Friday, 26 July 2019

Gemini, Apollo and Adam's really big hair

Much is being made all over th'internet this week about Gemma's "real name" of Gemini. The tabloids are saying that Gemma's secret name has just been revealed.

Not exactly.

She's always been called Gemini, as anyone who's looked at her official profile on the ITV Coronation Street website will know.

But Apollo for Paul? Well, that was new to me and I like it a lot. Apollo isn't listed on the ITV official website as Paul's real name so I wonder if it's an affectation of Bernie's to call him that or if it's his real name? 

And in other news this week, Sam Robertson went au naturel with his hairdo when he was snapped by the paparazzi out for drinks in the sun with Mikey North, who plays Gary Windass. 

Now, that is some serious hair.

Glenda Young

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Anonymous said...

Looks like he's got a part in the musical Hair!
He looked so much nicer with short hair.

abbyk said...

The Sixties came and went, where were you?

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