Sunday, 31 August 2014

Is Janice returning to Coronation Street?

The Daily Star today is reporting the return of Vicky Entwhistle who is reprising her character of Janice Battersby on Corrie sometime early in the new year. Janice left to go traveling with Trevor the binman in 2011

It's a surprise move if it's true because even earlier this year, Vicky was telling reporters that she didn't want to return.

“Never, absolutely never. I wouldn’t go back again. I left because I didn’t like it any more. It was boring. There are too many parts I want to play and I like to be scared.”

But we also heard Stuart Blackburn hint at another return of a favourite character in a recent interview and this news appears to be the spark behind the smoke. However, although the spoiler seems to be coming from that inevitable "insider", Mr. Curry Sauce as he's known here on the blog, a Corrie spokesperson is denying it and Ms. Entwhistle's "people" are saying nowt.

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Could Dev and Julie be a match made in Corrie heaven?

We saw some very interesting interaction between two of Corrie's most unlucky in love characters the other evening - Julie Carp and Dev Alahan. Dev managed to put his foot in it while trying to encourage Julie to sign up to the increasingly pointless gym.

Watching Dev grovel for forgiveness led to some quite sweet scenes between the two characters and I wonder which way this is heading? Previously I could never see these two together but now I think it might just work. Dev is the kind of man who needs a female influence in his life while Julie craves the security of a partner and longs for children to look after. Could they just be a perfect fit?

Dev has real staying power in Corrie, now in his fifteenth year. I haven't always been a massive fan of his I admit but when he tones it down a bit I don't mind him that much. I do love Julie though. Unfortunately I don't think she ever gets the screen time she deserves. It often feels like Julie is relegated to the crumbs left on the storyline table while the likes of Peter, Fiz, Gail and the Windasses get everything going. 

Katy Cavanagh can be a breath of fresh air when she appears. She's a good actress with a proven track record in both comedy and drama. Her scenes with Brian when she lost the baby were heartbreaking but I never felt enough was made of this storyline. I know Corrie needs its background characters and those that provide light relief but I think it's time Julie was given a bigger storyline to tackle. Perhaps involvement with Dev and his children could be the very thing?

It was also interesting to see Mary hovering in the background the other night. I think she has developed quite an attachment to Dev and the kids (even if we don't see much of this) so Julie getting involved might put Mary's nose right out of joint. 

So what do you think of pairing Julie up with Dev?
Can you see it working out or is it doomed  from the outset? If not Dev, who else should Julie step out with?

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The good, the bad and the Grimshaw

Poor old Jason. He's not exactly blessed when it comes to family is he? I think of all the young characters Corrie has brought in over the years, Jason has developed the most and has come a long way since his introduction back in 2000.

He may not be the sharpest tool in the box but he has turned out to be a loyal friend, hard working and honest. I guess this has a lot to do with his mum Eileen, even if she has filled the house with a load of miscreant boyfriends and boring firemen over the years. I love the touching relationship between mother and son and wish we could see more of it on screen.

I also really enjoy Jason and Eva together. They bring out the best in each other. Thankfully Jason's previous dalliance with Eva's mother has been glossed over. I hope they go the distance and don't fall foul to the usual diet of affairs and break ups. Again though, we need to see more of them together so the relationship can develop.

At the moment, the writers are focussing on Jason's involvement with the dreadful duo of Tony and Todd. Stuart Blackburn has said we will eventually find out more about Todd's life in London and why it has resulted in him turning into a completely unprincipled snake however unfortunately that still seems some way off. 

I'm growing tired of Machiavellian Todd - it's lacking depth and as with Tracy Barlow, it's very much a case of endless nasty remarks and cheap underhand tactics with nothing else to offer. 

Tony is an interesting character. He's not an out and out villain but I think both Jason and Liz McDonald would do well to give him a wide berth. I'm not sure what his game plan is but I do honestly think he cares about his son. He does seem to be capable of going to some lengths to get what he wants though. Terence Maynard is very good in the role and I hope he sticks around for some time.

Ultimately I hope Jason stays on the straight and narrow and builds his business up away from the manipulative machinations of the gruesome twosome. We need to see more of Corrie's younger characters making a success of their lives so let's hope Jason does just that. I'm not quite sure how he's going to get himself out of his current predicament but I don't fancy his chances against Fiz when she's got her dander up.

