Saturday, 20 July 2019

Did Corrie forget about Chesney's hammer house of horror?

Last night in Coronation Street, Gemma showed Chesney a house for sale in the local paper. The property was going cheap and Chesney jokingly asked whether it was because someone had been murdered there. 

Gemma's deadpan reply confirmed this was the case to which Chesney said something along the lines of: "I don't think I could live in a house where there's been a murder."

Well, he's living in a house right now on Coronation Street where there has been a murder. And it was one connected to his own family too.

Chesney's sister Fiz's husband John Stape killed Charlotte Hoyle there. 

Is Chesney's memory really that short?    


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Laura said...

Funny they forget everything in Corrie's history, the writers always have amnesia!

burnohbeard said...

Would Chesney have known that that was the murder scene? After all the body wasn’t found in the house, it was moved to the factory.

Anonymous said...

it was left on the site of the tram crash

Louby said...

I'm sure most of the houses in the street have had a dodgy death at some point!

Anonymous said...

The writers don't even know what happened last week never mind last year. Whoever is responsible for archiving and script editing needs to be docked wages.

Anonymous said...

But Charlotte Hoyle didn't die there - she died in hospital, didn't she?

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