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Monday 15 July 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 15 July

9821 Monday 15th July

EILEEN HAS DEJA VU Eileen’s curiosity is piqued when it’s obvious that Paula recognises Jan. When, in the Rovers, Eileen quizzes Paula, she makes out Eileen imagined it. After Eileen confides in Liz, Liz googles Jan and finds some worrying information. At No. 11, Liz waits until Jan is out to show Eileen the discovery she has made about him.
NICK THINKS HE’S FOUND A SMOKING GUN Nick tries to make amends with Sarah but to no avail. Nick spots himself in one of Beth’s photographs that was taken on the morning of the factory roof collapse. Nick goes to the police with the photo, which he claims proves he was nowhere near the factory at the time of the roof collapse but the police remain unconvinced.
GARY’S PROBLEMS ARE FOLLOWING HIM When Gary calls in to Rick’s office he is rattled to find Rick’s daughter, Kelly, demanding to know where her dad is. Gary plays dumb and returns to the street, unaware that Kelly is watching him.
MARIA’S LOVE LIFE GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE Audrey promises to set a lonely Maria up with her 3 o’clock client called Bob. When a man calls in the barber’s at 3pm, Maria assumes he’s Bob and flirts with him, failing to spot a text from Audrey. When the client reveals he’s married, Maria is fuming. Audrey calls in and tells a mortified Maria that Bob cancelled.
ELSEWHERE In the cafe, Roy sets about making some toast for Ed but after a spark and a bang the lights go out. Ed tells Roy that he’ll need to carry out a full assessment of the electrics and in the meantime he must vacate the premises as a precaution.

Monday 15th July
EILEEN’S HEADING FOR TROUBLE AGAIN When Jan returns, Liz makes herself scarce. Over dinner, Eileen confronts Jan
SARAH PUTS THE PIECES TOGETHER Sarah confides in Adam about Nick’s alibi. Ken, Peter, Carla, Adam and Sarah sit down to dinner at No.1. Carla reveals that Sarah’s phone wasn’t amongst the stolen phones she returned and that she had dreamt Gary had visited her and gone through her handbag. Later, Sarah tells Adam that she has a horrible hunch that Gary was involved with the roof collapse and Adam urges her to go to the police.
GARY DISHES OUT SOME HOME TRUTHS When Kelly tracks Gary down, he drops the bombshell that her dad was actually a loan shark. But he takes it a step further and lies that Rick was busted by the police and has done a runner. Gary heads off, leaving Kelly heartbroken.
EVELYN IS UNIMPRESSED WITH HER NEW HOUSE MATE With the cafe deemed unsafe, Peter and Carla move into No.1. Roy moves into No.9 with Tyrone. Evelyn’s less than impressed to discover Tyrone has offered him her bed and she’s sharing with Ruby.
ELSEWHERE Emma urges Maria to check her dating app to see if she’s had any interest.

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Anonymous said...

Beth was working on Rana's wedding dress the morning the roof collapsed so how can she be taking pictures?
Beth only became interested in photography after the roof collapse.
Are the writers rewriting the storyline to make Nick 'sympathetic' after he let David take the fall for the theft of Audrey's money.

coconno196 said...

Probably, plus they don't think we viewers will remember!!


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