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Sunday 17 August 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - just don't mention couscous

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Jenna left this week, after two years on the Street, when Andrea moved in with Lloyd, after two minutes on the Street.  To my mind, Lloyd is ill-suited to Andrea. He needs someone groovy, a Northern Soul fan, someone he can dance with, not be dragged around Lidl with on his days off from work. 

Ken, back from Canada as a non-meat-eating, maple-syrup-toting new man, takes on the task of getting Peter out of prison. He’s determined to get Peter free and sets about with a new solicitor and a staunch approach. In the big house, Peter’s cracking up, stealing sweets from under the mattress of his cell-mate to give to Big Jim in exchange for a bottle of dodgy looking booze. 
Kirk makes a rubbish proposal to Beth this week. And when I mean a rubbish proposal, I mean it really was rubbish when Beth unknowingly threw her engagement ring into the rubbish bin on the street and Kirk had to rescue it, get down on one knee and propose. Beth, she said yes and the two of them snogged on the Street. I’ve been waiting a long time for these two to get married, they’re perfect for one another. But there was someone Kirk had to ask first before he popped the question to Beth, and that was young Craig, who gave it his seal of approval. “I think it’s mint!”

Over at the builders’ yard, Todd buys cheap building materials for Gary to work with in Tyrone’s loft.  The chipboard he’s using for the floor is too thin, and Gary knows it’s illegal and wrong. Todd tells him to keep quiet otherwise he’ll lose his job. Gary, desperate for money, keeps schtum. For now.

Tracy’s not happy when she finds out that Rob’s agreed for Michelle to be their wedding organiser, and at a cost too. “You mean to tell me that we are paying my ex-husband’s girlfriend to plan our wedding?” she asks MurdeRob. Oh yes, indeed you are, Tracy-luv. 
Gail goes on a date with Michael this week although she tells anyone who’ll listen that it’s Not. A. Date. Except it is and although Michael accidentally runs Gail down in his ice-cream van, the two of them snog on the sofa after crying over watching a soppy movie. Gail announces to her family that she and Michael are now seeing each other, adding another pile of worry onto Nick’s already full head. He fakes a seizure in the caf√© when the pressure of losing Leanne to Kal gets too much for him to take.  David knows what his big brother’s up to, however. 

At Roy’s Rolls, Yasmeen organises a reading group for children in the library section of the caff. There’s only one problem, she hasn’t told Roy. When he finds out what’s going on he isn’t best pleased. And on such things, the world of soap turns. 

And finally this week, Ken plans a holiday for him and Deirdre. She clearly doesn’t get a say in where they go, she wants somewhere warm and sunny. “Morocco?” suggests Rob. “Oh! Don’t mention Morocco to Ken!” she replies. “Since I married Samir, he won’t eat cous cous and refuses to have dates in the house at Christmas.”  A caravan trip to North Wales is planned and off they go. When that van is rocking, don’t go a-knocking - it’ll be Deirdre preparing stuffed marrow. 

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Frosty the Snowman said...

When was Gary such a mouse that he wouldnt speak up about that thin chipboard? Dont you also need planning consent and buiding regulatios inspections when there is a loft conversion?

Upintheattic said...

Is it just me, or is Beth slowly turning into Cilla? She looked and walked like her this week. Not complaining, I was glad to see the writers doing something with her and her "Kirkeh". I just wonder how it will play out if they truly are bringing Cilla back in the near future?

Kylie O'Reilly said...

Cilla and Beth are long lost sisters - separated when they were being dragged up by the 'Care System'. They have different fathers but are so similar because they take after their maternal grandmother Ida Gee.
They have almost no memories of each other which explains why it hasn't been mentioned before. When they trace the family tree it is revealed that Janice Battersby is their 2nd cousin once removed

Upintheattic said...

Thank you Kylie. I did NOT know that. I'm actually looking forward to Cilla coming back. It might prove very interesting and humorous. I really enjoy Beth, even though she can be rather harsh, the actress does a great job with that character.

Kylie O'Reilly said...

haha Diana I was only joking but that would be the story I would have written for it xx


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