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Thursday 14 August 2014

Two new characters for Coronation Street

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Coronation Street fans are in for a treat as two explosive new characters are set to cause fireworks on the cobbles.

Sean Ward and Oliver Farnworth will set hearts racing in the respective roles of Kylie Platt’s ex Callum and Michael Rodwell’s son Gavin.

Bad-lad Callum will be played by Manchester-bred actor Sean Ward, who has already started filming his first few scenes with actress Paula Lane. Kylie will come face-to-face with her past when she goes digging for answers about Max’s medical condition and hunts down his dad Callum on her old stomping ground.

Sean said: “I am delighted to have been given this unique opportunity to join such a brilliant and much loved show. It is a great honour and it will be a professional challenge to play bad-boy Callum. I’m very much looking forward to working closely with Paula.”

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Sean is already pulling off that holy grail of creating a character that, whilst dark and dangerous, also has a truly infectious charm and he’s going to be a fantastic character.”

Oliver Farnworth, who is best known for his parts in Hollyoaks and Mr Selfridge, has bagged the role as Les Dennis’ character Michael’s long-lost son, Gavin, and Coronation Street viewers can expect to see him make his mark on the Platt family.

Oliver said: "I'm absolutely delighted to be joining the cast of Coronation Street. Having spent my childhood in the North, to be given the opportunity to return and work on such an iconic, popular TV show is a dream and feels like a natural homecoming. I can't wait to tread the cobbles!"

Stuart said: “Sexy, confident, engaging and yet still with edge and depth, Oliver as an actor has got it all and I can’t wait to see Gavin light up our screens”.
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abbyk said...

Oh goody, explosive stories featuring brand new characters.

*Le sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oh Christ. Not the "long lost son" crap again. Desperately running out of original ideas.

Llifon said...

Wow. Sean looks a lot like Jack P. Shepherd! That's why Kylie likes David so much! :P

Anonymous said...

About time we had some eye candy for the ladies!

Tvor said...

I was expecting this. Callum was mentioned therefore it's likely he would appear. Michael talked about his son rejecting him and voila.

Cobblestone said...

Yes, Gavin isn't exactly a 'long lost son'. Michael said he stopped speaking to him, which is common enough in families. More so than long lost children, anyway.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What happened to Howie, the new disabled character?

New characters are fine. Can we ditch some existing ones - we've all got our own lists - otherwise Corrie will become a cast of thousands.

Sunny Jim said...

2 new young hunky characters while existing characters are hardly used and then end up being axed.

If ITV want another Hollyoaks why not just ditch Corrie altogether and buy it off Channel 4.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Completely agree with you Sunny Jim!

Anonymous said...

Me too, agree with Sunny Jim. More irony in tossing Jenna and bringing in two more characters that relate to the Platts; we just don't get enough of the Platts, do we?

Anonymous said...

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: “yada yada yada......"creating characters" that already come packaged as:
Truly Engaging Charm
with Depth"
Well, as Graeme's post so succinctly said, I prefer my characters to develop and to get to know them. Not come on with EXPLOSIVE storylines. C'mon Corrie dudes and dudettes in charge, please simplify and know that your audience is so much better than the credit you give them. I don't watch Hollyoaks or the 'others' as I became addicted to Corrie about 30 years ago when it was gentle and intelligent and to be honest, lately, it bothers me. It's gotten cheap.
Cdn. Bacon Sarnie

Anonymous said...

Urrgh!! Bored of explosive storylines now, they're 10 a penny in Corrie these days. .anyrhing involving 'explosive' and 'bad lad' is a big turn off. Likewise any mention of 'strong' or 'feisty' has me reaching for the mute button :-/ -Smelloid

Anonymous said...

Corrie is becoming the Platt Show!I mean, the family is in three different storylines at the same time and now more characters are brought in to justify storylines for them?!I bet there will be another triangle storyline too with Kylie's ex as she'll feel she'll go back to him for Max's sake.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Kylie will go back to her ex for Max's sake - good riddance have never liked the character.

Anonymous said...

The common wisdom seems to be that Corrie is a show watched by little old ladies (and some old men) and gays, so presumably these new additions are meant to please that demographic. Speaking as an elderly female, (gays will have to speak for themselves) who can still remember what eye candy is, may I respectfully decline?! I don't need any more "bad boys", certainly not any bringing fireworks and explosions, thank you. If this is an attempt to lure a younger female audience, be aware that it comes at the expense of older, loyal viewers.

Frosty the Snowman said...

"explosive" characters causing "fireworks" is soap speak for two obnoxious pains in the butt! Oh well even more storylines for the Platts.

David Parsnips said...

Obviously Kylie's "ex" returning will be her being written out for a bit story as she will obviously go back to him and then will "come to her senses" and return to David when Paula Lane has had her maternity leave. Pretty obvious really.

Mad Hatter said...

We know what will happen. Kylie will "get close" to Callum, and agree to let him take Max out. Que David getting jealous and angry whilst Kylie tells him he is just paranoid, unaware Callum probably wants to get back with her. Then endless scenes of Kylie with Callum and Max looking cozy and laughing, with David in the background getting the wrong idea and feeling left out.

The Nazirs have been a waste, Luke (Steph's older brother) doesn't do anything, but lets just bring in two obnoxious characters. They really need to trim down the cast, there are too much.

Anonymous said...

If Kylie does leave David for her ex,I hope he comes to his senses and doesn't take her back again after she slept with his brother.Gail better not be on Kylie's side this time either!


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