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Monday 29 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 29th July

As we come to the end of another month, we're revisiting some old storylines. Tonight's theme is priorities. First up is Seb and Alina (Salina?). He rings her at the nail salon but Rotten Rachel puts the phone down, so mother and son form a plan whereby Abi distracts Rachel and Seb goes to see Alina, who seems to be living in a garden shed. He says he can get her another place, but Rachel subtly threatens Alina, saying things could be very difficult for her family if she gets into trouble here. Alina explains to Seb that Rachel and her husband Nikolai paid for her ticket and once she has paid off her debt she will be able to send money to her family. I suspect Alina's debt may have trebled like one of Rick/Gary's loans. Seb tells Alina he aint going nowhere and that he's there for her. He hides behind a bin and takes pics of the salon, eventually seeing Jan leaving. He tackles him, but Jan says he was just doing odd jobs.

But why does Seb have Fat Brenda's number in his phone?

Second is Robert and Vicky (Ricky?). Robert refuses to go over to Vicky's when Tyler rings to say she feels ill, so she rocks up at the Bistro, before having a funny turn. Robert takes advantage of Michelle and Alya catering another event to take her to hospital where they find out she has gallstones. Vicky begs Robert to come when she calls in future and he promises to do what she asks. Catch yourself on, Victoria, you're never going be his number one.

Thirdly, Posh Paula tries to make amends with Stroppy Sophie, apologising for putting Jack in STRANGER DANGER and explaining that she felt safe chez Webster. Sophie invites her back to live with them. Unforch, Kevin doesn't see it that way and tells her Jack has to come first, but eventually when it comes down to it, with a little help from Agony Uncle Tim, Kev prioritises his daughter's happiness and allows Paula to stay. What's happened to Posh Paula's posh daughter by the way? Is she going to come back from her travelling or is she a character now forgotten?

Fourthly, Jenny and Johnny complain that the pub isn't making enough money. I suppose it must be hard turning a profit when you're only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This coincides with Kate rocking in at 3.45 a.m. and making a mess of the kitchen by trying to fry an egg. At least she didn't try to make chips otherwise it could've been Rovers Fire #23. Jenny decides to kill two problems with one rock and suggests they charge Kate rent so that she'll have to get a job and some focus. Unfortunately, Princess Kate overhears, knocks back a shot of vodka and stomps off in a horrendous ruffled blouse to go boozing in town. Kate, it's 11 in the morning! Kate moans to our Soph who uses some of her Christianity on her and tells her to make it up with Jenny.

And finally, Gemini moves back in to number 5 and tells her mum that she needs to get on with Chutney Chesney and make some kind of gesture. This gesture is the gift of a wishing tree that apparently worked one Xmas when there was no money for presents and then Bernie got hold of some (from a "pools win" rather than Santa). Bernie has magically acquired this tree also, as one has gone missing from Victoria Gardens. Bernie claims that no-one can own a tree, but Chesney tells her to return it. Bernie reminds me a bit of when Jackie Dobbs moved to Chorlton-cum-Hardy and became a kind of scally hippy, i.e. is great.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Kate worked in the bistro?So why doesn't she just go back to work instead of sponging off Jenny and Johnny?

Humpty Dumpty said...

They have to write Sophie out somehow so might her temporary exit be a year at catering college? It was kind of hinted when Paula said she should be running her own restaurant. Talking of Paula, has she told Sally she didn't need to pay legal fees given that she was falsely accused? The fees would come out of the public purse.

dhvinyl said...

Always love Rachel’s reviews. Unlike others’, which are just synopses, you highlight the fun and the nonsense....and there’s plenty of the latter! Specially chuckled at the three-days-a-week Rovers.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thank you David!

coconno196 said...

Well, Kevin finally remembered that he lost a child (his baby son with Alison)!

Anonymous said...

How does the bistro stay in business? Robert seems to be the only person working in the kitchen, when he disappeared the other day did the waiting staff and customers not wonder why no food was appearing? That must be the most unrealistic kitchen on telly ever.

dhvinyl said...

How do any of the 'shops' stay in business, maybe apart from Roy and the Rovers?! There's no staff at Trim up North - well, there's Maria but she can't be in two places at once, and rarely any customers. Evelyn has been left in charge of the shop with no instructions from Dev on ordering or pricing, and I see (spoiler alert) she's going to be changing the prices to suit herself next week!. Yes, the Bistro is frequently staffless, as is the cabbie hovel, though Speed Dahl does all right. Is Mary is sole charge of ordering flowers now Tracy is driving cabs?And as for the Co-Op and Costa - we've never even seen inside and more people manage to buy cappuccino from Roy, who doesn't even have a machine! Where and when does Roy get all his stock..his cream horn fancies have to come in daily. And while we're on the subject of food, who is now in charge of Betty's hotpot? At least Sean knew how to make it. As with everything in Corrie, there are vastly more questions than answers. But that's how I like it - with no reason to shout at the screen what would be the point of watching!!


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