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Saturday 23 August 2014

Our editor's Corrie milestones

As she's already told you, our editor Glenda Young, or Flaming Nora as she's known here, is celebrating a birthday milestone today - she's reached the big 5-0!

And I thought to celebrate I'd look back at what was happening on Corrie when she reached a certain milestone over the last fifty years.

24th August 1964 (Writer: John Finch; Producer: Tim Aspinall)

Glenda was born on a Sunday so there was no Corrie episode on that day. The following day, the 386th episode of Corrie was broadcast. Here what was happening in that particular episode:

  • The Viaduct Street Sporting Club is facing closure and Charlie Moffitt is told he'll be first to go.
  • Stan Ogden enjoys his job as chauffeur.
  • Dennis Tanner tries to make Elsie's ex David Maxwell see that he'll get over Elsie. Later, David gets out his gun.
What a cliffhanger eh? Spoiler alert by the way, David did confront Elsie with a gun, but when she broke down he told her that the gun was empty and ran out.

Corrie had been on air for nearly four years; Martha Longhurst had been killed off while others were on the way out in a bloodshed; and the Ogdens had made their debut a month or so earlier.

23rd August 1965 (Writer: Jim Allen; Producer: H. V. Kershaw)

When Glenda celebrated her first birthday, the 490th episode of Corrie was broadcast. Here what was in store:

  • Len Fairclough makes Jerry Booth his partner at the builder's yard and they have a party.
  • Lucille Hewitt is chatted up by a Barry at her new workplace Mitchell's.
  • Albert Tatlock takes Ted Bates in after he runs away from an old age home. Albert's sideboard mysteriously jumps in the night.
Spoiler alert: The reason behind the mystery was that Albert had cracked floorboads.

24th August 1977 (Writer: Julian Roach; Producer: Bill Podmore)

When Glenda entered her teenage years, it was on a Tuesday. The following day, the 1733rd episode of Corrie was broadcast. What was happening? 

  • Ray Langton asks Len Fairclough for a 50/50 partnership in the builders' yard, but Len refuses. Deirdre tells Ray to set up his own business in competition against Len. Ray tells Len he's leaving the business. They agree to a truce and begin a new partnership but don't tell Deirdre or Rita.
  • Ken Barlow agrees to take Peter walking in the Peak District.
  • Mavis Riley's aunt Edie leaves her estate to her in her will and her cousin Ethel threatens to contest the will. Mavis is told that Edie's house was sold to a finance company and isn't hers.
Mavis would later move into the Kabin's flat which had been vacant since Rita had married Len in April.

Corrie was now well-established in the TV schedules and this was the beginning of one of the show's strongest eras after a slump earlier in the decade. Minnie Caldwell had left the street in 1976 while Mike Baldwin had established his denim factory also the same year. Annie Walker had been running the Rovers alone since Jack's death in 1970 and had the help of staff Betty, Bet and Fred. Len Fairclough and Rita Littlewood had got married in April in the highest rated TV episode of the 1970s.

23rd August 1982 (Writer: Peter Whalley; Producers: Pauline Shaw and Bill Podmore)

When Glenda became of age, the 2232nd episode of Corrie was broadcast. This is what happened on the cobbles during that episode:

  • The Faircloughs move into the newly-built No. 7.
  • Eddie Yeats tells Hilda Ogden that his engagement to Marion Willis is off. She tells him she's certain that they'll reunite.
  • Mike Baldwin refuses to give Maggie Dunlop money to buy a shop unit. She gets money from Harry Redman instead. Mike is jealous of their relationship.
  • Craig Whitely moves into No. 9 with his granddad Chalkie. His drum playing upsets the Faircloughs next door.
In the following episode, Maggie tells Mike that she's pregnant with his baby.

This year was the calm before the storm. Within a year the show would lose many of its key characters but popularity-wise would be at its strongest. 

21st August 1985 (Writer: Julian Roach; Producer: Bill Podmore)

When Glenda celebrated her 21st birthday, it was on a Friday. The most recent Corrie was on the previous Wednesday. Here's what was happening:

  • Hilda Ogden tells Alf Roberts about what Les Pringle said about her broken roof. Alf inspects it and tells her her roof is fine. Alf confronts Pringle and tells him he doesn't want him to work on the conversion of the corner shop and throws him out. Hilda's thrilled she doesn't have to move out.
  • Terry Duckworth is fed up of having nothing and considers leaving the street.
  • Frank Mills and Bet Lynch predict that they'll be sleeping together soon.
The storm was now over and the show dedicated itself to its established characters instead of introducing new ones. The star players were mainly Bet, Ivy, the Duckworths, the Barlows and Alf.

