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Friday 15 August 2014

Confirmed: Coronation Street set to be demolished next year

It's now been confirmed that the former Coronation Street set is to be demolished.

From BBC News: The old Corrie set on the old Granada TV lot in central Manchester was turned into a visitor attraction after filming moved to Trafford in January.

But developer Allied London, which bought the Quay Street site for £26m last year, is planning to build flats, shops and offices in its place.

The set had been used since 1982 but was refused listed status in 2012. English Heritage said the complex was not sufficiently historic or architecturally significant to be listed.

The set has attracted more than 200,000 visitors since opening as a temporary tourist attraction in April.

The attraction is due to close on 4 October, although it could be extended to allow it to remain open until demolition work begins. The redevelopment of the area is due to start next year.

An ITV spokesperson said: "Coronation Street's new home is at MediaCityUK and the tour at Quay Street was always for a limited time. Although we can't confirm the official closure date - once the tour has closed, ITV will return the site to Allied London with the Coronation Street lot removed."

Glenda Young, editor of the Coronation Street Blog, (hello! that's me!) said it was bad for fans and urged the developers to retain something from the street.

"It seems a shame," she said. "Even if there's just a bit of the old cobbles left, or Maxine's bench, or something that we know, it would be ideal.

"Make it a place for people to go and sit and be a focal point for that piece of Coronation Street history and culture. Once that's gone, there's nowhere else for fans to go.

"The Hacienda [nightclub] has been turned into flats, but people still turn up and have a look to see a bit of the old Hacienda."

But she admitted a full tourist attraction would probably not be viable in the long term.

"I think something like that's got a shelf life, and now that we all know they film on a different set anyway, the novelty would wear off," she said.

What do you think, Corrie fans? Should there be something left for fans to pay homage to Corrie in Manchester - say a row of cobbles and a few benches to sit and sip a half of stout on a sunny afternoon? Or should it be consigned to history, move on and forget it?

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Unknown said...

Awful news ...... Sad times!

Anonymous said...

What about a Corrie Museum? They could perhaps have the faƧade of the Rovers Return and then include signs from the other stores and items from previous characters - like Deirdre's glasses. It could be updated on a regular basis as characters come and go so that people would want to visit multiple times. I think if this was well thought out it could make a lot of money. They could also feature some of the actors from time to time doing talks or signing autographs. Although the site is not historically significant it is culturally significant and something should be preserved, in my opinion.

Zagg said...

Well first, what a shame. I absolutely think that they should make an area with a few benches and cobbles. Corrie St. is a part of British history, even if some people don't watch it.
I also think they should auction off or just sell as much memorabilia as possible. I think a lot of fans would love to own something, a keg pump or a cobble even. I know I would. If they are going to destroy it, at least the legacy would live on in the fans homes.

Anonymous said...

Shame on people of Manchester to sit bk and not fight for corrie to be left there for tourism

maggie muggins said...

Oh, this is very sad. I too am surprised that more people aren't fighting to save the old location in some shape or form. "Not sufficiently historic" sounds ridiculous. Some nod to Corrie on site can't be that difficult.

At least ITV is removing the show's lot, whatever that means. I can't imagine that they will just let everything left behind when they moved to be crushed to dust!

Anonymous said...

Get over it! It's only a tv show its not the end of the world.

Poida Pete said...

I hope they keep it longer, I'm moving to the UK on a working visa in October and that one of the things I wanted to see when I get there, tour the site! I won't make it until late October though! Here's hoping they keep this amazing site until at least Xmas!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Given that Coronation Street exists mostly in our imagination, I don't think it matters where the old set is actually located. If it has to move somewhere, Blackpool Pleasure Beach seems the most appropriate place.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Humpty Dumpty, there used to a be a replica of the Corrie set in Blackpool.

It was next to the Sandcastle.


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