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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Ruxandra Porojnicu Interview: Alina's human trafficking story

What are Alina’s first thoughts when Seb turns up at the nail salon?

When Alina sees Seb turning up at the nail bar, in her room, discovering her situation, all she thinks about is the danger he is putting himself in, risking his life, without even knowing. For Alina this is a critical moment. She feels so much guilt for getting Seb in this situation that will do anything to get him out safe, even if that means not seeing him again.

Why can Alina not see the reality of the situation that she is in when she tells Seb she is grateful to Rachel?

Alina is the girl who sees the good in everyone and she chose to look past Rachel’s harmful and wicked behaviour because she still has hope that everything will turn out the way she has planned and she will be able to help her family.

How has Alina found herself in this situation? What is her backstory?

Like so many other people from poor backgrounds, Alina decided to leave her home in Romania and go to Poland to work for more money. However, after a few months she still had no job and that’s when she met Nikolai who offered her a way out. She is being told that in UK she will have a job, a place to sleep and will make enough money to help her family.

What are Alina’s feelings towards Seb?

After months of being far from home, alone, without her family or anyone loved close to her, Seb becomes Alina’s only happiness. She finally feels someone cares for her and without a doubt she falls for him.

Why does Alina feel like she can’t just leave?

She is afraid of what may happen to her family. She would better give up on herself than on the safety of her loved ones.

How much danger is Alina in?
Alina’s safety is at risk as Rachel will always choose the safety of her business over any worker’s life.

When did you find out that this was the storyline Coronation Street would be exploring?

I slightly knew about the storyline after I took the audition. However it was only after I had a meeting with the research team from Corrie and Salvation Army that I truly understood what this will be about.

What research have you done on this storyline?

Most of my research was based on documentaries and articles about modern slavery and also my experience as an immigrant. I know how it feels to move abroad with just a backpack full of hopes and dreams. Nothing is more exciting than dreaming about a better future, a future that depends on hard work that you are willing to do. 

Coronation Street has been working closely with The Salvation Army to build this storyline and on my first day, they set up a meeting with them along with a victim of trafficking who talked us through the experience she had. That was the first time I realised that this could have been me. Modern slavery has so many forms that are present in our modern day society and it is certainly not a thing of the past.

What advice would you give Alina?

Save yourself first in order to be able to save others.

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