It's great to see Ryan Thomas get a decent storyline. He has quietly become one of Corrie's real assets and I hope his longevity in the part continues to be rewarded. 

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Coronation Street weekly update, August 29 2014

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 2013
19 years in 19 e-books
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle
Available in UK at
and in Canada and USA at

Also for Kindle! Corrie weekly update writer and Coronation Street Blog editor Glenda Young's novel TRIPLE WHAMMY and her poetry book CANDY FLOSS GIRL NEEDED - APPLY WITHIN

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at

Tyrone's in hospital with broken bones after he falls through the ceiling. The floor of the loft conversion is too shoddy by half  and won’t hold his weight. He'll be fine, he'll mend, but the rift between the Grimshaw brothers may take a bit more than sticking plaster to heal.  Fiz and Tyrone want to claim on Jason’s insurance but if the insurers come out and find out that the wrong materials were used, they won’t pay up. Instead, Tony offers Tyrone a thousand pounds to tide them over while Tyrone’s out of work.  “I just want to give you a flippin’ slap,” Eva tells Todd when she finds out what happened.  A nation nodded their heads in agreement.

It's Lily's first birthday party and Max is destroying the fun for Kylie and David. Poor Max, it's not really his fault he has no attention span and acts up the way he does. Kylie’s at her wits end up with the kid especially when he chucks toys from his bedroom window down to the party in the back garden, and one of the toys upends the birthday cake all over the lawn. Sally gets squiffy on wine at the party while Michael and Gail coo at each another.

Deano, the landlord of the Flying Horse, sets a cricket match challenge to Steve in the Rovers. Steve needs to cobble together a team of 10 men - or women - to face the rival pub.

In the Big House, desperate Peter begs Jim for more booze. Jim says he'll get it for him but he wants something in return - he wants to see Steve. Peter sends Steve a visiting order and gets Steve there to see him under false pretences, when Steve finds out it's Jim who wants to see him instead he fumes all the way back to the pub. Liz fumes even more and says that if Jim wants a visitor, he'll get a flamin' visitor and she'll have some choice words for him too!  When Jim spies Liz in the visiting room he thinks he’s on to a good thing and might just win her back.  Liz tells him there’s no chance.  Peter’s desperate for booze and when Jim won’t give him any more, he follows Jim to the prison kitchen to find out where Jim stashes his secret booze.  With Jim out of the way, Peter finds the booze and drinks the whole flamin’ lot.  He’s out cold and taken into intensive care with alcohol poisoning. Ken and Deirdre sit and worry by his bedside while Rob looks on with a sly glint in his eye.

Michelle takes on the task of arranging Tracy and Rob’s wedding. Tracy wants all the bells and whistles that Rob can afford – doves, a harpist playing The Prodidgy’s Firestarter. Michelle, to her credit, does her best to oblige.

And finally this week, Mary’s not best pleased when Julie joins the gym as it means Dev’s time and attention is focussed on Julie instead of her.  Speaking of which, if Dev is at work and Mary’s at the gym, who’s looking after his kids?

And that was just about that for this week.

Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

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Fab Photo Friday - August 29th 2014

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Whilst I'm impressed that Tracy Lynette Barlow is standing up for her half brother at the moment, I think she probably deserves a slap from Becky for letting her antics rub off on her once adorable daughter, Amy.

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Spot the Corrie prop - August 29th 2014

Many congratulations to Smelloid again for spotting that last week's stripey storage solution can be found in Chesney/Beth/Kirk/Sinead's house.

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this sugar caddy.

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Liz and Jim reunited

Friday 29th August
LIZ DEALS WITH A BLAST FROM THE PAST. As Liz nervously prepares for her meeting with Jim, Peter begs for more alcohol, but Jim says he can have his reward once Liz and Steve have visited. So when Liz visits alone will Peter have his booze withheld? Jim tells Liz how much he misses his family but Liz points out he’s only himself to blame. As Jim tries to convince Liz that underneath she still loves him, will Liz soften?
FIZ IS DEALT A DEVASTATING BLOW. Jason frets as he blames Tony and Todd for the fact that Tyrone is in hospital and they can’t claim on the insurance.
STEVE WRAPS HIMSELF UP IN WEDDING PLANNING. Tracy runs through her diva-like wedding demands with Michelle.
Elsewhere Knowing that Steph would disapprove, Katy and Luke keep schtum about their kiss. Julie and Mary compete to impress Dev at the gym.

