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Friday 12 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 12 July

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s the day of Nick and David’s court hearing and in the caf√© Shona tells Audrey that she’s feeling positive as David has told her that Nick has decided to tell the truth. Little does she know that Lady Macbattersby has been whispering in Nick’s ear telling him to save his own skin. Yes viewers, this is the same Leanne who’s always nagging Peter about setting a bad example for Simon. Nick takes the stand and blames David for everything. He gives the court a sob story about his brain injury and says that David knew his judgment was impaired and manipulated him. Imran and the prosecution barrister give him a grilling, but he looks quite convincing.

When it’s David’s turn to take the stand, he tells the court that he went along with Nick’s dastardly plan out of anger at his Gran and a desire to provide for his kids. He realised it was wrong though and so signed the barbers over to Audrey. Who will the judge believe?

Back on the Street Daniel has booked a holiday for him and Sinead in the Scottish borders. They’re going immediately because they both have pots of money and Daniel doesn’t have to arrange any time off work or book anything…oh wait. It all falls through when mid-packing Sinead gets a large order for beard oil which she has to fulfil. Instead Daniel proposes again and tells her they should get married properly, by which I assume he means in a registry office rather than a chilly corner of a garden, and officiated by someone who’s legally certified rather than Kirk dressed as a Sith Lord. 

Over at No. 11 Seb the Incredible Sulk is moping around making Eileen’s living room look untidy, because Alina has told him she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Eileen advises him that faint heart never won fair lady, but Jan tells him he should leave her be. When he goes back to the nail bar, he’s told by Alina’s sinister looking boss that she’s just upped and left the salon. It all sounds very dodgy. Talking of dodgy, Jan uses Seb’s absence to make a move on Eileen. She initially rejects him telling him she’s not ready for a relationship after what happened with Pat but changes her mind after some romantic advice from Liz which more or less goes: ‘go on snog him, he’s definitely NOT a psychopath’. People smuggler and modern slave master maybe, but not a psychopath.

Back at the court the judge has decided that it was David who orchestrated the theft of the money. She’s about to pass sentence when Nick’s conscience finally reappears, and he stands up and tells the court that he lied. The judge seems to be pretty miffed about getting it all so wrong and David gets sentenced to four months in prison while Nick gets a two-year suspended sentence. So Nick walks free while David is taken down to the cells.

As Nick arrives back on the Street, he immediately encounters a furious Sarah. When he insults her by calling her a silly little girl, she tells Adam that she’s going to ‘finish him’. As a fan of Mortal Kombat I’m sort of hoping this means she’s going to use some kind of special move to rip out his rib cage and flay all his skin off, but it’s probably more likely to just mean some dodgy scheme of Adam’s. Still, you can’t have everything. 

Nick goes to the barbers where he finds Audrey and tells her he will do everything he can to repair the damage he’s done. Audrey seems to be coming around when Noob Saibot Sarah bursts in and tells him that she’s had Adam draw up the paperwork to have him removed as a director of Underworld on the grounds that his brain injury means that he’s unfit. When he asks her why she’s doing it she tells him he needs to be punished.

And that's it for this week, do you think Nick's punishment fits his crime and how likely is it that Gail returns from Thailand with a new husband? Tell me what yo think in the comments or catch me on twitter @mskelstar.

Back in a fortnight...

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dhvinyl said...

Never mind Nick’s punishment, I’m more interested in how and where Sinead finds the time, space and money (and bottles!) to make large quantities of beard oil! And as she’s being killed off before long, is it worth it?

Louby said...

I wish Nick had been given a custodial sentence so we wouldn't have to see him for a while. This storyline has become so tedious that I stopped caring about it ages ago.

Gail with a new man would be good, although it would be like Deirdre and Samir.

Also, what David said above! Apart from beard oil manufacturing, how do three adults and a baby, and all the stuff that babies need fit into that tiny flat?!

Anonymous said...

And when did Sinead start doing beard oil? She’s only just recovering from cancer and before that she was making and altering vintage clothing. Perhaps if Daniel turned up for work occasionally they might not need the money as much? Or get a better job outside Weatherfield *twilight zone music*.
I’m still amazed by how many different candles (four??) Dev’s shop has!

dhvinyl said...

Yes...all those candles and they all seemed pretty business-like to me, rather than for candlelit suppers!! Maybe Coronation Street is still on slot meters? Or maybe Maureen Lipman has quickly put her own slant on stock control. I worry that the L plates are still on the wall next to the door - they've been there almost as long as the CD's in the Kabin.

coconno196 said...

Why on earth didn't Roy get more quotes for the electricity job? He may not be as cynical as Evelyn, but he's intelligent enough not to take a complete stranger at his word.

dhvinyl said...

I agree - Roy is one of only a very few characters with at least a grain of a brain. Still, I can’t wait for him and Maureen Lipman’s character to be living under the same roof for a while. I sense the writing team knows her late husband was a superb tv writer and up their game for her. Long May she last on the cobbles.

popcorn said...

Seb, the Incredible Sulk! You had me laughing for ages!

Anonymous said...

Thanks David, I try to avoid spoilers so telling me Sinead will die did not make me happy.


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