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Saturday 20 July 2019

Corrie weekly update – July 20 2019

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Gary’s taken in for questioning again as the net closes around him. Rick’s daughter is asking questions. Rick’s business partner Sharon wants to know what’s going on. Sarah’s demanding to know why Gary didn’t return her phone and won’t tell her what he said in his voicemail confession. And then there’s Imran and Adam circling like sharks in suits, wanting to catch the person who killed Rana. Gary lies to the cops and tells them it was Rick Neelan who sabotaged the roof. But the woman from Weatherfield CID isn’t convinced by Gary’s change of tack. She’s got her beady eye on Gaz.

Gemma and Chesney prepare for the arrival of their quads. Chesney’s got some ideas for improving the house and extending it. Gemma wants to move to a big house she’s seen advertised for sale in the paper. Chesney wonders why it’s so cheap and Gemma says it’s because there was a murder there. “I wouldn’t want to live in a house where there’s been a murder,” Chesney says. Sadly, the scriptwriters forget that Chesney’s sister Fiz’s husband John Stape killed Charlotte Hoyle in the house where Chesney now lives. I hate it when they forget things like that. Yes, my anorak’s back on.  

At Roy’s Rolls the electricity goes off and Roy and Carla are forced to move out. Carla moves into No.1 with Peter and Ken while Roy moves in with Tyrone and Evelyn. Cue some wonderful scenes with the magnificent Maureen Lipman as Maureen trying to belittle Roy, and Roy not standing for it. It’s a good set-up with these two at each other’s throats which means only one thing in soap, of course, they’ll be best mates by this time next week.

Now that Eileen and Jan are a couple, Liz tells Eileen to Google Jan to see what she can find out. Now then, Weatherfield has its own search engine – Voggle. It’s been much mentioned before. I wonder why they’ve changed it now? Anyway, that’s me with my anorak on. What Eileen discovers is that Jan was involved in drug dealing Valium and has a police record. What she doesn’t know is that he’s up to more shady business, taking secret phone calls in the yard at No. 11 and visiting Seb’s reluctant girlfriend Alina in the nail salon. So is Jan a good guy or bad one? I’d love to think the former. But then why does solicitor Paula look uncomfortable when she passes Jan in the street? All will be revealed very soon.

Maria has a couple of disastrous dates this week when she meets mummy’s boy Ben in the Rovers and dog-fetish Rex in the Bistro. The dates are a build-up to the real date of the week which is Maria snogging the lips off Dr. Ali. What Michelle will have to say when she finds out is anyone’s guess. Let’s just recap a minute, aren’t Maria and Ali sort of related? Well, Ali Neeson is Michelle’s biological son. And Liam, Michelle’s dead brother, was married to Maria. So if you add a carrot, count to ten and touch your nose you might conclude that Maria and Dr Ali getting together is a bit icky. But they’re not blood related, so it all should be fine. I think.

Over at Underworld, Beth tries to sell her shares to the highest bidder. She wants to go to love island. Love Island is an ITV television programme. Beth likes love island. She wants to holiday on love island. In fact, she mentions love island so many times, you wonder why ITV don’t just ship the whole bleeding lot of factory workers to love island and have done with it in this rather crass cross-promotion. Anyway, all Beth’s actions do is cause Kirk to put his foot down for once. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Ella Greenhill and Mark Burt (Monday); Ellen Taylor (Wednesday), Cameron McAllister and Steven Fay (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I guess it means that Maria will soon have had a relationship with uncle and nephew.Or put differently, she will soon be dating her son's first cousin...I think relationships between people closely related by marriage used to be forbidden by the church but I guess there's no legal issue now. ???? Still seems a bit incestuous, particularly because he also slept with Carla--another one of his aunts by marriage! Is there no one else in the world for this poor guy other than endlessly recycled Corrie women?! YOu'd think they lived in some remote village community, or were locked on a space ship travelling towards Mars.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem, the royals do it all the time.


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