Friday 29th August
PETER’S DYING FOR A DRINK.With Jim refusing to give Peter any more alcohol a desperate Peter tracks down Jim’s illegal stash and drinks the lot. When Jim finds him on the floor barely conscious will he alert the guards and get Peter to hospital or is Peter’s life in the balance? Meanwhile Liz tells Steve and Michelle that Jim hasn’t changed a bit and she’s told him they want nothing more to do with him.
TONY TURNS ON TODD. Jason feels terrible as a pained Tyrone returns to the street but Tony is adamant they can’t involve the insurance company as if anyone found out they were using materials that didn’t meet building regulations then Jason’s business would be finished. Jason’s furious and tells Tony and Todd that once they’ve sorted out this mess they’re both sacked. Calling at No.11 Tony offers to make good the damage and give Tyrone £1k to tide him offer. Will Tyrone be appeased by his offer?
DEV INADVERTENTLY INSULTS JULIE. When Dev pays Julie a back handed compliment she tells him to shove his gym membership. Will he be able to win her back round?
ELSEWHERE Katy calls at the garage to tell Luke they can only be friends. Luke reluctantly agrees but it’s clear they both want more, will they be able to resist each other? Steve makes some signings for his pub cricket team.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Queen Carla - Classy, Competent and Compassionate

Alison King, who plays the tremendous force of nature that is Carla Connor, arrived on our screens as Carla on 1st December 2006. At that time she was married to Paul Connor. Since then, she has had various boyfriends/ husbands and different surnames including Connor, Gordon and Barlow. Before marriage, she was Donovan. Officially she is still Barlow but as she has made it clear to her staff and others, woe betide anyone who calls her Barlow.

There was no doubt that she loved Peter Barlow and she did not have an easy time ensnaring him. For a while, when Peter’s deserting of Leanne had settled down and Leanne  got together with Nick, it looked as if Peter and Carla would be together for good. Their dark heads of hair and their build made them seem to fit together very well. (Though I have realized recently that Carla’s hair is more red than black). In addition, after a very shaky start, the relationship between Carla and Simon gradually improved and they were  able to tolerate each other and were even beginning to enjoy each other’s company. Sadly for everyone, as we now know, in retrospect, Peter’s affair with Tina put paid to a blossoming relationship with Carla’s would-be stepson. Not to mention all the rest, which, of course, will now be mentioned.

Paul, her first husband was killed as was her lover Liam, Paul’s brother. Tony Gordon, her second husband was responsible for Liam’s death and a whole host of other crimes.

What strength Carla has shown. She is a survivor and mostly, a deserving one. True she’s no angel and the sisterhood doesn’t seem to mean that much to her as she is happy to purloin other women’s husbands, namely, Maria’s Liam and Leanne’s Peter. Now she has had a taste of how it feels to be cheated on, as her full betrayal by Peter came to light, shortly followed by the miscarriage of the baby, which she was at first certain she didn’t want. When she miscarried she was heartbroken and maybe that is her last chance of motherhood, though this is soap life not real life. (And anyway my sister in law had a baby aged 44 – she’ll be thrilled to to get a mention on the blog). Tina, she thought, was her friend and Carla was the embodiment of kindness to her. And, though she doesn’t know it yet, her brother is a murderer.

Carla is the business – so it is fitting that she is also a business woman and a  hardworking one at that. She has a tough love approach towards her staff . They are a little afraid of her but clearly respect her. She pays them for their work, so work they must. That, she makes crystal clear. She is fair too.

When Maddie asks her for a job, and messes it up. Carla says, ‘Right little charmer in’t she?’

Maybe, just maybe, she sees in Maddie what she herself was like as a teenager, until she found her niche.

