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Friday 22 August 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 22 August

Friday 22nd August
LEANNE REACHES BOILING POINT. Leanne’s incensed when Kal and Eva claim she’s been unfair about
Nick faking his seizures. Rubbing her nose in it, Nick mocks Leanne as she sweeps up outside the kebab
shop. When she lays into him in, Nick feigns a dizzy spell. Kal and Sally rush to his aid as an irate Gail
confronts Leanne. Leanne’s had enough and storming into Kylie’s birthday meal at the bistro she starts
smashing bottles and demanding Nick tells the truth.
MADDIE TAKES DRASTIC ACTION TO SAVE ECCLES. Sophie and Maddie are babysitting Amy and Simon.
Fed up of Maddie giving Simon all the attention, Amy deliberately unties Eccles outside the shop.
Deirdre’s distraught to discover Eccles is missing and Sophie and Maddie set off in search. When they
find her injured in the alleyway Maddie rushes to the garage and gets Carla’s car which she was valeting.
JIM CALLS IN A FAVOUR FROM PETER. Peter begs Jim to reinstate his booze supply. Sensing his
desperation Jim agrees to supply more alcohol in exchange for a favour, he wants Peter to persuade
Steve to visit him.
ELSEWHERE Lloyd and Steve think up pranks to play on Neil to teach him a lesson.

Friday 22nd August
NICK AND LEANNE PUT THEIR PROBLEMS TO BED. The Platts are aghast as an hysterical Leanne denounces Nick for distressing Simon with his fake seizures. Will Nick confess to his stunned family that he has indeed been lying? Alone Nick and Leanne have a heartfelt talk. Will Nick accept that Leanne’s future is with Kal and agree to a fair divorce settlement or will hostilities continue? Meanwhile Kal’s son Zeedan phones, but hangs up at the mention of Leanne. Do the couple face fresh opposition?
MADDIE FACES THE WRATH OF CARLA. Carla’s furious to discover Maddie has taken Eccles on a mercy
dash to the vets in her car. Maddie grovels to Carla, explaining her good intentions, will Carla agree not
to call the police?
PETER DOES JIM’S BIDDING. Peter doubts he’ll be able to coerce Steve into visiting Jim, but Jim refuses
to give him another drink until he manages it. Peter phones Steve and begs him to come and see him in
prison. Will Peter agree?
ELSEWHERE Lloyd and Steve stake out Neil’s house from their car and are highly amused when a
children’s clown they booked knocks on his door.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Well Leanne has known Nick since they were teeangers and has been married to him twice so I would say if she suspects he is faking his seizures she should be believed. The man with the triangle on his head seems quick to disbeleve her and side with Nick - not very trusting or loyal is he? This relationship is doomed I am afraid.

Mad Hatter said...

I don't have sympathy for Leanne. She is always a bitter individual with a nasty scowl on her face. Even if Peter hadn't been drinking, she would of sat there with her smug face looking down on him.

Leanne has had quite a history as well probably worse than Nick's. And looking at it Kal probably feels guilt because despite originally being Nick's trainer and friend, he copped off with his wife in the end.

But regardless I bet we are meant to jump in joy at bitter old Leanne. Kal better watch himself, she will be into his business next.

Anonymous said...

Matt Hatter,In Leeanne's defense,she never looked down on Peter and truly loved and supported him.Under the circumstances,yes I am on Leeanne's side as she knows what Nick is capable of.Thia was the guy who forced Leeanne to have an abortion when they were married once before,lied it was a miscarriage reveling in the sympathy,slept with his brther's wife and hid behind mommy and now has sunk to a new low faking seizures all the while mummy[ who is the biggest snob on the despite her family's history]defends him'.No wonder Leeanne is losing it1i can't wait to see her tarnish golden boy Nick in front of his family.

Mad Hatter said...

Sorry Leanne is just as much a snob, and she did nothing to earn her acting superior. And what happened with the abortion they were much younger, but currently Nick did actually care for Leanne but she only used him to get back at Peter when he went off with Carla. Then lived a comfortable life for about a year until the car crash. You portray him as a bad husband, but I bet Leanne wasn't complaining all the way to the bank.

Leanne has also used and manipulated people, like getting Paul to burn down her business for insurance fraud, then using Janice to steal the lottery money but not owing up to her part in the scam. And as I said, used Nick to get back at Peter because she felt bitter.

And lets not forget Leanne planned on leaving Nick on his wedding for Peter BEFORE he slept with Kylie. Funny how that is glossed over, shows how dedicated she must of been to Nick pre-car crash.

Anonymous said...

Mad Hatter,Granted Leeanne is no angel but right now Nick is worse than ahe is using his illness for revenge and frightening others in the process.I mean Roy was about to call the ambulance for Nick.Unlike Leanne Nick also goes hiding behind mummy too like he did when he slept with Kylie.I T think it's a shame that Ashley Peacock died in vain in the tram crash when he let Nick go ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

Good points Anon 15:05 and 19:07!

Anonymous said...

Wow! One of the things that makes soaps so successful is their ability to connect with viewers. People see the situations onscreen and connect them to their own lives and to situations they've experienced. They filter the soap stories through their own perspective, which of course favours their position. It can get pretty heated. Witness the above exchanges! For purposes of self-awareness and spiritual growth, may I suggest that when you find yourself getting heated about soap characters' behaviour, you ask yourself why.


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