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Monday 4 August 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 4 August 2014

And he's back! Ken - and he's looking even younger and fitter than when he went away. What is the cause? The Canadian air, his new-found vegetarianism, after much thinking? Whatever it is he should bottle it. As Tracy points out, they are the ones who have kept the 'home fires burning' (fitting quote for today's 100th anniversary of start of WW1). Ken 'the prodigal husband' has been in Canada where his grandson, Adam, has been very ill. Deirdre grabs peppers and onions, attempting to accommodate Ken's vegetarianism when Tracy points out, 'You're griddling while Rome burns.' Her mother hasn't told Ken the full story.

Tracy is genuinely worried about her dad. She knows her dad looks well but he's not a young man. 'It's going to hit him like a juggernaut. What if he can't cope?'

Ken, on his return only knows that Peter had a relapse in his drinking and as a result he and Carla split up. No amount of scrubbing, cleaning or polishing will help Ken now. Bumping into Carla she realises that he does not know the full story. Carla tells him he'll need 'a stiff drink first.'

Carla, in the plainest terms, tells Ken the truth. Deirdre, having recaptured the escapee, Eccles, arrives back home but Ken is out. On his return he vents his fury at her. 'How could you not tell me?' he asks and put like that, it's hard to understand. Then we hear Deirdre's side and we sympathise with her. So who is wrong and who is right? Veering towards Ken here - it's his son and surely he had a right to know. After all, it wasn't just a broken leg. Ken continues, 'My son is not capable of  murder! You've watched him grow up, you're virtually his mother,' Good point well made Ken. 'You've abandoned Peter in his hour of need.' Deirdre bats back. 'You abandoned us all!'

Ken decides to go to bed as he will have a very busy day the next day. Rob (who Ken doesn't trust) and Tracy return and find Deirdre in a wretched state. Tracy says that she and Ken just need to get used to each other again. Deirdre worries that Ken might never forgive her and sobs, utterly distraught.

Max's dad is called Callum Logan who is gorgeous and 'scared of nowt.' When Kylie became pregnant by him, he was 'the cock of the walk.' Kylie fears that there is something genetically wrong with Max inherited from his father. Max has a diagnosis of ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Max and his parents will be referred to CAMS - Child Adolescent Mental Health Service. Kylie blames herself too. She feels that she is not a good enough mother and that she's neglected him, especially since Lily was born. David, a candidate surely for dad of the year is rational, calm and measured.

Audrey has no time for these labels and categorising people. She thinks that Max is just a  bit naughty.  When people are depressed Audrey says that they are just a bit sad. No nonsense Audrey!

Todd enjoys his new role and is particularly keen, it seems, to impress Tony. He points out that he told a client that he would send their best man over. The client doesn't know that they only have Jason. It looks like they might  have a client in Tyrone, maybe. Where might that lead?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Ken came across as being quite fair and I so wanted to hate him for not appreciating Deirdre. Of course she would tell the accused's father, just as he said, by saying something had happened and he was needed at home. Far more believable would be that Ken was laid up himself while abroad and that's why Deirdre didn't want to bother him. Still, why worry when it will all be forgotten by the end of the week.

AmandaB said...

Loved Audrey's facial expression when Gail was cooing over Michael. It was on par with Mary's expression of loathing at Yasmeen last week, which actually went some way in my thawing towards Mary, which I was amazed at.

abbyk said...

I don't think my mom would have told my aging dad, either. Ken was far away, couldn't help and would only be overstressed. Made for a more interesting return as well. Glad he's back.

I still hate Todd. Wasn't too keen on Audrey tonight, either.

Frosty the Snowman said...

We all burst out laughing yesterday when Ken just suddenly and out of the blue started SHOUTING. Sorry but that scene with Dierdre was one of the most hammily acted ever on Corrie. And why suddenly take against Rob for no particular good reason? Oh yes its the start of Rob being unveiled as the killer. I know a lot of people hate him but Todd did make me laugh yesterday, he is played very well.

Anonymous said...

I found what Audrey said about depression really out of order. If you want to know why we have such a problem with depression in this country just look at what Dr Roberts has to say about depression

David Parsnips said...

What was that ridiculous and random scene with Audrey banging on Ken and Dreary's door almost as soon as he had closed it behind him after being away for a year all about?? She made herself look like a confounded nuisance and frankly an idiot which is unlike her.

Tvor said...

As someone mentioned above, Ken never liked Rob so nothing's changed there. I remember him likening him to Mike Baldwin as another commenter posted and he was very like that when he was in the factory.

and as far as hammy acting, William Roache has never strayed too far from that all along. We wouldn't expect anything less!

Nescafe Gold said...

Well if you watch a young Ken Barow, WR in his early days - he had real fire in his belly. I suppose you slow down as you get older and are not as good as you used to be, he is over 80 afer all. Emily I am afraid to say is another one that is always rather wooden these days as well.

Anonymous said...

No nonsense? More like pig ignorant. If you Have a chronic illness/depression/adhd etc you will see how damaging this stigma is and how vocal the ignorant are


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