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Friday 15 August 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 15 August

Friday 15th August
LEANNE PUSHES NICK TO BREAKING POINT. After a run in with Leanne, Nick’s on edge and takes his
frustration out on Steph in the bistro. Fed up, Steph warns him that if he continues he’ll have to find a
new waitress. Rocked, Nick admits to Audrey that he’s at his wits end with the pressure of the divorce.
When he then sees Leanne, Kal, David and Alya all laughing together in the cafe he suddenly clutches his
head and cries out in pain. Is Nick having a seizure?
MICHAEL LAYS HIS HEART ON THE LINE. Still feeling guilty about running over Gail’s foot, Michael offers
to be her servant for the day. Gail’s touched but when Michael tells her how much she means to him will
Gail respond?
BETH TAKES THE BULL BY THE HORNS. Disconcerted by Kirk’s strange behaviour, Beth worries that he’s
going off her. Deciding it’s time to take action, Beth tells a bemused Kirk she’s taking him out for dinner.
ELSEWHERE Deirdre’s less than impressed when Ken’s reveals he’s booked them a camping holiday.
Friday 15th August
NICK SINKS TO AN ALL TIME LOW. As everyone gathers round Nick, Roy wants to call an ambulance, but making out he’s a had a few similar attacks and they’re brought on by stress, Nick leaves. Leanne and Kal feel terrible but when Nick reveals to David that he faked his seizure to make them feel guilty David’s appalled. When Leanne then offers to put the divorce on hold if the stress is causing his seizures will Nick come clean about his dirty tricks?
GAIL LOOKS TO THE FUTURE WITH MICHAEL. When Gail announces that she and Michael are now an
item, will the family give her their blessing?
KIRK ONLY HAS FRIES FOR BETH. In the kebab shop Kirk furtively hides the engagement ring in Beth’s
keba. But when she chucks her kebab in the bin claiming she needs to lose weight Kirk panics.
Desperately trying to retrieve the ring, will he finally pop the question?
ELSEWHERE Will Ken be able to convince a reluctant Deirdre to set off on their caravan holiday?

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Anonymous said...

First Dennis pretends he was 'homless'to manipulate Rita to take him back and now Nick is faking seizures to make Leeanne feel guilty?!Funny Nick certainly didn't feel 'guilty for sleeping with Kylie.How low are the writers willing to go for storylines?!

Zagg said...

Could they possibly make Nick a bigger D-Bag? The whole grabbing his head routine has grown impossibly old. This was such a serious topic in the beginning, I wish they had showcased this type of injury with more intelligence and reality. They've never had in him real therapy (the gym certainly does not count) and now they have him making a mockery out of it, using his injury like a petulant child. Instead of garnering empathy and understanding, this character is now an annoyance, embarrassing to watch and just a downright nasty person.
Every time he is on screen, we're just wishing and hoping someone gives him a proper thumping. That's what it has come down to in our household.

On the Kirk and Beth front...sorry but who chucks away a kebab in the bin because you are watching your diet? Any normal, real person would box it up and take it home. That was just bad writing to create a silly scene. C'mon writers, get yourselves together.

Anonymous said...

What you said!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Nick is boring, irritating and frankly pathetic. If the writers think Nick's behaviour is funny or interesting they are sorely deluded. Its almost as if they are making a joke of those that have suffered serious head injuries. A pap.

John McE said...

Just how many irritating characters can one soap have?

Nick behaves like a rather camp spoilt child channeling Kenneth Williams, Max suddenly acquired OCD, Fay, Amy and often Simon are all brattish kids. Kal's mother is a cartoon shrew, not to mention Tracie, Michelle and Dev, who have made irritation into an art form.

On a brighter note I loved the line about "keep the music down or she'll go under the table and relieve herself". Who else thought for a moment Ken meant Emily next door?

And did anyone else notice Chesney cover for Kirk when he forgot to say his line? There was a pause and then Chesney said something like "yes, it's a long story"... but he wasn't with Kirk and Beth when the ring got lost and was hearing it for the first time.


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