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Friday 22 August 2014

"Such a waste of good gin!" Corrie at its best

Oh Coronation Street! Every time I think I'm ready to give up on you, you come bouncing back with an episode or a few scenes that are just pure joy.

Tonight's double bill of episodes had me laughing out loud at several points. I also felt immense relief that Nick finally admitted his deception. I was with Leanne all the way with her plate smashing performance. Sue Nicholls stole the show (as usual) as Leanne prepared to smash a bottle of gin "Such a waste of good gin!" Bless her heart, always so practical is our Aud.

Then along comes Deirdre, hysterical that Eccles is missing. There's not much that can silence Carla going at it full pelt but Deirdre managed it with her description of Tyrone "He's not been right since her with the hair started smacking him with the hoover nozzle." Anne Kirkbride was terrific again tonight. 

Finally, chez Platt, Gail was reminiscing about how Audrey apparently mucked up her fifth birthday party "Welcome to the Audrey Potter School of Mothering!" Poor Michael! That scene also provided us viewers with the following reactions to Michael's nocturnal invitation to Gail:

FIrst Audrey:

Then David and Kylie:

I thoroughly enjoyed these episodes this evening, the best for a while. I hope this continues! And Audrey was right, what a terrible waste of gin! 

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abbyk said...

And then there was Neil, who, in his own pathetic way and sans Andrea, was surprisingly entertaining. Only Steve & Lloyd could find a clown whose wife had left him for another man.

The only scenes that couldn't hold my attention were Peter's, and he's usually so compelling.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yesterdays episodes again were poor and irresponsibly written. Leanne smashing bottles and plates like a mad woman while children and innocent diners - how come that place isnt bankrupt by now the shennanigans that go on there - try and have a meal in what should be renamed Bedlam rather than the Bisto. Then we have Maddah stealing Carlas car and taking it with no inurance, no driving licence - exactly what the police try to clamp down on on every traffic programme - but we have Sally simpering about and acting like the village idiot and Carla will no doubt give her a job on the back of this. Frankly a disgrace and Gail is becoming irritating again.............

John McE said...

I agree they were some good episodes, but it was completely unrealistic that no-one made a move to stop Leanne.

Any although I normally love Anne Kirkbride as Deirdre, I thought her "upset acting" was atrocious.

1709 said...

What was all that clown business about - was it supposed to be funny? It wasnt. Diedre was not funny either, just rather embarrasing. Poor.

dhvinyl said...

Two words to explain your enjoyment, which I share......Jonathan Harvey!!

dte_steve said...

Agree it was a fab episode - you can always rely on the writing talents of Johnathon Harvey to raise a few smiles.

In addition to the scenes you mentioned, Graeme, I also loved the one with Sally/Carla/Maddy. Finally, they are turning Maddy into a more likeable character.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever stops a female on Corrie when she's on a smash up rampage. Becky smashed up Deidre's living room while the men cowered in the doorway - as if nobody could stop her. Leanne weighs all of 100 pounds and nobody stepped in? Same material again - different character. Tina did the same thing. David too. They're a bunch of mental cases. And, of course, nobody would dare think of calling the cops. Grrrr.


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