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Sunday 28 July 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 18th January 1993

Tracy was beginning the downward slide that would climax with her clubbing Charlie about the skull.  She was listening to the Happy Mondays at top volume with her mate Debbie and, most shockingly, drinking Heineken.  Deirdre was at her wits end and lashed out at Maggie for ruining things.  Lisa got a letter from Terry, but it was delivered to number 9, so obviously Vera tore it open.  He was asking for another chance but Lisa wasn't interested.  Des promised they'd make a new start somewhere else.  Sally continued to campaign against the traffic in the Street.  Alf wouldn't help, so she went to Derek and asked him to get her an appointment with the obnoxious Harry Potts.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd January 1993

Raquel handed out free drinks tickets to a new club.  (That must've thrilled Bet).  Because he was skint, Doug took Denise there, but she was horrified by all the teenagers and left him to it.  Also in the club was Tracy, absolutely hammered on cheap lager, and she collapsed on Doug.  He took her home.  Next morning, a hungover Tracy blamed her drunkenness on Doug and said he'd plied her with drinks.  He denied it to Deirdre and she believed him.  She made Tracy apologise.  Percy volunteered to help Sally with her crusade, sitting on the pavement and counting cars, with Phyllis forcing herself on him as company.  He also helped Sally when Councillor Potts tried to take over her interview with the Gazette.  Mark approached Alma in the cafe and she realised the cat was out the bag.  She told Mike that Mark knew who his real dad was and he was ecstatic.  He went to see Maggie, but she refused to do any kind of deal with him, and when Mark saw how upset she was he told Baldwin to leave them alone.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 25th and 27th January 1993

Doug was in need of a favour.  He'd received a cheque for £2000 from a mate, but if he cashed it, the receivers would get their hands on it.  He asked Kevin, Deirdre and Denise for help, but they all refused as it was illegal.  His saviour was Tracy, who offered to put it through her savings account.  He didn't realise that she fancied him.  (Why does everyone fancy Doug, by the way?  He looks like a dried out tea bag and is incredibly charmless).  Mark had a heart to heart with Maggie, and she told him about her relationship with Mike and how he was all charm and no substance.  Emboldened, Mark went to see him at the garage.  They nervously connected over a Coke.  (Kevin later told Sally that Baldwin had a love child, and she told him if he ever did that to her, she'd cut off his essentials.  Between that and Deirdre giving Tracy a lecture on the dangers of taking drugs it was all quite amusing for a 21st century viewer). Des put his house up for sale, upsetting both Vera and Phyllis.  And Sally appeared in the paper, though she was displeased to see Harry Potts, Percy and Phyllis in the shot with her.  She thought it made her look daft.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th January and 1st February 1993

Curly was feeling put out because Neil the Hot Builder kept nipping round and whisking Angie off to the pub.  He claimed it was because he was concerned she wasn't getting her work done, but it was obvious he had ulterior motives.  The news that Mike had a son whizzed round the Street.  Some people were shocked but Phyllis took it in her stride - "if you fire that many bullets you're bound to hit the target sometime."  Maggie decided that if Mark wanted Mike in his life they'd have to formalise it and she began negotiations for access.  Mark interrupted them and asked if he could have a say in his own future.  Meanwhile Alma and Ken drowned their sorrows in the pub.  Tracy paid Doug's cheque into her account, then when he turned up to take Deirdre out, she waved them off with her building society book in her hand, the scheming minx.  Sally was disheartened that her traffic campaign was going nowhere, with Harry Potts doing nothing and Alf refusing to help.  She took direct action.  When Alf left his keys in his car she moved it so that it was parked across the road, pointing out that if there was no traffic problem it wouldn't cause any hassle.  Of course there was immediately a massive jam, with aggravated drivers shouting and Kevin and Steve refusing to break into the car to move it.  Eventually the police arrived, smashed the window with a truncheon then carted Alf to the police station for obstructing a public highway.  He was released with a warning but everyone in the pub finding it very amusing (Jack: "You didn't see our Terry while you was inside, did you?").  It was all great fun.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th February 1993

After her night out with Neil, Angie was stressed and behind on her design for Mike.  Curly phoned in sick for her, but it wasn't enough, and she had to let Baldwin down.  He lost his temper with her and when she returned home, Curly admitted he loved her.  Angie didn't have time for any of it.  The Barlows' love lives were getting held back by wayward kids, with Tracy flirting with Doug behind Deirdre's back and Mark's improving relationship with Mike making Ken bitter and jealous.  The residents were laughing at Alf for getting taken away by the police, so he dragged Harry Potts over to talk to Sally.  Fired up, she gave him a week to sort out the traffic problem, then called a council of war with Emily and Percy.  Lisa tried to volunteer her services but Percy turned her away because she was a fallen woman or some such nonsense.  Maybe if he'd let her join we wouldn't have got the upcoming tragedy...

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Sophie Bird said...

I thought Deirdre's hair towel looked peculiar. Doesn't everyone twist their towel into a turban?

Anonymous said...

It was that awful pink outfit that she seemed to wear all week that I noticed more.

Louby said...

Dried out tea bag, love it. I agree, no redeeming qualities at all.

Even knowing how things developed, it's really hard to see how Curly became so obsessed with Raquel when he'd been in love with Angie, a strong character with a brain!


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