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Friday 29 August 2014

Coronation Street weekly update, August 29 2014

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Tyrone's in hospital with broken bones after he falls through the ceiling. The floor of the loft conversion is too shoddy by half  and won’t hold his weight. He'll be fine, he'll mend, but the rift between the Grimshaw brothers may take a bit more than sticking plaster to heal.  Fiz and Tyrone want to claim on Jason’s insurance but if the insurers come out and find out that the wrong materials were used, they won’t pay up. Instead, Tony offers Tyrone a thousand pounds to tide them over while Tyrone’s out of work.  “I just want to give you a flippin’ slap,” Eva tells Todd when she finds out what happened.  A nation nodded their heads in agreement.

It's Lily's first birthday party and Max is destroying the fun for Kylie and David. Poor Max, it's not really his fault he has no attention span and acts up the way he does. Kylie’s at her wits end up with the kid especially when he chucks toys from his bedroom window down to the party in the back garden, and one of the toys upends the birthday cake all over the lawn. Sally gets squiffy on wine at the party while Michael and Gail coo at each another.

Deano, the landlord of the Flying Horse, sets a cricket match challenge to Steve in the Rovers. Steve needs to cobble together a team of 10 men - or women - to face the rival pub.

In the Big House, desperate Peter begs Jim for more booze. Jim says he'll get it for him but he wants something in return - he wants to see Steve. Peter sends Steve a visiting order and gets Steve there to see him under false pretences, when Steve finds out it's Jim who wants to see him instead he fumes all the way back to the pub. Liz fumes even more and says that if Jim wants a visitor, he'll get a flamin' visitor and she'll have some choice words for him too!  When Jim spies Liz in the visiting room he thinks he’s on to a good thing and might just win her back.  Liz tells him there’s no chance.  Peter’s desperate for booze and when Jim won’t give him any more, he follows Jim to the prison kitchen to find out where Jim stashes his secret booze.  With Jim out of the way, Peter finds the booze and drinks the whole flamin’ lot.  He’s out cold and taken into intensive care with alcohol poisoning. Ken and Deirdre sit and worry by his bedside while Rob looks on with a sly glint in his eye.

Michelle takes on the task of arranging Tracy and Rob’s wedding. Tracy wants all the bells and whistles that Rob can afford – doves, a harpist playing The Prodidgy’s Firestarter. Michelle, to her credit, does her best to oblige.

And finally this week, Mary’s not best pleased when Julie joins the gym as it means Dev’s time and attention is focussed on Julie instead of her.  Speaking of which, if Dev is at work and Mary’s at the gym, who’s looking after his kids?

And that was just about that for this week.

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John McE said...

Great to see Jim and Liz in a scene together, even if Steve and Liz are completely misrepresenting Jim's past.

He hit Liz, when they were both drunk, when she admitted an affair with his best fried. Wrong, I know, but you could understand why he did it.

And he went after Jez Quigley after he had tried to murder Steve. You wouldn't think would have forgotten that.

And of course there was the building society robbery, which he did in order to win Liz back (!), but that was so ridiculous it is hard to believe that happened, even in Corrie.

And the fact that he refrained from thumping the ever more loathsome Peter Barlow surely shows that he has mellowed in "the big house"?

What about the years he worked hard to provide for his family?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Now getting very bored with Peter and his hangdog self pity staggering around begging for booze. Although CG plays him excellently, its enough now and being dragged out for too long.

Llifon said...

What happened to Rita looking to the future that was mentioned in the spoilers? Edited out presumably :(

Mrs Thatcher said...

More tackiness yesterday with daft Katie who has a child not living far away and Luke who was shown to be a gentleman not taking advantage of drunken Carla not so long ago, jumping into a vehicle not owned by them in the middle of the Street in broad daylight to have sex. What happened to courtship and getting to know each other? The pointless and silly Katie cant leave soon enough for me. Should have been arrested by the soap coppers for indecency.

Zagg said...

I agree with Frosty. The drunken self pitying Peter is just a drag now. Chris G is an amazing actor but it's too much now. The same scenario every time he's on screen. We get it. We got it.He's a pathetic alcoholic in a bad situation. And they make his jail time seem like a college dorm. I really want this storyline to be over now. It has dragged on waaaaay too long.

John McE said...

I don't understand how not one of the prison guards have noticed Peter shaking and sweating profusely all the time, not to mention his regular trips to a different wing.

No wonder drink and drugs are so prevalent in our prisons these days!


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