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Saturday 20 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 19 July 2019

Good evening.  We open tonight with killer Gary Windass comforting Kate Connor (above) as the building work commences on putting the factory to rights and for once the master builder is not part of the team!  He says he thinks about Rana often, I assume she is giving him nightmares.  Imran is telling people that Gary was responsible and Peter gives Gary a rough time when their paths cross in the Rovers.  Gary's problems increase when Kelly catches up with Faye who passes on that Kelly does not believe that Gary does not know where her father (Rick Neelan) is lying low.  Gary tries to blame his behaviour on the split with Sarah but can feel the net closing.  He goes to Imran and  explains how he got into debt and that Rick Neelan sabotaged the factory roof to damage Gary's reputation.  Imran insists that Gary tell the story to the police - but they don't believe it either and are of the opinion that Gary was responsible so that he could get the repair job to repay Rick Neelan.  Imran and Toyah realise that they have some bridges to build with Leanne and Nick.

Beth wants to offload her shares for a trip to Love Island (Majorca) to either Sean or Paul.  Kirk is against it as it setting members of the team against each other.  Sally gets Kirk to admit what game Beth is orchestrating.  Sally calls a meeting and it is agreed that the employees will buy Beth's shares at face value and will split them equally.

Evelyn and Roy spar throughout the episode - she is making her antagonism clear.  She is also trying to get him to be more assertive in getting his electrics fixed (any decent cafe owner would have an electrician on speed dahl - whoops dial - as no electrics means no income so the story does not hold water).  Evelyn watches Roy iron and acknowledges he is good - one of the skills passed down from his mother.  Evelyn then encourages him to take more positive action.  The electrician is summoned but Roy's inability to use the video camera on a smart phone means that it does not work as planned.  Roy seeks to make amends by walking Cerberus and Evelyn tells him she has sorted the electrician (Larry).

Chesney and Gemma are taking different approaches to preparing for the quads - Gemma has found a five bedroom house which is cheap, apparently because someone was murdered there - which led to the odd response from Chesney (above).  In his current house John Stape attacked Charlotte Hoyle and later dumped her on the tram tracks after the crash and turned off her life support in hospital where she died.  Chesney has his own plans - an extension in the yard and a partition in the main room.  The rooms will be smaller than rabbit hutches.  Gemma tries to get extra pub shifts and fails but Evelyn takes pity on her and offers her some shifts in Dev's shop, with no heavy lifting.

Ali's love life has not been going well - there was the married radiographer who asked him out!  Maria has another date, Rex, lined up in the Bistro.  It starts well but goes downhill when she finds that he is wearing a dog collar (and I do NOT mean a collar like Billy's) and has pictures on his phone where he is dressed up as a dog plus he has a basket to curl up in.  She retires home and Michelle feeling sorry for her sends Ali and a bottle of white wine to cheer her up.  Maria and Ali chat, dance, kiss and then Maria recalls the stick Ali got for sleeping with Carla and does not want to upset Michelle (above).  Ali departs before the mark has been overstepped.  I am not convinced that is the end of the matter.

That's that for this week.  Ms Kelstar is here for the next two weeks whilst I am floating around Europe.  I can but hope that by the time I return Gary Windass will have taken up permanent residence in the cell which David is currently occupying.

Writers were Cameron McAllister and Steven Fay, Director was Tim Finn


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Mrs Lynch said...

Sadly don't see Maria and Ali lasting. Not if MissHell has her ways. It's too close to home and I sense the writers paired them together because they need storylines.

I'm bored of Gary's antics. Why is he allowed to get away with lying to the police? Is he ever going to atone for his crimes? Sick of his sighs and the constant need to look up at the sky like his script is up there.

Not going to bother with the prodigal Gemma.

Can't wait for Iain MacLeod to do one, the show is sinking and the episodes on ITV3 really are showing the writers up. So many lovely characters compared to the nasty harridans and gormless lot we see today. And 1993 is hardly a classic year for the show!!

Anonymous said...

Is there any house on Coronation Street untouched by murder?

Sue said...

The factory roof saga has been going on so long I've lost the plot. Did Nick pay Gary to sabotage the roof or have I just made that up? Was the Health and Safety report that the lovely Wayne was working on and everybody was so keen to get their hands ever revealed?
Any answers gratefully received.

popcorn said...

Sue's comment about "the lovely Wayne" has made me miss him again. I do hope Corrie has the wisdom to bring him back.

Abercrombie said...

Wayne was lovely, such an authentic and kind character with a firmness when needed. He had integrity. Badly needed in Corrie.


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