Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Jane Hazlegrove reveals all about playing Gemma's mum

What is Bernie like?

She’s not very maternal, I think you could guess that from the way Gemma and Paul have turned out and they left home as soon as they could! For her parenting got in the way of her having a good time she loved her kids but they weren’t her priority and feeding and caring for them would always have been a bit of an after thought.

She sounds very different to Dixie the character you played in Casualty 

They are very different - Bernie has no morals and Dixie took life and her job very seriously. Bernie is an opportunist and she has no sense of consequence. She is very funny though, i can’t wait to get the scripts each week and see what she is up to!

What is her relationship like with Gemma and Paul?

She is closer to Gemma than Paul as Gemma lived with her. But I think that Gemma was the more mature one in the relationship and was probably the one looking after Gemma not the other way around. Which is ironic as Bernie says she is there to help Gemma with the kids!

Did you know any of the cast before you started?

I played Sue Clayton in 1985 so I did work with Barbara Knox. I had another scene with her recently and she remembered me which was lovely. I am really good friends with Sally Dynevor so I would love to work with her.

How did you get the part of Bernie?

I actually auditioned for another role a while ago but didn’t get it but they did say they had a role coming up that would suit me. I didn’t really think about that though until the all came in and I can see why they thought of me for Bernie - I do look quite like Dolly and with the clothes and make-up we really do look like mother and daughter.

Who are you enjoying working with?

Well obviously Dolly and Sam but I was also thrilled to have some scenes with Maureen Lipman especially as Evelyn and Bernie do not see eye to eye at all. We had such fun doing the scenes, Maureen is a legend.


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