Saturday, 20 July 2019

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 373

It's time for another dose of Conversation Street, and in this episode, we're chatting about the week of the 15th - 19th July. We all know that unlikely coincidences are often the backbone of soap plot progression, but this week, Corrie seemed to be playing that particular card a bit too freely. Whether it's Paula turning out to know Jan, Sarah jumping to the correct conclusion about the circumstances surrounding the factory sabotage, or, this week's biggest stretch of the imagination, Beth happening to drop exactly the evidence that Nick needs to prove his innocence right at his feet, we've certainly seen better weeks where story progression is concerned. Fortunately, there were some great comedic moments that kept us smiling, from the hilarious scenes between Roy and Evelyn to Maria's string of disastrous dates. After Street Talk, we tackle some of your listener questions, including which three Corrie characters we'd each want to be stuck on a desert island with - something that's not necessarily as easy to decide as you might think! That's followed by a couple of tabloid rumours in The Kabin, a selection of your comments in the listener feedback section, and finally, our thoughts on some spoilery casting news that broke on Friday in a Kabin Extra.

Street Talk - 00:11:53
Listener Questions - 01:45:40
The Kabin - 02:41:16
Feedback - 02:49:05
Kabin Extra - 03:04:53

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