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Thursday 21 August 2014

More Corrie news from Stuart Blackburn

As promised yesterday, there was a second part of the interview with Stuart Blackburn on Digital Spy. There were some interesting glimpses into what's in store for several characters including Tim who, in addition to being involved in Faye's storyline, will have something else revealed about him of a less comic nature.  I was also quite happy to hear that a reunion between Kevin and Sally is not on the books. I personally feel they're done and yet another reunion would be tedious.

Regarding the Platts, he assures us Paula Lane will return from her maternity leave and he's also quite chuffed at how well Les Dennis is working out as Michael Rodwell.

Antony Cotton's Sean is going to have a new romance but as always in a soap, there's going to be complications. "It's a really serious love story, as Sean is absolutely going to fall for this person. The only problem is who he falls in love with and what that means for the relationship - can it ever prosper?"

Katy Armstrong is going to take her future into her own hands and there will be someone from her, Izzy and Owen's past coming back into their lives. Could that be Owen's ex-wife? Cilla's coming back and she needs help and maybe we'll find out why Todd has changed so much. When asked, Mr. Blackburn says "At some point yes, but we're not there yet."

He also defends the decision to let Philip Lowrie (Dennis Tanner) go by talking about it being the result of bringing the old Dennis back, the one that schemed and ducked and dived. His fate was a result of that but he doesn't seem to write off ever having him back again if they come up with a good storyline for Dennis. Nice piece of deflection, or as we in Canada say "stick handling". 

Nick's future may not be quite so grim though they're going to be realistic and not make his brain damage vanish without a trace and there might even be a new love interest. Steve's mid-life crisis isn't gone and that may lead to a bumpy road for him and Michelle but it sounds like they will manage to see it through.

All in all, a few interesting bits and pieces in this interview.

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Anonymous said...

So, basically more "drama" and little comedy from the likes of Steve and Tim.

Great.....I'll look forward to that....

Canuktuk said...

So here's my predictions based on what Mr. Blackburn has told us:

Tim will successfully fight for and receive custody of Faye, having demonstrated to the Court that Anna is unfit given their financial desperation and Faye's teen-pregnancy.

Katy and Izzy's mum will appear on the scene to witness the depths to which Owen has sunk; Katy will leave with her, in an effort to have some kind of future. Izzy will at least ponder the same, since she and Gary have recently (and instantly) broken up.

In the fall-out of Tyrone's accident, Todd will slowly start to reveal what makes him tick. Sean will fall for him so hard he breaks pavement, trying to change him, and spending a dog's years chasing him.

Nick will finally receive formal treatment. He will develop an inappropriate relationship with his counselor/therapist that will lead to her losing her license to practice. He will ask Sophie for instructions on ruining someone's life before binning them.

Steve will begin to wear age-inappropriate clothing, odd hairstyles, and talk incessantly about selling Streetcars and the Rovers so they can backpack through Europe.

Anyone else have any ideas? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just gutted that Steve will continue on with Michele. Honestly, I don't have anyone else in mind, I just hate Michele being his partner as she does nothing but denigrate him.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that there is no mention of Kirk and Beth's wedding as that would be welcome happy storyline for a change.It's the same old merry go around of characters in recycled storylines.

njblas said...

I'm sure Canuktuk is right. It will be Katy and Izzy's mother who arrives. Long-lost mothers have a habit of turning up in Weatherfield - just ask Leanne:) The ex-Mrs Armstrong will no doubt have become a high-powered business woman, who immediately offers Katy an important executive position for which she is completely unqualified. It will be somewhere far enough away that nobody seems to think it odd that Katy never visits her family anymore:)

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not happy about big storylines with Sean - he is ok as a back character but not a strong enough actor for a "dramatic" storyline. Faye has been legally adopted by Anna and the courts would just not have the powes to reverse this in favour of Tim who cannot himself offer a stable home, he is shacked up with Sally and the two horrors.


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