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Thursday 25 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 24 July 8.30 pm

Back at the Rovers, Chesney still can't agree with Gemma, who wants to give Bernie the babies' cash. Chesney's recent change of heart appears to have changed back, again.

Also tonight, Ed Bailey has managed to sort the cafe electrics out for Roy, and Aggie solves Kirk's bum problem. It's all going off for the street's newest residents, as the rest of them seem to be moving in or out.

Hiding in the newly reopened cafe, buying crisps, and lying about the gym, Steve's has a relatively good run with his recent lazy streak. It's unfortunate then when Adam admits to Tracy that he has won Steve his taxi license back. Tracy immediately sets out on finding out what Steve has been up to with his time off...only to find Tiny's unicorn horn and party pieces.

As Gemma introduces Bernie to her friend group, Paul is far from happy to see his Mum on the scene. I wonder what will happen when he finds out Chesney has offered her a place at No. 5?

Ali is adamant that Michelle is in the wrong for criticising his date with Maria, pulling the couple apart, and causing animosity between the potential suitors. Ryan manages to redeem the situation when he compares Michelle's relationship with Robert, to that of Maria andAli, which manages to change his mum's mind. Later on, at the Rovers, Paul tells Kirk to watch it with Bernice, and Ali has bagged himself a date with Radio Weatherfield's Jane Beswick - much to Maria's dismay.

Kevin also has a sudden change of mind and invites Paula to stay another night, will he live to regret it? Taking Kev's advice literally, Gary's raised more cash from his first furniture sale and gives it to Izzy for Jake. Concerned that the cash is laundered, Izzy gives Gary an earful for his efforts and tells him to move out of her flat.

Meanwhile, Chesney is on the sofa at No. 5, after offering his bed to Bernie, who suggestively makes a play for him.

It's a bit like musical houses on Corrie tonight. What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

I shall be back same time next week.

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Newfy Pearl said...

So happy that Ches stood his ground with the donated money. Gemma's character has none of the appeal for me that others have had. Where is the growth? Becky and Kyley were a damaged pair, but they progressed due to the relationships they built on the street. Gemma leaves me shaking my head and fast forwarding.

Anonymous said...

Apart from Tracy driving the cab and Jenny did anybody else do any work?They are in the pub at all hours, have lunch breaks (from what?) that never end and never seem to look after their children.
I was hoping that Roy would have the cafe redecorated after the rewiring. It looks very old fashioned and dingy as does the solicitors office. Talking of decorating some of the front doors on the street look really dirty and scruffy.

JennyMac said...

More Chesney and Gemma show! Now the mother is involved too, is there no end to this oh so boring storyline. Wouldn't mind if it was funny but sadly not so.
Somebody get rid of Gemma PLEAQSE!

coconno196 said...

I think the old-fashioned look of the café is meant to be retro, showing Roy's love of trains and traditional values! But I agree it could do with sprucing up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The reality is that Gemma would have joined another gang after Callum met his end. But if the writers wanted to give her a 'journey', they should have kept her with the posh twit. At least, he had some personality. Chesney is very dull and unfortunately the actors don't lift each other in their scenes. I have a feeling this story, which is now attempting comedy (and failing) will turn dark. Only two babies will survive. Grandma will leg it when most needed, and Gemma and Chesney will re-unite to make a go of it. Tragedy often brings out the best in Corrie characters. