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Monday 11 August 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 11 August

Before the review for tonight I would like to point out to readers that John Sutherland, writing for The Times on Saturday, produced a terrific article on Coronation Street entitled 'Why Corrie is right up my highbrow street.' It begins, 'How exactly will Rob Donovan's deed of darkness be uncovered?' Well we're all wondering that, but the point is that it looks like the snobbish attitude some have towards soaps, particularly those set in the north, might be disappearing and people are realising just what they are missing.

So to tonight and Kirk's plan to propose to Beth. Turns out, that according to Sinead, Beth has had her fair share of proposals, albeit that they were unsuitable. Such a sweet scene between Craig and Kirk, where Kirk asks Craig if he's alright with the plan Kirk has to propose to Beth. Craig thinks it's 'minted' so all is well and the proposal will take place in the cafe. At least that's the plan. Craig is on his way to town to see Davina - 'how cool is that?' -who is working in Bargain Shoes. Maybe we'll see Davina at some point.

Max's difficult behaviour continues, tipping up his cereal and being rude to Yasmeen. Kylie does seem genuinely concerned about her son and is furious with Gail for buying Max an ice cream when she is trying to limit his sugar intake. 'Stop selling your poison to my kids!'  She tells Michael that if he is seen with her kids again, she will report him to the police. She seems haunted by blame, believing Max's behaviour is her own and Max's father's fault.

Neil is very present and despite Andrea clearly stating that she is moving in with Lloyd, he still thinks that it might be possible that Andrea will want to go to the Philippines with him, because it's beautiful there. He tell Andrea that what she feels for Lloyd is not real. Poor Neil, he doesn't get it. Still the moving in will not be straightforward as Jenna has huge objections and the meal at The Bistro was nothing short of disastrous. Is Jenna only objecting to Andrea because she believes she's not trustworthy or is there something else about the whole Andrea situation that Jenna is against?

Todd, who is now comparing himself to Alan Sugar, sees himself now as quite the business man. Gary is not happy about the size of some chipboard for Tyrone's loft, but Todd tells him it's fine and to keep quiet. He even threatens Gary with the sack unless he does as he's told.

It was quite funny though that Todd told Gary he had to whisper at one client's house. Todd claimed he's just having fun in the workplace...Tony is very pleased with how things are going saying that Todd is the ambition and that Gary is the good workmanship. We'll see.

Though he supports Yasmeen in her impassioned wish to keep the library open, Roy was none too pleased to see his cafe turned into a playgroup, even though they were having 'story time.'

Peter is in a dreadful state but he's getting little sympathy from Jim, aka The Landlord. He says to Jim, 'Do you know what sort of a day I've had?'  Jim immediately deflates the drama. 'Yes I do and so does everyone else in here.' He adds, I'll help you through, as and when I can.'

Jim does Peter some good by advising that he should not plead guilty. He tells him he needs a goal and that by pleading guilty he is admitting guilt and conceding defeat. Ken too does Peter a service in finally persuading him to have a solicitor, though it wasn't easy to do so.

This clearly has an effect on Rob. Michelle tells him that he looks like she would if she was marrying Tracy. Rob feels that now Peter has accepted a solicitor and that he is pleading not guilty, all goes against him. Rob's anguish and fear are clearly etched on his face.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Andrea is never going to work for me; it was a botched job from the beginning. Tptb switched the love interest from Steve to Lloyd and the join showed. Simply don't believe that was the plan all along.

OK, I'm off the fence as far as Yasmeen goes. She's becoming another Gloria, pushy and demanding. Was it meant to be funny that she turned the café into a nursery? It looked like a stuck-on scene written for light relief. Of course, in reality, Yasmeen would have consulted the café owner before she advertised the session. She must show a softer side preferably to somebody outside the family - Roy, Emily, anyone - if they want to redeem this is showing some signs of independence. She virtually shrugged off Kylie's onslaught of abuse where once she might have got into a row with her or apologised profusely.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Have to agree about Yasmin, she just came across as taking advantage of Roy yesterday and she is very wooden I am afraid.

But great to see Big Jim doing his best Grouty impression and Peter who is becoming more and more pathetic. Not sure whey he had the shakes all of a sudden when he has been off the booze for weeks though.

I felt sorry for Jenna and also the actress who plays her, as this story is obviously her swan song. Neil is also clearly bonkers.

Tvor said...

Peter was off the booze until the other day when he went through a half or more of a water bottle of some boozy concoction and got bladdered. It must have been moonshine for that little bit to hit a seasoned drinker that hard.

David Parsnips said...

Agree it must have been some kind of gut rot moonshine - doubt if its a bottle of 12 year old malt!

Peter seems to have became a cross between Uriah Heep and Hitler.

Bored already with the Max personality change story.

Anonymous said...

Sudden-onset ADHD - has he just started eating sweets??

Louby said...

Love the scene with Craig and Kirk, in fact I am really enjoying more Craig. Lots of potential I think!

Anonymous said...

"[Neil] tells Andrea that what she feels for Lloyd is not real. Poor Neil, he doesn't get it."

I can understand Neil's point-of-view. His wife (of many years) got bored and caught up in an infatuation with a cab driver. The affair has been going on for 5 minutes, so why shouldn't Neil think it's more fantasy than real? It speaks well of him that he seems willing to work things out with his wife, rather than threatening her... or Lloyd.


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