t-shirt I want again!

Yoork said...

Haha, that's great about Molly's desperation and the card. I thought the same thing, she's well into pathetic territory.

I agree with Joe! Reece Dinsdale's face must hurt after having to wear that look for the last few months!

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