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Monday 22 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 22nd July

First up, apologies for no review last Monday; my parents were visiting and they are Corrie refuseniks.

Gary is out of stir and back on the street and bumps straight into Imran who points out there is no evidence that Rick had anything to do with the factory roof collapse, so Gary goes about fabricating some. Unfortunately he is caught by Sharon in Rick's house planting an oily glove and she demands to know what's happening, so he tells her. Sharon is a curious priest but Gary confesses all to her, even the factory roof bit. Gary has it all worked out, saying he'll pay Kelly's school fees so she won't know her pops has carked it, and Sharon can go to the cops, telling them that Rick told her he sabotaged the roof, but then disappeared when the investigation hotted up. Sharon is not at all keen until Gary offers her £15K.

Back at the street Gary's taken off by Detective Inspector Choppy Bob and her newly silent partner, who's back on extra rates, it seems. Sharon has stepped up and corroborated Gary's story although D.I. bob is still not really convinced. Gary offers Shazza a job at his ethical loan shark company ("Helping people not hurting them" is their slogan, apparently), but she turns him down. He should recruit Evelyn! Gary has got away with it and has more money than ever before but at what cost? He is bullied out of the pub by the newly reunited Battersbys and looks like he's going to be isolated in his own community. He then threatens a poor punter who's short on his payment. For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?

Despite sinking a bottle of wine each "yesterday", neither Ali nor Maria have stinking hangovers. Ah, the flush of youth. Does anyone think Maria actually looks younger than Dr Ali? She says she can't meet him for lunch because she has another date. This one is allergic to dogs and is estranged from his mum. Unfortunately, he is also is an inadvertent serial killer, his last three girlfriends, all of whose names ended with an A, having died in tragic circumstances. Maria does a runner before she too can die in a terrible toaster accident and runs straight bang into - guess who? Ali of course. She goes head over heels, injuring her foot, which Ali puts on ice for her, but then goes off in a strop because...he's hungover?

Evelyn has put up posters of Larry the Leccie cowboy, slandering him and his dodgy wiring. She also phones a talk radio show to complain about him. Larry is not amused and threatens Roy until Mary, helping out in the caff, attacks him with a mop. Go Mary, go! Later, Edison visits Roy to tell him the deposit on doing proper re-wiring at the cafe has been paid, but he can't tell him who by. I thought Evelyn was broke? She owes Tyrone for bailing her out of French gaol, non?

Gemma is wearing a wig to deceive the corner shop customers so they won't dob her in to Chesney; this works for about 8 minutes, then Emma accidentally tells Ches where she is. He tells her off and she says she is working a third job because Chesney won't let her sell her story to the press and she doesn't want to divide the house into tiny pod-spaces. Jenny encourages Ches to make some dough off the back of the unborn quads and Chesney sets up a crowd-funding page for them, and Yasmeen arranges for he and Gemma agree to go on a radio show, so Gemma's days of humping toilet rolls are over.

Jack is having a day off school (really? Have the adorable little noise-monsters not broken up yet in Weatherfield?) to get fitted for a sports blade. Paralympics 2024? He tells Posh Paula all about it; she is there because she's been broken into again and is visibly upset. Is this to do with Jan and his merry band of people traffickers-cum-valium-dealers? Anyway, burglary is an aphrodisiac as Paula and Sophie spend the night together.

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