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Tuesday 26 August 2014

Julie's new fella - and more Coronation Street autumn spoilers

With thanks to this week's TV Times magazine, we can share some Coronation Street spoilers for the autumn.

  • First off, Julie sets her sights on Dev. Yes, Dev. Oh dear.
  • Michael and Gail's future together is uncertain when Michael discovers he might have a heart condition.
  • Todd is forced to build bridges (hope he uses the right chipboard) with his family after causing Tyrone's accident, but will he buck up his ideas? Probably not, I'm guessing.
  • Neil turns nasty and puts an ad in The Gazette announcing his and Andrea's wedding anniversary. Then he gatecrashes a romantic meal between Andrea and Lloyd and resorts to extreme measures when Andrea files for divorce.
  • Tracy and Rob's wedding is set for the end of October but will it take place?
  • Kylie starts taking drugs prescribed for little Max's ADHD.
  • And Peter tells Carla he knows she killed Tina but he's prepared to take the blame for her in jail. That's when Carla realises Peter didn't kill Tina, and she starts getting suspicious about Rob.
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John McE said...

Those random old stories at the bottom of each article are just too cruel. Just seen "Auntie Pam back", only to find it was a story from 2011.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh no not Dev and Julie Carp, two of the most dead wood and pointless characters in the Frosty opinion. I thought Jimmi Harskishan was taking a sabbatical?

I hope if Michael is going to have a heart condition than this is dealt with responsibly not like Lloyd who still smokes, boozes and eats rubbish food.

Tvor said...

I can see Julie making eyes at Dev and those two children but I can't see it being reciprocated. As Frosty says, he's planning a sabbatical next year so it probably won't come to a full relationship. I reckon he's going to take the kids to India to see their relatives and explore their heritage, that will be the excuse they use to get him out. Speculation, I haven't heard anything at all.

Tvor said...

Oh and... totally unsurprised at Neil's campaign escalating. I've said that weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..isn't this the 2nd time Peter's volunteered to go to jail for Carla?
Dev and Julie..ermagerd..gross!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm getting more fun from guessing plot outcomes than I am from watching the episodes. Here goes:

- Neil gets increasingly aggressive, and the story can go lots of ways, but eventually Lloyd and Andrea escape under cover of darkness. Will Lloyd sell his share of the business or keep his interest going until his return? Depends whether CC wants to come back.

- Jason is infuriated that his mother is trying to mediate between him and Todd. His business goes bust in the after-math of Tyrone's accident. With nothing to keep him in Weatherfield, Jason leaves with Eva for America to see Stella. He lands a lucrative contract there for x months, and returns before/with Eva to set up a new business back home.

- Rob drives himself into the canal and Tracy decides she can't bear to live on the Street anymore. She disappears forever. (OK, the last bit was wishful thinking.)

abbyk said...

I'm so glad Corrie is getting back to its roots as a believable kitchen drama. Certainly Neil's actions are a big step in the right direction, as is Peter's selflessness in spite of the consequences for his son. NOT!

(try not to use bad words. try not to use bad words. try not to use bad words.)

The only note of relief is that Sophie, the Windass/Armstrongs and the Nazirs do not appear anywhere on that list. Sadly, neither do Roy, Deirdre or Sally. Post-prison Gail & Michael seems to work, so I hope his health issue is similarly handled.

Zagg said...

I may be in the minority on this, but I think Julie and Dev together is great. It makes good sense for a change. She wants children and a dependable man in her life. Dev has children who need a good caring mother and at this point in his life, maybe he has seen sense and picks a woman who may not be the young beauty on the street, but certainly the nicest, most loyal woman on the street. I think it's an interesting paring.

Tvor said...

I suppose you have a point, Zagg, as long as we don't get jealous Mary interfering again.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,Perhaps Mary plays matchmaker for Dev and Julie? I think it could be interesting to see Dev and Julie paired up and a nice breakfrom the Barlow\Platt\Windass and Sophie cycle of storylines.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be cool if Mary finally becomes unhinged at the thought of Julie coming between her and Dev and tries to bump her off...or some such?

Anonymous said...

i'm worried they're going to bring back Curly next year, after Stuart Blackburn's comments about a returning character.

If he did, I could have imagined him ending up with Julie.

Anonymous said...

Dev's kids will certainly solve Julie's breeding problem and perhaps she'll take a sabbatical along with the Alahans, goodness knows they've got surplus cast.

Let's pray Andrea shoots Neil under questionable circumstances that could be self-defense but dopey Lloyd will take the fall and the blame for her. He'll be off to join Jim in the big house until such time as he might return to the Street.

If Kylie starts drinking vodka while popping calming pills it won't be called ADHD, it'll be the 1950s.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous,I think Mary would be ruined as a pschyopath. Besides Neil right now is filling in the pschyopath quota.
Sadly I think the returning character will be Kevin who'll be back bullying Tyrone and being jealous of Sally and Tim and not Curly.

David Parsnips said...

Anon - 22.59 - dont worry I think its Cilla who is the returning character who is returning for a short while, no doubt to build up a story for Fizz leaving while Jenny MacA goes on maternity leave. I doubt whether Curly would ever return.

tryfanofduncton said...

Personally I would love to see Dev & Julie get together....then emigrate to India, China, Australia, Mongolia.......!!


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