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Saturday 9 August 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - griddling while Rome burns

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This was the week when both Ken Barlow and Jim McDonald returned to Coronation Street.  Ken came back first, to arguments and crying in the Barlow household. He’s furious when he finds out that Peter’s in prison and Deirdre hadn’t told him. He shouts at Deirdre and she cries back.  Ken learns the news about Peter from Carla who takes him for a drink in the pub and fills him in on Tina’s murder.  And that’s not all. He’s a changed man, is Ken. After spending the last 18 months in Canada, he returns a vegetarian with a bottle of maple syrup in one hand for Tracy and another in the other for Deirdre. He’s empty handed however when he goes to visit Peter in prison but then takes up Peter’s cause, gets him a new solicitor and determines to prove his son’s innoncence.
Meanwhile in the prison Peter’s in a state when Rob takes Simon to the zoo so that he can’t visit Peter. Peter’s upset and in need of a drink after Simon’s no-show, and his cell-mate tells him there’s a fella on ‘C’ Wing they call The Landlord who can get Peter some booze, if he should need. Oh, he should need.  The Landlord is none other than Jim McDonald himself, so it is. Peter catches himelf on when Jim booms out: “Peter Barlow! Welcome to the Big House”.  Jim gets Peter his booze, but leaves him in no doubt that he’ll be wanting something back in return.
The medical centre’s been busy this week with little Max being diagnosed with attention deficiency disorder and Beth coming out in a rash after bathing with one of Sinead’s untested bath bombs.  Kirk’s so concerned about Beth and her rash that it makes him think on that he wouldn’t like to lose her.  “You never know what might happen,” he tells Chesney. “The world could get hit by an asterisk.”

Over at the builders’ yard, Tony and Todd join forces to undermine Jason.  It’s a nasty partnership of Tony and Todd, both of them manipulative and scheming and taking advantage of Jason being thick.
In the Rovers, Gail simpers at Michael as he talks her through the chimes on his ice-cream van. “I’ve always been partial to a bit of tuttl-frutti,” she coos over her drink, as Audrey rolls her eyes and despairs at her daughter’s way with men. 

And finally this week, Lloyd took Andrea back, much to Jenna’s – and my – disappointment.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Jan McVerry (Monday), Ellen Taylor (Monday), Martin Allen (Wednesday), Joe Turner (Friday) and Mark Wadlow (Friday).    Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I saw ratings shot up with Big Jim's return and the double episodes yesterday were excellent and a big improvement to the wooden drivel of last week. Really good to see The Landlord Jim again so it was and Kirkay bursting into the doctors surgery stating Beth had a bad case of hyperchondria actually had the Frosty laughing out loud. Even Ken seems interesting now he is back. The only downside was the tiresome Andrea saga with her oddball husband following her - who cares, this should have just come to its natural ending a couple of weeks ago. Lloyd's face pulling is becoming just ludicrous.

vintgal003 said...

Excellent to have 'our Jim' back...great!! Ken too...back where he belongs....lovely! I really enjoy the Lloyd & Andrea couple.. She is a good bit of fun for Lloyd.....hopefully the writers will keep them together now!

John McE said...

Can prisoners really wander from wing to wing like that? I thought that was the whole point of having different wings - to keep them apart and in more manageable numbers?


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