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Sunday 17 August 2014

Corrie weekly awards for August 11 - 15

Hopeless Romantic award: Kirk!

Practical Joke award: I detest Todd but even I laughed at him sending Gary off to whisper at a client!

Thicky Bricky award: Gary has misgivings about the materials and lets Todd threaten his job. Todd's not the boss of him whatever Todd might think.

Sensitive Man award: Oh I LOVED it when Gail and Michael both were crying over a sad movie! Wonderful!

Rock Bottom award: Peter is really in the worst shape I've ever seen him.

Stress? What Stress? award: Leanne thinks Ken needs a break. 18 months in Canada wasn't enough (and not all of it was worry over Adam)? He's only been back a week.

Musical ambience: Bridge Over Troubled Waters when Michael came to see Gail the day after her accident.

Agony Aunt, you're not: David decided to have a chat with Nick. When has David been the go-to guy for advice? That's a switch innit?

Surprise fail award: First Ken brings back maple syrup (mind you, that's not so bad except it doesn't really cover 18 months' absence) and pencils from Canada then he surprises Deirdre with a camping trip. Hasn't quite got the hang of the meaning of surprise, has he?

Fashion shout: I really liked Deirdre's dress.

Sinking to new depths award: Nick faking "episodes".

Lines of the week:
Tracy "Do we have to be miserable every moment of every day? Yep. I guess we do"
Jim "You want your wee Simon to grow up and think his daddy is a murderer, is that the crack?" (Ah yes, another Jim cliche!!)
Michelle to Rob "You look like I'd look if I was marrying Tracy"
Tony uttering the Phrase of Doom "How can we fail?"
Tracy "We are paying my ex-husband's girlfriend to plan our wedding?" (well, when you put it that way...)
Lloyd about Neil "You could threaten to kill him and all he'd do is offer you a disgestif"
Jim "Chateau de Big House. Quite a cheeky wee number if I do say so myself"
Eileen about Gail and Michael's aborted date "You could have just cancelled, you know, you didn't have to run her over"
Nick "How's your fabulous career?" Leanne "About the same as your fabulous love life but we can't have it all can we?" (Point, Leanne)
David to Gail "I know you're very good at overlooking your fellas' nuttier qualities but this one's already burgled your house and run you over in his ice cream van. Take a hint, eh?"
Deirdre "Her face just lit up when she talked about it (the Maldives). Of course that could've been the sunburn!"
Yasmeen "I don't apply pressure, I simply pose an argument" (and won't back down either)
Tracy "It'll be the shortest marriage in history" (No, you had that already with Steve!)
Tracy "I have the soul of a poet" (erm...)

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Defrost Indoors said...

We're still roaring over Ken's proud commendation of maple syrup: "Toronto's finest!" And where exactly was he supposed to have been? Surely someone at Corrie HQ has seen a map?

Frosty the Snowman said...

The Frosty awards:
Life advice award: Sophie amazingly giving Jenna advice on what to do with the rest of her life – er HELLO she was the reason for Jenna’s downfall and what has Sophie achieved exactly? A miserable little girl still living with mummy and working part time in a corner shop!!!

Quite funny award: Frosty did find Kirkay and Beth funny this week, just have to ensure it doesn’t go too OTT. The proposal business was turning into a bit of a fiasco in the end.

Businessman of the year award: So Div hasn’t given a thought to who is going to cover when the manager of his kebab shop goes off on hols! Oh just as well Leanne is available isn’t it? So contrived.

Disabilities award: I am not sure if Nick holding his head and pretending to be in pain just to be get back at Leanne supposed to be amusing? Its not, its insulting to those that have suffered head trauma and frankly pathetic.

Wonky tune award: The crackly Greensleeves theme from Michael’s rather small ice cream van makes Frosty smile.

Sneering award: Would a someone really just stand there and laugh when they witnessed a neighbour being knocked down by a car like Eileen whether they liked them or not? This woman really is a bitter old trout.

Health & Safety award: Peter seemed to manage OK without a drink for weeks now suddenly he has the shakes. Surely the prison authorities would be monitoring him as he is a known alcoholic but he seems to be able to wander unchecked from wing to wing looking like a down and out for his latest hit of hooch.

Domineering award: Yasmeen is now becoming more than a bit annoying trying to rail road Roy. The way she barged into the café and demanded he stock it with books was just bullying I am afraid. They are rapidly ringing from what could have been a good character to just a shouty pain in the backside.

Tvor said...

Defrost Indoors _ Toronto's Finest, probably because he bought it in the Duty Free shop at the airport!

Tvor said...

Peter wasn't in too bad shape until he had the first of that bootleg hooch and yeah, no wonder he's got the shakes, heaven knows what's in that brew!

And No, I don't think Nick faking illness is supposed to be funny. I agree, it's nasty and pathetic and cheap


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