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Wednesday 17 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17 July 7.30pm

Man-eating Maria's ravenous appetite is still starving, so Emma sets her up on another internet date.
Will this lunchtime get-together fare any better for our favourite stylist?

Talking of romance, Eileen is easily bought by Jan's gift of flowers. With Seb sulking about Alina dumping him, Eileen hides her newest (dodgy builder) relationship from her lonesome lodger.

Sarah gifts the factory girls with their official share certificates and thoughts turn to sun-kissed holidays. Dreams are soon dashed though, as she tells the girls that if they want to rebuild the factory, they will need to invest their shares into some building work. The insurance won't be any time soon as the factory collapse and investigation is still ongoing (where is the report!?).

Speaking of which, Sarah's suspicions about Gary's involvement in the roof collapse has Adam's conscience pricked. With news of Nick's innocence reaching the solicitor, Adam decides to tell Imran his suspicions and Sarah questions Gary about the voicemail message. Adam decides it's time the police were called, yet surprisingly, Sarah still has her doubts.

Rocked by the sudden reappearance of Rick's lackey, Sharon, Gary spins her the same story he told Rick's daughter. However, murder is the least of his worries, as the police collect him from Coronation Street, to question him about the roof collapse.

Settling into Tyrone's, Roy is having a busman's holiday by making a fry up for Ty. However, Evelyn's backache has spoiled her appetite. Ed relays the news that the Roy's Rolls could be closed for weeks =, and Evelyn protests (perhaps a bit too much) about Roy staying any longer.

Meeting in the Rovers, the workers unite and discuss whether to stick or twist with their share options. As votes are counted, the majority agree to spend their cash on getting the factory re-built (no 'love island' for Beth or Kirk then). Also in the Rovers, Moira flirts outrageously with Jan, only for Eileen to finally tell the her that SHE is dating him... just as Seb walks in!

Out on her date, Maria's match appears to be a bit of a Mummy's boy who talks with a posh accent!.

I can't see this going well, can you?.

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Mrs Lynch said...

Moira and Evelyn carrying the show. Get rid of Iain Macleod please and get in proper writers.

CK said...

What is this sudden need for justice for Rick?? A girl has lost her father says Sharon...what about all the fathers Rick killed and maimed? Sharon told Rick that beating Gary to death is too much for her and left but she didn't call the police to prevent it.. argh! So frustrating

Freysimo said...

It seems the writers and producer can't decide whether to make Corrie a (bad) drama or (very bad) sitcom. The humour is forced and the few decent actors must be so embarrassed to have to speak their lines. Corrie needs a massive shake up from the head (yes, you Mr Producer) down. It plumbed new depths last night, painful to watch. I've been watching since the first episode and it's never been as bad as it is now. Shame on the whole production team for ruining my once favourite programme.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Moira was actually quite amusing last night but, as always, the Corrie writers made her go completely over the top. Simmering rather than boiling passion would have been much better. The pub scene looked like the actors were having more fun than the viewers. Re Sharon not calling the police, I thought the suggestion was that 'the passer-by' who spotted Gary and informed the police was actually Sharon. But perhaps I'm writing my own scripts.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can buy Sarah's lepeord print dress she had on in this episode

Laura said...

Can't believe Maria brought up Charlie Stubbs??!! That was over 12 years ago, well 12 since he was even on the show! How many men has she been through since then? The writers either forget everything in the past or they bring up stuff from ancient history!

Anonymous said...

Why the huge build-up for Gary's exit? Way better characters than him have left the show in a snap. Get rid of him and lets move on


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