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Tuesday 12 August 2014

Blog interview with Coronation Street's Maltese transvestite

She needs no introduction. But we'll give her one anyway (settle down). Shania appeared on our screens in 2007 when Steve McDonald and Eileen Grimshaw took a trip to Malta. Cue bad karaoke, numerous cocktails and classic Corrie. Here's the Coronation Street Blog's interview with Princess Jordan:

Ok, first things first, you’re gorgeous – what’s your secret?
Firstly, thank you. Ha! Ha! I do try to look after my skin and so I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. I try to excercise as often as I can, but I think I've also been very lucky as my Mum and my Nana both have great skin and so I guess I was very fortunate inheriting my youthful complexion from my family.

How did you get the Corrie gig?
There was an article in The Daily Mirror saying that ITV intended for Steve McDonald to have a holiday romance with a transvestite whilst he was on an exotic holiday with Eileen. The article said that ITV were still in the process of casting the character and so I got straight on the phone to my agent and asked if they could put me forward for an audition. The audition process was already at its final stages but they asked for my headshots to be sent over to Granada and luckily I was invited to attend an audition with Coronation Street producer Steve Frost and the storyline Director, Duncan Foster.

What are your biggest memories of filming your scenes?
I think the day I got the call from my agent to say that I'd been chosen for the part sticks out in my mind the most, it was my first audition for a speaking role and I didn't think for a second that I would be chosen. To be selected to appear on the nation's favourite soap had been a dream of mine since I appeared as an extra back in 1993 whilst I was in High School.

My biggest memory of actually filming the scenes has to be trying not to laugh as I took my wig off on the end of the bed and I caught a glimpse of Steve's jaw dropped to the floor, I had to try and stay in character and not laugh back at him. Trying to stay sensible with Simon and Sue around can be very difficult. They're hysterical on and off screen.

How would you rate Simon Gregson as a co-star and kisser?
Getting to work with Simon Gregson and Sue Cleaver was an amazing experience. What better mentors could you ask for on your first acting role? They bounce off each other so well and their comedy timing had me in fits of laughter throughout the days of filming. The laughs didn't stop when the camera stopped rolling. I literally haven't had such a funny week in my whole life. As for how good a kisser is Simon? A "lady" never kiss and tells. I might have accidentally fluffed my lines once or twice so that I could kiss him again if that answers your question. Ha! Ha! :o)

Your appearance on Corrie was all too brief – when will you be returning?
Unfortuantely there has been no official talks of Shania returning to the Street, although I am still asked when she'll be returning by people that I speak to online and that I meet. It's so amazing to know that she still plays on people's minds and regardless of whether she returns or not, I can say that I was involved in one of Soapland's most memorable storylines of all time. I would go back tomorrow if I got the call. Who wouldn't?

Are there enough trans-people on telly?
I would have to say I think it's time that a transgender character, played by a transgender actor appears in a soap. I received many emails and letters from the transgender community applauding the storyline and I think there is so much potential for such a character to highlight the personal struggles that a pre-op transexual has to go through. I know that Hollyoaks are tackling the issue with their new charcater Blessing, but from what I've heard from others is that the transgender community aren't too happy that they've cast a woman once again to play a male character. I hope Coronation Street is brave enough to be the first soap to have a full time transgender character.

Who’s your favourite Coronation Street character? (You’re not allowed to say Shania!)
I must say I have a soft spot for Steve. His face makes me laugh without him saying a word. He doesn't have much luck either does he? Just as everything seems to be going well for him his world comes crashing down in one way or another. I was so happy when he won Best Comedy Performance at the NTAs this year. Well deserved.

What are you up to these days? I remember seeing you on a very well-known talent show last year
I was involved in The Clubtown Freaks that were lucky enough to make it to the live semi finals of last year's Britain's Got Talent. I am currently involved in a British feature film. It's a very dark role and I am really enjoying playing the bad guy for once. It is very similar to The Bourne Identity and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it's amazing to be a part of. I can't say much more at the moment but I'll keep you informed closer to the date of release.

Princess is on Twitter: @1PrincessJordan

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bbhilda said...

Great interview Steve, I really enjoyed it! Hope we see him back in Corrie one day.


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