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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 27 Aug

Wednesday 27th August
THE IMPLICATIONS OF TYRONE’S ACCIDENT HIT HOME.With Tyrone unable to work for 6 weeks he and Fiz worry about how they’ll manage financially. Vising him in hospital a devastated Jason blames himself for the disaster and promises to help Tyrone out by claiming on his insurance. Will Todd be forced to tell Jason the truth about the accident or will Tony force him to keep schtum?
STEVE COMES FACE TO FACE WITH PETER. Steve visits Peter in prison, under pressure Peter admits that Jim put him up to it as he really wants to see Steve and Liz to put things right. Steve leaves in emotional turmoil. How will Liz react to the news?
LUKE AND KATY DECIDE THEY CAN’T HIDE THEIR FEELINGS. Luke and Katy arrange a date in the Rovers. Will they finally give in to their feelings and how will Steph react to the news that her best friend is dating her brother?
ELSEWHERE Rita looks to the future. Mary persuades Julie to join her at the gym.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Although obviously Todd behaved abominably with the cheap materials, Tyrone has to take some blame for this. Jason told him not to go up there and up he goes balancing precariously on a step ladder to take silly pictures. Tyrone's character is becoming so idiotic lately, its difficult for Frosts to have much sympathy with him.

Anonymous said...

Wow..this is awesome - 2 blokes from the same street in hospital with tubes up their noses. It's so different from all the other characters who have been there..done that..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Humpty Dumpty said...

Strange that Jason wouldn't double-check Gary's work when he was in the loft. I'm not convinced, anyway, that Todd would have done something so dodgy especially once Tony had warned him. It could easily have been Jason going through the floor.

So Owen notices the inferior wood as it's left for all to see on the street. How convenient. And presumably, it had to be unloaded in broad daylight to start with. In another storyline, Owen would have just happened to be walking past the house as they carried the wood in. This storyline is no less contrived, as the obvious thing would have been for Gary to confide in Owen before the work started.

Zagg said...

Ugh....Todd. What a crappy crappy brother. He has become the male Tracy. NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. In reality, he would be shunned on the street and probably end up in a heap in a back alley somewhere with the stuffings knocked out of him. AND in fact Eileen would be shunned for supporting such a horrible person, son or no son. That's how it would be.....not this endless platform to showcase his bad behaviour and everyone putting up with it. I am sick of him. He's creeping me out now.
This street does not need TWO Tracys.

Tvor said...

It might not have been obvious just from looking, once it was installed, that the board was inferior quailty. I have a hard time believing that Gary wouldn't have said something to Jason or Tony even if Todd threatened his job. What authority does Todd have anyway? Gary's been a builder, he knows the regs on safey and standards.


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