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Wednesday 17 July 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 July

Wednesday 17th July

GARY’S ROCKED BY A BLAST FROM THE PAST Sarah’s reluctant to shop Gary to the police on just a hunch however when she questions Gary about the voicemail he left on her phone, he’s evasive and her suspicions are piqued. Meanwhile Sharon tracks Gary down and is not convinced when Gary claims that Rick has gone into hiding abroad. Adam admits to Sarah that he told Imran her suspicions about Gary. Adam, Sarah, Imran and Sharon watch as Gary is taken in by the police for questioning.
THE FACTORY STAFF STRUGGLE TO BE COOPERATIVE In the community centre, Sarah announces that the share certificates have arrived giving them all a stake in the factory but the cramped working conditions irk the factory girls. Sarah suggests that if they forfeit their bonus, the money could be put towards rebuilding the factory. After a vote most are in favour of giving up their bonuses.
TYRONE GIVES EVELYN AN ULTIMATUM Roy attempts to make an effort at No.9 but Evelyn is still keen to lock horns. When Ed calls in to break the news that the cafe won’t be ready for a couple of weeks, Evelyn makes it known she isn’t happy. Tyrone tells her she can always find somewhere else to stay.
ELSEWHERE Maria meets up with her internet date, Ben, she’s bowled over by his good looks but less impressed when he reveals that he still lives with his mother.

Wednesday 17th July

THE ROOF FALLS IN ON GARY’S WORLD Gary does his best to remain calm when questioned by police over the factory roof collapse and then about his involvement with Rick. When Gary discovers it was Sarah who reported him to the police and then he sees her head off with Adam, he is broken. Sharon drops the bombshell that Kelly has reported Rick missing to the police and Gary is terrified as he realises the net is closing in.
BETH PLAYS THE WORKERS AGAINST EACH OTHER Beth sulks over the decision to forfeit the bonuses and although she returns to work, she offers to sell her shares first to Sean then to Paul.
JAN HAS A MYSTERY MEETING Seb points out he might contact Alina but Jan tells him to leave her alone. Jan calls at the nail salon and warns Alina not to get in contact with Seb again as it’s too dangerous.
EVELYN THINKS SHE HAS AN ADMIRER In the corner shop, Evelyn tells Tyrone and Michelle that Roy needs to move out as it’s clear he holds a torch for her however Tyrone warns her she needs to start being a bit nicer to Roy or she’ll be out on her ear.
ELSEWHERE When a middle aged woman parks herself at their table and reveals that she’s Ben’s mother, Maria’s horrified and making excuses hurries out.

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