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Monday 18 August 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 18 August 2014

There's no doubt that Leanne has much to deal with, but one of her problems is solved by Dev, in that he offers her a job at the kebab shop. Understandably, Leanne is anxious about Simon's visit to see Peter in prison. It cannot be easy for any child to see his dad in prison, but equally it cannot be easy to have your child visit you in prison. To make things a little easier for himself, Peter goes to see Landlord Jim and after a bit of unnerving banter about cheating at snooker and stealing of deodorants, Peter finally gets what he came for.

The visit begins and Simon can't look at a his dad, keeping his eyes down. Peter is cheery and asks Simon several questions but gains nothing. Meanwhile, Leanne is eyeing Peter suspiciously. Has he had a drink? Nothing escapes Leanne and obviously she knows him very well. 'Locked up and drunk - father of the year.' she sneers. Easy to judge and condemn Peter but, well, there but for the grace of God, and all that. Leanne whisks Simon away and it doesn't look very promising for further visits.

Leanne is also suspicious of Nick. Is he putting it on or has he really had a relapse as David claims. His motive if he is feigning? Making Kal and Leanne feel guilty presumably.

Unbeknown to Lloyd, Andrea and Steve in The Rovers, Neil was in Weatherfield as Lloyd was counting down the seconds to take off for a job at the other side of the world.

You have to hand it to Neil for determination. It seems as if, maybe, he has got the message. It made for uncomfortable viewing to see someone so desperately wanting to be with his wife of so many years and the mother of his daughter.

Some terrific scenes with Deirdre and Ken in Wales. Clearly, Wales is not Deirdre's favourite place and so she is not enjoying herself, as she would much prefer a sun lounger round a pool with a Jackie Collins on the go. But in fairness to her she did wear the borrowed boots and wander around with Ken. Ken is thrilled by being in Wales, getting milk from the udder and other delights of life in the country. Derek the bull with the huge neck seems to fascinate Ken as does the Welsh language and Ken's enthusiasm for making friends with strangers. Ken talks of his early life in Coronation Street. as Deirdre points out, 'You spend half your life complaining about where you came from and the other half misty-eyed about it.' She's right of course, as usual. She also gets her own way. One game of Snap and it's homeward bound.

When Tracy tells her dad about Peter it is frustrating for Ken. 'What chance does he stand now?' asks Ken. For Rob though, this revelation is  a real treat, 'Cheers Peter.' he says to himself, unable to repress his delight.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I didnt find the camping scenes particularly funny although there was desperation for the old Corrie humour but it didnt do it for me. They also managed to drive back from Wales towing a caravan pretty quickly! And why would Peter want a drink before meeting Simon after all that has gone on? Because he ws "nervous"? Doesnt wash I am afraid, it all seemed very staged and a bit wooden yesterday, including Leanne's appointment as Kebab Supremo.

John McE said...

It's always nice when they go on location... wish they'd do more.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm assuming Weatherfield Prison is an open prison with minimal supervision but, by now, there should have been a scene between Peter and a prison officer. A warning perhaps to stay away from The Landlord.

It was quite unlikely that Ken and Deirdre would disappear on holiday but I forgive the writers on this occasion. The scenes in Wales were a device to get Ken and Deirdre back on track. There were some lovely exchanges and the actors looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Does anyone know if Craig Charles has a date for leaving or whether he is actually leaving? Neil planting himself outside the flat could be the trigger for Lloyd and Andrea to flit under cover of darkness.

Dubcek said...

I thought Craig Charles was taking a sabbatical soon to film a new series of Red Dwarf.
I'm, actually surprised that Andrea hasn't filed for divorce by now.
And those scenes of Ken look like he's wearing ill fitting adult diapers the way his trousers are bunched up.


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