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Sunday 7 February 2010

Bring it on!

I have to say that Corrie's got some cracking plot-lines at the moment, and I'm even more glued than usual. My current favourites are as follows: Joe's about to accidentally top himself (hooray!) while attempting to fake his own death, and Gail's going to get blamed for it and end up in t'nick (even bigger hooray!), beside our Tracy (they deserve each other - no idea how long Gail's to be "inside" for, but Tracy as we all know is unfortunately getting out soon-ish due to some mysterious legal technicality. For my money, as I've said before, it MUST be that she gets out on bail pending an appeal, but I'm mystified as to grounds). Peter's well and truly fallen off the wagon (heartily agree with others comments about how well-acted the scenes have been with Peter and Leanne), with no sign as to how, if or when he'll manage to clamber back on it again, although there are hints that Grandad George will pay for rehab. How will Simon cope, poor little mite? Hasn't he been through enough, what with the fire and all? Obviously Grandad George will make every effort to step in - he's turning into more of a control freak by the second, and I cannot wait to see his downfall, hopefully engineered by someone discovering exactly how nefarious his so-called "business interests" are. Ken might well head him off at the pass - at the moment his halo is gleaming, and each time he blinks an "I told you so" pops up in each eyeball. Stay right up there on your "high horse", Ken, it suits you!

Lurking in the background we've got the fabulous Mary, and with Rita due to make what I hope will be a spectacular return there should be some lively scenes in the Kabin.

I won't mention the Websters, or Stecky - 'nuff said.

Top of the list this week HAS to be Betty's 90th birthday, and Enid Crump scoffing a dodgy hotpot. Betty can still cut the mustard (nice, a bit of mustard on a hotpot) at 90, and how.

Just a thought - isn't it time the Environmental Health inspectors paid a visit to the Rover's, what with dodgy hotpots being left out uncovered on the bar - not to mention Eddie Windass's kitchen. I hate to think what his hand-hygiene is like, what with that horrible tubigrip bandage and all. Let's hope he changes out of his dressing gown when baking and icing these cakes!!

Finally - yes, I HAVE tested the hotpot recipe this weekend, but made it easier by using stewing beef instead of "neck", and cooking the beef for a bit longer before putting the dish together with potatoes. I covered it for a while as well.


Tvor said...

I"m sure the hotpot they serve in the pub nowadays is probably a bit healthier than it used to be. The recipe i posted is one of the "official" recipes but obviously is more traditional. I figure these days it's a lamb stew under the potatoes.

Agree on the plotlines. Joe is driving me mad skulking around hiding from the loan shark but i look forward to the end of his face in my face lol

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have Rita come back, but she's sold her half of the Kabin to Norris so will she keep working there? In any case, I hope so. She and Norris make a great comedic pair...a silly, annoying gnome like Norris needs a no-nonsense Rita to set him straight! Mad Mary -- well, I don't quite know why the writers brought her back, I hope they have something interesting for her...

Sea Penguin said...

re. hotpot - they seem to serve it in individual earthenware dishes/bowls, so I agree it must be a stew with potato topping rather than "full-blown" "neck" style hotpot. But, still good to have the traditional recipe.

John said...

Re: Tracie. My guess is that either someone will come forward with damning evidence about Charlie Stubbs previous behaviour to women (presumably not Shelley)... or that Tracie deliberately gets herself pregnant on her visit to Blanche's funeral, and gets let our early because of that (if she's out permanantly at the end of the year, the timing would be just about right). Since she'd have a prison officer with her at all times, she'll either seduce him, or else drag someone (Steve?) into a toilet and do the dirty there. Nothing is too sorid for Corrie these days, and Tracie is certainly capable of it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a pregnant inmate who gets let out! What a fascinating hypothesis as to how Tracey will get out of the slammer! I love it! Yes, after Molvin -- nothing's too sordid or outrageously twisted/unreal for Corrie these days. Let's hope the returning Tracie character then can visit upon the Cobbles the kind of high mischief deserving of her reputation.


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