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Saturday 27 July 2019

Corrie weekly update – Bernie’s birthday suit and Freshco sausage rolls

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Chesney and Gemma are interviewed on Radio Weatherfield and Gemma’s mum Bernie hears that a crowdfunding page has been set up to raise cash for their quads. Within minutes, Bernie arrives hoping for a stash of cash and she almost gets it. Gemma wants to give her mum the money that’s been raised for the quads while Chesney puts his foot down. Bernie is as common as you’d hope she would be. She calls Chesney ‘Chutney’ and calls her kids Gemma and Paul by their real names of Gemini and Apollo. I always knew Gemma was really called Gemini but Apolllo was a new one on me. Anyway, Apollo, I mean Paul, isn’t happy to have his mum around and warns everyone about her lying, thieving ways. But Chutney, I mean, Chesney has more on his mind when he finds Bernie in the nuddy in his house - and she comes on to him too. 

Roy’s problems in the café escalate after his electrics go off and he’s forced to move in with Tyrone. Evelyn reckons Roy fancies her and isn’t best pleased to be sharing a house with him. That is, until she finds out that Roy’s been done over by Larry the electrician who’s done a bad job getting the electrics back on. She puts out ‘Wanted’ posters for people to avoid Larry and his dodgy work. Larry thinks the posters are Roy’s work and threatens him. Ed Bailey steps up and puts the electrics right and Roy moves back into his shop and his flat. But then he’s without staff, no Alex or Shona and complains bitterly about having to work alone, he’s rushed off his feet. Next scene we see him in, he’s taken the afternoon off to attend a concert somewhere and his car breaks down on the street. Hmm. I’m not convinced Roy would leave his precious café closed in the middle of the day. 

Anyway, Roy’s car breaking down is a cue for him to call Kevin who leaves Jack on his own in the house. Kev’s already had his house keys stolen, although he doesn’t know this. The thief gets into the house leaving Jack traumatized, but what is the intruder after? Turns out it’s solicitor Paula’s case notes that he was looking for. Paula’s moved in with Kev and Sophie after her own home is burgled. Sophie and Kevin aren’t best pleased when Paula tells them the thief was after her case notes. Which had been left casually lying in Kev’s kitchen, of course. Meanwhile, Sophie’s floaty tops get more floaty as the actress’ real-life pregnancy blooms. But the best bit of all in this storyline was Abi grabbing hold of the intruder and kneeing him in the, er, back yard. What a woman she is.

Gary goes to Rick’s house to try to plant evidence there to suggest that Rick was responsible for the roof collapse at the factory. But the cops are on to Gary, as is Sharon, Rick’s side-kick and Rick’s daughter too. The net is closing in on this most unlikely and unbelievable of villains. 

Maria goes on another disastrous date this week. She meets a guy in the Bistro who tells her he’s mourning his ex-girlfriend, who died. And the one before that passed away too, and the one before that. Maria gets out while she can, and runs into Ali’s arms. They flirt around each other all week before finally snogging by the sofa. Michelle, as you can imagine, isn’t happy with this pairing.  But then, she’s never happy at all.

Tracy and Liz discover Steve and Tim’s little secret about turning Tiny the horse into a unicorn, and Tracy comes down on Steve like a ton of bricks. She’s livid that he lied about getting his taxi licenses back. And so, to spite the fellas for lying to them about their unicorn parties, Liz, Tracy and Sally buy a hot tub and it takes pride of place in Sally’s back garden. Steve and Tim are astounded to find the women in the hot tub, bought with the unicorn profits. Best bit of all was when Michael Bailey surfaced from the bubbles. Good stuff. 

Elsewhere this week, in a ridiculous scene, Kirk had a rash on his bum.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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