When Carla is on screen, for me, there is never a dull second. Her presence, her wearing of black even in summer, which I sense she will wear until they discover a darker colour, her style, her confidence, her business acumen and above all her compassion. What a friend she was to Hayley – a masterstroke by the writing team to have Carla and Hayley as such friends. especially since they are so dissimilar.

All praise to Carla and just remember that if you find her too brusque, too outspoken or just too much, she will have Tracy Barlow as a sister in law – and we must feel some humanity towards a woman who has to suffer such a fate.

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Schedule change for Coronation Street next week

There's a slight change to the Coronation Street schedule for next week.

On Wednesday 3rd September, Coronation Street will be on at the earlier time of 7pm, not 7.30pm.  This is due to football.  We'll give you a reminder on the day itself.

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Video: Les Dennis in the Mavis Riley nice bucket challenge

I'm not sure that Uncle Albert would approve of all these people currently having icy water poured all over themselves but I'm sure even he would afford himself a wry smile at these antics on Coronation Street. Watch, laugh and give money to charity or don't; whatever takes your fancy.

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Matt in Aberystwyth

It's time to meet another Corrie fan of the week.
Would you like to be our Coronation Street fan of the week? 
Click here to find out more.

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Matt Price, I am 30 and from Aberystwyth, Mid Wales

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I have been watching Coronation Street since I was 4, so from 1988, thanks to my mum and dad who watch regularly.

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
My favourite female character is Bet Lynch/Gilroy, classic character with some great lines, as for male character that would have to be Reg Holdsworth - so many funny moments and Ken Morley really made the character.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
My favourite storylines over the years have included some of the more light hearted stories - Ivy's ghost and Reg's wig. I also enjoyed Mike Baldwin's exit storyline.

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
I would love to see a return of some old faces...if only to show a bit more realism, maybe Martin Platt popping up to see David, Also a return of Billy Walker to put the Rovers back in the hands of the Walker family.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
I visited the set in 1995 and was lucky enough to meet Sherrie Hewson and Liz Bradley. I have also met Julie Goodyear who was lovely and welcoming.

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    Steve McDonald in skin cancer scare

    Today's Star has a Coronation Street spoiler in it saying that Steve is going to think he's got skin cancer.

    The Star reports that Michelle comes home to find Steve inspecting his arm and he says “It’s a mole and what’s more, it wasn’t there before, I’m sure of it. I could have skin cancer, I’ve been Googling it, it’s classic melanoma. I’m not imagining it and I know why it’s there. I stick that arm out of the window when I’m driving. I always roll my sleeves up in the summer. It makes sense. I tick everything on the list – pale skin, blue eyes, red hair, my dad is Irish.”

    Michelle thinks he’s being over-dramatic, especially when he hunts through old pictures of himself to see if he can spot the mole.

    Michelle and Liz order Steve to go to the doctors.

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    Simon Barlow runs away - again

    The Mirror has a Coronation Street spoiler and paparazzi pictures showing Simon Barlow at Tina's grave.

    The Mirror says that Simon runs away and is found by Rob at Tina's grave.

    Rob finds Simon sobbing at Tina's grave, forcing him to confront what he did and he reassures Simon over Peter's innocence.

    It's not the first time that Simon has done a runner of course. Didn't he disappear to Blackpool once, on his own, taking two buses?

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    Wednesday, 27 August 2014

    Inside Soap magazine reveals Coronation Street spoilers

    This week's fab Inside Soap magazine has a photo-special of some of the Coronation Street cast dressed in their best bib and tucker as a teaser for the upcoming Inside Soap Awards 2014. 

    Have you voted yet? Vote here!

    In the glam photoshoots with some of the cast members are some storyline snippets and spoilers.  So here we go!

    Alison King (Carla Connor) says that she will miss both Marc Baylis (Rob) and Chris Gascoyne (Peter) when they leave later this year.  She says she loves her scenes with David Neilson (Roy) and that Marc Baylis looks after everyone on set. "He looks after all of us on set, me, Kate Ford (Tracy) and Annie Kirkbride (Deirdre). He just keeps things really upbeat. I think he'll go on to do great things."  She reveals that Carla is going to be gutted when she finds out that Rob killed Tina.

