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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 31 July

Wednesday 31st July

TRACY’S ON THE SCENT OF VICKY AND BOB Robert’s horrified to realise Tyler’s awards ceremony is the same function that Michelle and Alya are catering for. In a bid to keep her away from Michelle, Robert advises Vicky to give the awards a miss and look after her health. But as they serve canapes, Robert’s shocked to see Vicky and Tyler across the room. Covering his panic, Robert grabs Vicky and encourages her to go home for the sake of the baby. As he steers her out of the hotel, Robert gives Vicky a protective hug. Tracy spots this and demands to know what’s going on. Is the game up?
JENNY RUBS KATE UP THE WRONG WAY In a bid to bolster their profits, Jenny mulls over the idea of converting the Rovers into a B&B. Ed agrees to draw up some plans and give her a quote. Kate meets up with Imogen. When Imogen reveals her plans to travel the world, Kate’s envious and Imogen suggests she should come with her. Jenny’s incensed when Kate asks her dad for £3k to fund the trip. ABI AND KEVIN NEED ONE ANOTHER Abi starts her new job at a rival garage but when she drops a car bonnet on the boss’ hand, he fires her.
ELSEWHERE Seb calls at the nail salon and tells Rachel he knows her game and he’s watching her. Rachel tells Jan that Seb’s been in the salon making threats. Furious Rachel calls her husband and instructs him to deal with Seb. Claudia thanks Ken for allowing her to move into No.1 until her flat is ready. Claudia encourages Ken to have a clear out at No.1 which enrages Tracy.

Wednesday 31st July

ROBERT KEEPS HIS WORLDS APART Ray offers a stunned Michelle the role of Events Manager across his whole chain, Alya’s not happy. At Vicky’s house she admits to Robert that she’s lonely and he finds himself agreeing to stay over occasionally. When Michelle tells Robert about Ray’s job offer, he realises it’ll give him some breathing space and urges her to go for it. Robert then lies to Michelle and tells her he’s been offered a mentoring role overseeing chefs in a Young Offenders’ Unit but it’ll mean the odd night away. 
JENNY IS A WICKED STEPMOTHER When Jenny reveals her plans to convert the pub into a B&B, Johnny’s worried about the cost. Kate reveals she intends to return to work at the bistro then she can fund her own trip. Jenny’s delighted but when she jokes to Tracy that she’s finally getting rid of her stepdaughter, Kate’s hurt.
KEVIN AND TYRONE PLAY ABI AT HER OWN GAME Abi calls at the garage and offers to help. Kevin and Tyrone enjoy winding her up, aware she’s been fired from her new job. Kevin chucks overalls at Abi and tells her if she can keep her fists under control, she’s got her job back. Abi’s thrilled.
ELSEWHERE As part of her decluttering programme, Claudia insists Ken sort his book collection.

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