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Saturday 20 July 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 19 July 2019

Good evening.  You know how some women like to carry out a detailed assessment of other women (particularly) by looking them all the way down and then all the way up.  Well tonight Evelyn did just that to Paula.  I have said before that this column is almost defined by Maureen Lipman and Alexandra Mardell and so this scene with them both appearing was almost too much - but this sly piece of assessment cannot go unremarked.

Nice to know that alongside Betty's hotpot and the secret ingredient the team have not forgotten Dreary and her marrow surprise (the surprise was that it was actually edible).  I thought that since Ken went vegetarian when he came back from exile, sorry Canada, he might have managed to improve the recipe to something people actually wanted to eat!

Eileen does not have much luck with men (and we already know that the latest hunk is not exactly being generous with the truth) but when Moira puts her hands on Jan, Eileen (who has just told Moira that they are going slowly) rushes from the booth to put herself between her man and the man eater.  She had to admit to Moira that there might be more to it than she admitted!  Ellen Taylor wrote both Wednesday episodes and she developed a couple of characters from nothing to me wanting to see them return in minutes.

First up was Ben who was on a first date with Maria.  His mother, Trish, phoned to check progress (and just how common Maria might be) and then arrived in the Rovers to vet Maria personally to save inviting her for tea.  She explains to Maria (above) that Ben does everything his mother tells him to do.  Maria decides that two for the price of one is unacceptable and departs.  However Moira has already spotted that there is talent available and moves in on son and mother to discuss musical theatre - which Trish enjoys greatly and tells Ben that this one is definitely worth coming to tea.  Ben departs repeating the line Maria had used earlier to leave the date!  Superbly put together in two episodes.  Ellen Taylor is the daughter of a Street director so the force obviously runs strong in the bloodline!

Roy is a few months younger than my good self.  I agree with Roy - a strongly worded letter of complaint is the fall back of our generation.  However I have also had some notable success (not with electricians I admit) with Twitter which if rightly worded and carefully addressed has had some significant success in getting piles of rubbish cleared from Guildford station amongst other well won battles!

Maria spotted her second date's studded collar and assumed he was into a little bit of punk.  Mobile phone photos we are not allowed to see have been a recurrent theme in this story line and we soon gather that he does not dress as a punk- more like a puppy!  This soon brings this encounter to an end!  Better luck next time around Maria.

Extras at Work

Watching this scene in the Community Centre as Sarah announces that bonuses are not on - they can have some bacon butties but she is spending the cash on the factory repairs - my wife asked who that was in between Kirk and Sean and I could proudly respond Dirk - and that he has been at the factory for some time - she obviously forgot his appearance in the Rovers where he was handing out drinks entirely silently as usual!  I wonder if Beth thought about offering her shares to him and what his response was?

I will not be here for the next couple of weeks as I am going to be cruising the Rhine and the Moselle and seeing various parts of Europe. 

Writers: Ella Greenhill & Mark Burt (Monday); Ellen Taylor (Wednesday); Cameron McAllister & Steven Fay (Friday)
Directors: Ian Bevitt (Monday & Wednesday); Tim Finn (Friday)


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