    Marc Baylis (Rob Donovan) says this about Rob and Tracy's upcoming wedding: "In true soap style there's a lot of stuff that happens in the week of the wedding. Ken's definitely suspicious of Rob so there's so much more material coming up between the two of them.  Rob knows that if anyone is going to be his downfall, it'll be Ken.  But that just makes him act even more suspicious around Ken!"

    Tisha Merry (Steph) says that she'd love for Steph's mum and dad to arrive on the Street. "But from what I've been told," she says, "the audience will soon see Steph in a different light."

    Georgia May Foote (Katy Armstrong) says that Katy won't be killed off and that she's filming her final scenes in February next year.

    Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw) says: "There's a big family feud coming up for the Grimshaws.  I think it will be on screen in October and we're all working very hard on those scenes at the moment.  There are also going to be some big changes for Todd. I think it'll be surprising, too."

    And Dean Fagan (Luke) says that Luke is going to be Maria's new man.

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    Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 27 Aug

    Wednesday 27th August
    THE IMPLICATIONS OF TYRONE’S ACCIDENT HIT HOME.With Tyrone unable to work for 6 weeks he and Fiz worry about how they’ll manage financially. Vising him in hospital a devastated Jason blames himself for the disaster and promises to help Tyrone out by claiming on his insurance. Will Todd be forced to tell Jason the truth about the accident or will Tony force him to keep schtum?
    STEVE COMES FACE TO FACE WITH PETER. Steve visits Peter in prison, under pressure Peter admits that Jim put him up to it as he really wants to see Steve and Liz to put things right. Steve leaves in emotional turmoil. How will Liz react to the news?
    LUKE AND KATY DECIDE THEY CAN’T HIDE THEIR FEELINGS. Luke and Katy arrange a date in the Rovers. Will they finally give in to their feelings and how will Steph react to the news that her best friend is dating her brother?
    ELSEWHERE Rita looks to the future. Mary persuades Julie to join her at the gym.

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    Tuesday, 26 August 2014

    Coronation Street cast and crew in Manchester Pride video

    The Coronation Street cast and crew have made this wonderful little video dancing along to "I'm Alive". 

    The video has been put together to support Manchester Pride - you can see the Corrie pictures here.

    From @CorriePride2014 on twitter: "Our cast and crew support Manchester Pride every year and this year we're feeling the love so we made a little film about it. Enjoy and please share so we can spread the smiles".

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    Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Sep 1-5

    Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

    Week of Monday 1 September to Friday 5 September

    Peter’s critically ill in hospickle, Gail spends the night with Michael, Tyrone finds out the truth about dodgy builders, Kal’s son arrives at Rovers cricket match, Michelle organises Beth and Kirk’s wedding.

    The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

    Missed last week's Corrie?
    Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates
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    Julie's new fella - and more Coronation Street autumn spoilers

    With thanks to this week's TV Times magazine, we can share some Coronation Street spoilers for the autumn.

    • First off, Julie sets her sights on Dev. Yes, Dev. Oh dear.
    • Michael and Gail's future together is uncertain when Michael discovers he might have a heart condition.
    • Todd is forced to build bridges (hope he uses the right chipboard) with his family after causing Tyrone's accident, but will he buck up his ideas? Probably not, I'm guessing.
    • Neil turns nasty and puts an ad in The Gazette announcing his and Andrea's wedding anniversary. Then he gatecrashes a romantic meal between Andrea and Lloyd and resorts to extreme measures when Andrea files for divorce.
    • Tracy and Rob's wedding is set for the end of October but will it take place?
    • Kylie starts taking drugs prescribed for little Max's ADHD.
    • And Peter tells Carla he knows she killed Tina but he's prepared to take the blame for her in jail. That's when Carla realises Peter didn't kill Tina, and she starts getting suspicious about Rob.
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    Monday, 25 August 2014

    Exclusive! Coronation Street VIP Blogger - The Bishop of Jarrow

    The Bishop on a pilgrimage to Corrie
    The Bishop of Jarrow has taken up our challenge for a celebrity to write about their love of Coronation Street.  If you're famous (even just a little bit) and would like to write about your love of Corrie in exchange for a charity donation, have a look here.

    In return we're donating £25 to The Bishop's favourite charity, which is DePaul and their work with homeless young people in the North East.

