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Thursday 25 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 24 July 7.30pm

Gary's descent into becoming Rick Neelan (version 2) continues tonight as his loan shark empire is quickly growing. Reluctant to take a sofa as payment from a customer, Windass isn't best pleased but is happy to take the guy's huge van instead.

Ready for their debut on Radio Weatherfield, Gemma and Chesney meet presenter Jane Beswick, to record the 'vox pops'  inside No. 5. Rousing the listeners into raising funds for the couple, the presenter insinuates that Chesney and Gemma are a couple, which neither of them denies.

Later on, the radio station tries to run a twitter hashtag to encourage a proposal from Chesney, with 90% of listeners thinking he should pop the question! Although recently reluctant, this spurs Chesney on in finally admitting his feelings for Gemma.

Round at Kevin's, Paula has spent the night with Sophie, avoiding her own home due to the multiple break-ins, which is really riling Kevin. Sophie remains defiant in spite of her dad's disgust, and tells him she's keeping Paula in her life, regardless of what he thinks.

Tracy's taxi driving tenure is starting to wear thin and Steve is still hiding the fact that he's actually got his licence back.

At the Rovers,  Kirk's got a bum rash! (I thought that was Beth!) and asks Aggie Bailey for advice. Meanwhile, Alya and Ryan look to play cupid for Maria and Ali, and Jenny continues to tap the pub customers to pay for the quads (charming!). Even Michelle has chipped in with cash from the Bistro (surprising!).

Ruffled by the radio listeners demanding he marries Gemma, Chesney finally admits his undying love for Gemma, only to be interrupted by the arrival Gemma's mum.

Having been set up at Speed Daal, Maria and Ali appear to be enjoying their date, until Michelle turns up to put the dampeners on it. Michelle airs her grievances to Maria, and suggest's she's after rinsing him, (for cash, not a hair cut).

Steve and Tim set off to attend a party with Tiny, and end-up bumping into Robert, who's sharing a drink with Vicky. Robert is quick to dispel any suspicion and tells the lads to keep it on the down-low, as long as he doesn't mention seeing them with the horse.

Back on the street, it seems Gary has suddenly acquired a lot of merchandise from his loan deals and looks to be storing it at Kev's garage. With a pile of furniture, Kev suggests Gary opens up a furniture store, which gives Gary a new business idea.

Returning from their trip with Tiny, Steve and Tim try and tell Tracy that they've been to the gym, and Robert is quick to cover for them. I think we know who the common denominator is in this little duplicitous deal.

Asking her Mum if she can move in with her, Bernie admits to Gemma that she's about to lose her home and needs some quick cash. After confiding in Kirk, Chesney finally seems ready to admit his true feelings to Gemma, but is aghast when he catches her lending the quad funds to her mum.

Will Gemma and Chesney finally get it together, or will Bernie cause them more problems?

Be back here later for my 8.30 episode review, to find out.

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Anonymous said...

Brooke Vincent didn't look pregnant at all in that massive shirt did she?!

Anonymous said...

Imagine your new neighbour coming up to you and saying 'my bum has got a rash, would you mind taking a look?'

I've defended this show even in its nadir but it's clear that Iain Macleod and his team aren't fit to make Corrie great again.

We do NOT want dumbed down comedy.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Rover's regulars were very generous with their money, there were loads of £20 notes in the quads collection bucket. Not realistic for ordinary folk.

abbyk said...

“airs her grievances” ha ha ha!!!

coconno196 said...

Quite honestly, I don't see why the neighbours, and complete strangers via the radio, should cough up for the quads. It's Gemma and Chesney's responsibility. In spite of pleading poverty, they always have enough money for the pub and café.

Anonymous said...

What is she supposed to do to hide it?

Anonymous said...

That was my point. Wearing such a really oversized shirt just drew attention to it.


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