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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Ken Barlow's return to Coronation Street - what did you think?

I loved last night's double episodes. From simpering Gail to the return of Ken Barlow, I thought it was one of the strongest Monday night pair of episodes we have seen in some time.  Carla telling Ken all the gory news about Peter in the Rovers was enjoyable.  And while I can honestly say I've never missed Ken in all the time he's been away, I'm not half glad he's back!

There were some great scenes between Deirdre and Ken - the homecoming, the hugs, the shouting, the crying, the blame and the guilt. A typical night in for Deirdre and Ken.  Loved it. And of course, Ken has seen straight through Rob even though Deirdre's claiming Rob's been her rock.

What did you make of Ken's return last night on Coronation Street?

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John McE said...

I never thought I'd be so glad to see Ken back...but I definitely was. And the way Ken found out from Carla, although a bit of a stretch, was still Corrie gold.

I didn't quite understand how Ken could talk to Peter so easily - or are they allowed mobiles in cells these days?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty and family also laughed when Ken stepped out of the taxi and uttered "it doesnt change around here" - er yes it does Ken, its all on a different set!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Two very strong episodes.

There were even some laughs to be had in and amongst the drama, for example, when Ken said to Rob "you've inveigled your way into my house" and Tracey said "I don't even know what that means but I don't like the sound of it"

Ha ha!

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Ken hasn't suddenly taken a dislike to Rob. If we cast our minds back, the very last line Ken uttered before his long absence was to compare Rob to Mike Baldwin! So he's just picked up where he left off

And I'm mighty glad he's back. Even though I've grown very fond of Rob and will be sad when he's finally rumbled.

John said...

Two wonderful episodes. I hate the way that people disparage the actor. For me, he's a Corrie classic and has been centre of some of the strongest storylines the programme has had over the years (with the exception of most of the 1970s when he was woefully under-used).

Llifon said...

Very nice to see Ken back! Great eps last night! Ken and Audrey on top form! Didn't realise though that Audrey and Ken were great pals - Rita or Emily possibly but not Audrey.

Chewy said...

Corrie has definately been missing Ken! Glad he's back at last!

Rosie said...

Didn't realise how much I'd missed Ken, so glad he's back. Enjoyed last nights episodes, Gail and Audrey are a brilliant team, more please.

Anonymous said...

Didn't like Deirdre - she can't act crying for toffee.

Emma Hynes said...

Welcome back Ken! I loved it.

Both brilliant episodes. Bring on Wednesday!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I really enjoyed his return. The "How could you?" scene with Ken and Deirdre was just brilliant.

I felt for Carla having to be the one to bring him up to speed.

Dubcek said...

Ken said to Rob "you've inveigled your way into my house"
I thought the house belonged to Deirdre not Ken.
I think I remember he lost the house to Deirdre after his affair with was it Wendy Crozier and subsequent divorce.
So unless his name is on the title since they've remarried the house legally is still Deirdre's isn't it?

vintgal003 said...

****Welcome Back***** Ken...we missed you...nice to see you back where you belong!!

Anonymous said...

Dubcek, Deirdre sold the house to Mike Baldwin when she became Mrs. Rashid and moved to Morocco. Mike sold it back to Ken, who mortgaged it when Tracy needed an expensive Barrister. What I don't remember is whether Ken & Deirdre made it a joint ownership when Deirdre went back to work to help pay the mortgage payments.


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