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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Inside Soap magazine reveals Coronation Street spoilers

This week's fab Inside Soap magazine has a photo-special of some of the Coronation Street cast dressed in their best bib and tucker as a teaser for the upcoming Inside Soap Awards 2014. 

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In the glam photoshoots with some of the cast members are some storyline snippets and spoilers.  So here we go!

Alison King (Carla Connor) says that she will miss both Marc Baylis (Rob) and Chris Gascoyne (Peter) when they leave later this year.  She says she loves her scenes with David Neilson (Roy) and that Marc Baylis looks after everyone on set. "He looks after all of us on set, me, Kate Ford (Tracy) and Annie Kirkbride (Deirdre). He just keeps things really upbeat. I think he'll go on to do great things."  She reveals that Carla is going to be gutted when she finds out that Rob killed Tina.

Marc Baylis (Rob Donovan) says this about Rob and Tracy's upcoming wedding: "In true soap style there's a lot of stuff that happens in the week of the wedding. Ken's definitely suspicious of Rob so there's so much more material coming up between the two of them.  Rob knows that if anyone is going to be his downfall, it'll be Ken.  But that just makes him act even more suspicious around Ken!"

Tisha Merry (Steph) says that she'd love for Steph's mum and dad to arrive on the Street. "But from what I've been told," she says, "the audience will soon see Steph in a different light."

Georgia May Foote (Katy Armstrong) says that Katy won't be killed off and that she's filming her final scenes in February next year.

Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw) says: "There's a big family feud coming up for the Grimshaws.  I think it will be on screen in October and we're all working very hard on those scenes at the moment.  There are also going to be some big changes for Todd. I think it'll be surprising, too."

And Dean Fagan (Luke) says that Luke is going to be Maria's new man.

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sarah luize kidger said...

Rob Donovan is last person on Simons mind at the moment with rob killing Tina and his dad in prison framed by rob for the murder its upsetting enough without this why cant rob leave Simon alone peter will be released soon Theres something going to happen simon runs away I think he will tell the police what really happened the night when tina was attacked or does go to peter in prison or does he sit at tinas grave the three final endings to rob getting arrested for the rightful reasons

Anonymous said...

I'll be sad to see Rob leave, Marc Baylis is lovely to look at, and Corrie is sorely lacking in hot guys right now. I'd happily see the back of David, Kylie, and Max before Rob. I know Corrie has never just been about attractive people, but with the storylines being so lousy this past year, I need some reason to tune in.

Frosty the snowman said...

Another man for Maria, this time Luke - they really dont know what to do with this character do they? Also isnt Luke a tad young for her these days? Like a lot of others really sorry Rob is going, they seem to keep the wrong ones all the time.

Anonymous said...

Another man for Maria? Personally I think Maria is long past her sell by date. Time to say goodbye to her character. She is not that good of an actress I find her character dull and tiresome.

Tvor said...

Well, it's a soap, most characters are going to be paired up, some many times. They don't really seem like they'd be suited all that well but Maria doesn't really have very good judgement. Mind you, at least Luke is a nice bloke, nicest one since Tyrone at least.


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