    And now, it's over to the Bishop of Jarrow.  You can follow him on twitter @BishopMark1
    "I simply cannot remember when I first started following Corrie. But I think I have been following it on and off – sometimes more “on”, sometimes more “off” for well over twenty years.

    So some of my most memorable episodes include:
    Hilda Ogden leaving on Christmas Day 1987 to “Wish me luck as you wave me good-bye”. A couple of weeks later I left a church in Wiltshire to move to the West Midlands and I made sure the organist played “Wish me luck…” at my final service. As a homage to Hilda.

    The Duckworths getting the Rovers in 1995. I remember Vera, who of course did not have a clue how to cook, cutting a tomato in a fancy way and telling us she had learnt it from Delia  “on the telly”. The Duckworths are the patron saints of those who never quite make it and always feel a bit left out. I preached about them getting the pub at Midnight Mass, Christmas 1995. The congregation was full of different people – some were always there, some were there just because it was Christmas – and I just had that sense that talking about the Duckworths just brought everyone together that Christmas night.

    Bet leaving the Rovers. As Bet waits for the taxi she puts the keys on the bar. The camera zooms in on the keys and, I later discovered, the next morning the phone for the key makers in the Black Country was red hot with people wanting Corrie keys. To cut a long story short I have a key to the Rovers Return – but I did not phone up to get one!

    And of course Roy and Hayley - especially Hayley’s last illness and the visit to Blackpool. What was so moving was not Hayley dying – though that was moving – but the way Roy changed and became so loving and gentle. Soaps can unite a nation and that is what Hayley and Roy did in those final episodes. It made me wonder how I could cope if I was in Roy’s shoes. I used to go round talking to clergy about just that; soaps, at their best, make us think about the things in life that really matter.

    Most recently Anna Windass going to the Foodbank. This was a brilliant portrayal of the courage and desperation that drives people to Foodbanks. In the part of the North East where I work, this is a daily occurrence. I was so glad Owen was alright about her going and the tender scene that followed was Corrie at its very best for my money; portraying the everyday lives, mistakes and lives of ordinary people.

    I went on the Corrie tour the other week. The Pope used to kneel and kiss the ground every time he arrived in a new country, so what else could I do on setting foot on those famous cobbles for the first time but...

    PS I’ve just noticed there is nothing about Raquel. You just had to love her!

    So thanks to Corrie for all those stories – and no doubt many many more to come.

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    Catherine Tyldesley's expecting a baby

    Congratulations to Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley who has revealed she's pregnant with her first baby.

    Catherine told Hello! magazine: “If you’d told me that before my next birthday I would meet someone as amazing as Tom, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, and we were going to be planning for our first baby, I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years.”

    Catherine's baby is due in March next year and this means she's the third Corrie actress to currently be in the pudding club - along with Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) and Paula Lane (Kylie).

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    Tonight! Justin Moorhouse makes Coronation Street debut

    Tonight's the night when comedian Justin Moorhouse makes his Coronation Street debut.
    Pitted against Steve in a pub cricket match, Justin will play the landlord of rival pub The Flying Horse.
    Justin says: I’m delighted to be treading the cobbles. It’s always been a dream of mine to appear in the Rovers Return, even though as landlord of the Flying Horse, I feel like I’m a spy."

    Justin, known for Phoenix Nights and Looking for Eric, will be joining the Street prior to taking his one man Stand Up Show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this Summer.
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    Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 25th August

    Monday 25th August
    THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT OF TYRONE’S WORLD. Jason makes a start on Tyrone’s loft conversion. Tyrone’s impressed but as he admires Jason’s work he suddenly falls through the boarding into the bedroom below where he lies unconscious.
    KYLIE AND DAVID PLAN THE PERFECT PARTY. Kylie hands David a list of jobs to do for Lily’s birthday party. But when Max starts playing him up David’s forced to bribe him with chocolate, which ends up smeared on Steve’s campervan (which he has just bought and cleaned up for the wedding company he and Michelle are launching). With the party in full swing Kylie and David are fraught as Max’s behaviour causes utter chaos. Kylie’s devastated, convinced everyone blames her for being a useless mother.
    LUKE AND KATY GET INTO THE BANK HOLIDAY SPIRIT. When Steph cancels their night on the town,
    Luke takes the opportunity to invite Katy instead, does he have an ulterior motive?
    ELSEWHERE Steve isn’t keen to visit Peter in prison.

