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Sunday 31 August 2014

Could Dev and Julie be a match made in Corrie heaven?

We saw some very interesting interaction between two of Corrie's most unlucky in love characters the other evening - Julie Carp and Dev Alahan. Dev managed to put his foot in it while trying to encourage Julie to sign up to the increasingly pointless gym.

Watching Dev grovel for forgiveness led to some quite sweet scenes between the two characters and I wonder which way this is heading? Previously I could never see these two together but now I think it might just work. Dev is the kind of man who needs a female influence in his life while Julie craves the security of a partner and longs for children to look after. Could they just be a perfect fit?

Dev has real staying power in Corrie, now in his fifteenth year. I haven't always been a massive fan of his I admit but when he tones it down a bit I don't mind him that much. I do love Julie though. Unfortunately I don't think she ever gets the screen time she deserves. It often feels like Julie is relegated to the crumbs left on the storyline table while the likes of Peter, Fiz, Gail and the Windasses get everything going. 

Katy Cavanagh can be a breath of fresh air when she appears. She's a good actress with a proven track record in both comedy and drama. Her scenes with Brian when she lost the baby were heartbreaking but I never felt enough was made of this storyline. I know Corrie needs its background characters and those that provide light relief but I think it's time Julie was given a bigger storyline to tackle. Perhaps involvement with Dev and his children could be the very thing?

It was also interesting to see Mary hovering in the background the other night. I think she has developed quite an attachment to Dev and the kids (even if we don't see much of this) so Julie getting involved might put Mary's nose right out of joint. 

So what do you think of pairing Julie up with Dev?
Can you see it working out or is it doomed  from the outset? If not Dev, who else should Julie step out with?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I've never thought of Dev and Julie together but then I would never have guessed Tim and Sally would work as well as they do. Dev was quite charming towards Julie and it wasn't that cringeworthy. It would be nice if they paired up and stayed paired. We have enough unlucky-in-loves in Corrie. So get them together and let's have a storyline that doesn't revolve around endless bed-hopping. It would be brilliant if Dev offered his other half the post of corner shop manager while he concentrates on other business. Julie would be a perfect fit and, hopefully, Sophie would be so incensed with the situation that she'd move away.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I love that idea of Julie working in the shop!

Elsie Tanner said...

I've often thought it would be nice to see Mary and Dev romantically involved - it's clear she has a fancy for him from Friday's episodes.

But Dev and Julie I think would make a better pairing and that would leave Mary for Roy.

Anonymous said...

No, Julie and Neil would make the perfect couple and would keep Neil on the Street. Julie would be the perfect shoulder to cry on after the breakup with Andrea

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Julie, she has always seemed a pointless character. Whereas Dev I do like, so I say no!!

ChisGwen said...

Nice little scene with Jule and Dev, he trying to apologize. I can see them together. Mary and Dev - NO. Mary and Roy - NO. Mary and Norris - YES. Um.. When does Dev have time to work in the gym?

BSteinhouse said...

Julie would be wonderful with Dev! They are both funny, good-humoured, and very endearingly weird. And Julie's neuroses could work well against Dev.

And I would rather see Julie than Sopheh behind the Corner shop till ANY DAY. Julie could be a modern-day Renee Bradshaw: affable and chatty with the customers, good energy.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of all that is holy is Dev doing to his finger in that photo?! Dev and Julie have potential to be a good match, as Dev can have his moments. However, it's moments like that photo that turn Dev into little more than a caricature.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Lloyd might be a better pairing.

Anonymous said...

I quite like Julie, I would love to see her happy and being a Mum. I don't mind Dev at times he can be quite likeable. Who knows perhaps they could make nice couple.

Anonymous said...

Since when was Dev a personal trainer anyway giving Julie an assessment while Mary ear-wigged within 2 feet! I presume from the spite towards Julie that Mary has yet another of her crushes, this time on the Devster! Be very afraid Dev!


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