24th August 1994 (Writer: Adele Rose; Producer: Carolyn Reynolds)

Glenda reached her 30th birthday in 1994. Her birthday was on a Tuesday and the following day, the 3742nd episode was broadcast. What was happening?

  • Deirdre Barlow prepares No. 1 for her boyfriend Samir Rachid. She is alarmed when he's held by immigration officers at Manchester airport. She has to admit that he's her lover and Samir is allowed into the country and Deirdre takes him home
  • Tanya Pooley gets the order from the tribunal. She tries to persuade Des Barnes to drop her from the case. Tanya finds comfort in Bet Gilroy's boyfriend Charlie Whelan.
  • Percy Sugden encourages Curly Watts to court Paula Maxwell.
  • Nicky Platt annoys the Platts by playing loud music.
Corrie was now being broadcast three times. The show was still blessed with long running characters, despite the exit of Hilda Ogden in 1987.

23rd August 2004 (1) (Writer: Jonathan Harvey; Producer: Tony Wood)

When Glenda reached her 40th birthday, it was on a Monday, so two episodes of Corrie were being broadcast, the 5829th and 5830th. Here's what happened in the first episode:

  • Jamie Baldwin is angry that Frankie is interfering in his relationship with Leanne. Jamie and Leanne reunite.
  • Steve and Karen McDonald go shopping. Karen's dad Malcolm later turns up to her shock.
  • Karl Foster tells Todd Grimshaw he's proud that he's come out as being gay. When Les has go at him, Todd stands up for himself.
  • Penny King and Mike Baldwin return from holiday.
  • Vera Duckworth tells Frankie that Hayley was a man to the Croppers' upset.
And this is what happened in the second episode, that was written by Mark Wadlow:

  • Karen is not interested in what her father has to say despite him telling her that her mum is dying. Karen pours her heart out to Steve about her difficult childhood.
  • Mike Baldwin is suspicious of Ciaran McCarthy's business dealings, fearing he's ripping Penny off. He's pleased when Ciaran is genuine.
  • Karl and Todd bid each other goodbye and Martin Platt warns Karl off the street.
  • The bowling team is in disarray after Hayley's exit and think of ideas. Eileen suggests Jack dress up as a woman.
  • Cilla Brown convinces Les to go on holiday with her, without Chesney.
Between 1994 and 2004, Corrie had seen a lot of changes. Five episodes were now being broadcast. The show had said goodbye to the likes of Bet, Derek and Mavis, Percy, Alec, Alf and Alma. Between 2002 and 2003, the nation was gripped by Hillmania. Despite the exits of popular characters, the show still had a strong cast with terrific comedy characters like Blanche, Norris and Fred.

22nd August 2014 (1) (Writer: Jonathan Harvey; Producer: Stuart Blackburn)

Glenda reached her 50th birthday today and so we look at the episodes that were broadcast the previous day, which were the 8453rd and 8454th episodes. This is what happened in the first episode:

  • Leanne Tilsley is angry that nobody sides with her that Nick is faking his seizures. Having had enough, she smashes up the bottles at the bistro.
  • Sophie Webster and Maddie Heath are babysitting Simon and Amy. A jealous Amy unties Eccles who goes missing. She is later found injured.
  • Peter Barlow begs Jim McDonald for more booze in the prison. In exchange, Jim wants Peter to ask Steve to visit him.
  • Steve and Lloyd think of pranks to play on Neil Beckett
And in the second episode:

  • Nick is backed into a corner of his seizures.
  • Carla Barlow is furious that Maddie has taken Eccles to the vet's in her car.
  • Peter phones Steve to visit Jim.
  • Steve and Lloyd are amused by their prank on Neil.
Corrie by now is nearing its 54th year. Since 2004, the show has lost some big characters like Mike Baldwin, Fred Elliott, the Duckworths, Betty and Blanche, but the show is still going strong!

Happy birthday Glenda!

With thanks to Corriepedia for the info.

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Defrost Indoors said...

What a wonderful way to mark the milestones! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLENDA and here's to your good health!

Ruth owen said...

How delicious to read this and what a way to track Glenda's life so far! Fabulous! Happy Birthday Glenda!


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