Friday, 19 July 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 19 July

Friday 19th July (hour-long episode)

GARY CONFESSES TO HIS VERSION OF THE TRUTH As Kate and Gary stare at the factory, Imran reveals he knows that Gary is now a suspect. Gary protests his innocence meanwhile Kelly approaches Faye looking for Gary. Gary assures Faye that he knows nothing about where Rick is or the roof collapse and Faye believes him. In the Rovers, Peter lunges at Gary, blaming him for destroying both Kate and Carla’s lives. Burdened with guilt, Gary calls at the solicitors’ office and tells Imran that he’s responsible for Rana’s death.
IT’S A DOG’S LIFE FOR MARIA Maria meets up with Rex, her internet date, in the bistro. However when Rex shows her some photos revealing that he likes to dress as a dog, she’s taken aback. When Ali suggests they might like a doggy bag for their leftover food, Rex storms out. Maria’s mortified whilst Ali is bemused. Armed with a bottle of wine and an apology, Ali heads to Maria’s flat and the attraction is soon evident. Having finished the bottle, Ali leans in for a kiss and Maria kisses him back
BETH CAN’T SHARE WITH OTHERS Beth puts pressure on Sean to find the money for her shares or she sells them to Paul. Kirk lets slip Beth’s plans to Sally who is furious. Sally confronts Beth who suggests Sally she make her an offer. Kirk’s appalled when Beth tries to auction off her shares. A meeting is called and the factory workers tell Beth they’ve agreed to buy her shares and divide them fairly amongst themselves. Beth begrudgingly accepts.
ELSEWHERE Evelyn accuses Larry of doing a botch job of the cafe wiring and trying to fleece Roy. However Roy refuses to back her up leaving Evelyn frustrated. Chesney shows Gemma his plans to extend No.5 ahead of the babies’ births but Gemma’s convinced the house will still be too small. Desperate for more money, Gemma persuades Evelyn to give her some shifts at the shop but makes her promise to keep it a secret from Chesney. Evelyn returns home and confirms that she’s sorted out Larry the electrician. Roy worries that she’s done something foolish.

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Bobby Dazzler said...

So when Ches pops in for a pint of milk, he won't recognize Gemma in a wig? C'mon....this is not the level of quality that we expect from Corrie. While I am sure Dolly Rose is a lovely girl, she is a terrible actress. Ridiculous really.

Freysimo said...

Quality? Corrie? Not nowadays. I expect the poor actress playing Gemma is directed to act like an idiot, feel sorry for her. Where can her career go now? Since Corrie has gone to six days a week, the acting has gone downhill, maybe due to time constraints. The quality of the bit players is dreadful. Surely there must be loads of out of work actors out there?!

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