    Monday 25th August
    TYRONE AND FIZ FACE AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE. As Tyrone lies trapped under fallen debris he regains consciousness and calls for help. Returning to the house Jason phones an ambulance. Tyrone’s rushed to hospital while Todd and Gary survey the damage at No.9. Gary angrily points the finger at Todd, blaming him for the accident by using sub-standard boards. Tony’s horrified as he realises Jason could be in real trouble!
    KYLIE CAN’T SHAKE HER DEEP ROOTED FEARS. As Kylie tries to get Max under control Gail rushes in andannounces that Lily has taken her first steps, Kylie’s gutted she missed it. As Max’s disruptive behaviour continues the party comes to a close. Upset, Kylie blames herself for his behaviour.
    LUKE AND KATY’S PLANS ARE SCUPPERED. Luke and Katy’s night out is put on hold when they race to help Jason lift Tyrone to safety.
    ELSEWHERE Michelle assures Steve that he has her blessing and should visit Peter in prison. Dean (landlord of the Flying Horse) comes into the Rovers and brags to Steve about how good business is in his pub. When Steve then suggests they could hammer his pub team at cricket, Dean tells him another team has pulled out of a fixture in a couple of weeks. Dean and Steve shake hands on a match. Steve
    then sets about hastily putting a cricket team together.

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    Sunday, 24 August 2014

    Corrie Weekly Awards Aug. 18 - 22

    Family Matters award: David and Kylie and the kids, lovely little family.

    Fish on a bicycle award: Deirdre, dressed in a skirt, top, chain belt and boots, looked very out of place in the country

    Red Rag to a Bull called Derek: Deirdre wearing red in a field of cows, and maybe a bull. Too funny watching the friendly cows approaching and the pair of them in a panic.

    Chinese Water Torture award: Neil must figure if he blindly continues to stalk Andrea, she'll give in eventually.

    Bridezilla award: Why did Michelle think she would have the patience to deal with Tracy planning the wedding?

    Foreign Object award: A sewing kit for Kylie. Even Audrey was unimpressed. Tyrone thinks Carla's having a fitted kitchen. Carla? Kitchen? Um, don't think so.

    Brat award: Amy is becoming very Tracy-like.

    Furtive Award: Steve and Lloyd scheming over Neil.

    It's all about me award: Gail reckons David keeping Nick's secret was to embarass her. It had nothing to do with her. Sally reckoned Carla will take her anger at Maddie out on her as PA. It's nothing to do with her, either.

    Lines of the week:
    Deirdre "We're on holiday. Sort of."
    Steve "You're taking advice on major historic moments of our time from a bloke that listens to Planet Rock?"
    Deirdre: "You spend half your life complaining about where you came from and the other going all half misty-eyed about it."
    Tracy "We were looking forward to another night of debauchery"
    Liz to Steve and Lloyd and Sean "OY! How many people does it take to sweep up a bag of crisps?!!" Steve "Is that a joke?" (I love it when Liz gets all gobby!)
    Nick to Leanne "People manipulate people to get what they want" Leanne "Like you, you mean?"
    Audrey "What a waste of good gin!"
    Tracy to Amy "Thank God I brought you up properly!" (in whose world?)
    Deirdre about Tyrone "He's not been right since her with the hair was smacking him about with a hoover nozzle"
    David "It's Kylie's birthday, not National Dote On Nick Day"
    Nick "Why should she be happy when I can't be?"
    Steve "We're not in cahoots, Sean, we're in a booth"
    Leanne "If you've got something to say, say it to me face, not me back" Gail "You've got that many these days, it's hard to choose"
    Deirdre "She was my mother's dog, you know. She brought her a lot of pleasure. I didn't, but Eccles did"
    Sally "It's a tragedy! It's a country and western song come to life!" (overreact much?)
    Neil to Steve and Lloyd "If you wanted to send in the clowns, I don't know why the pair of you didn't just turn up"

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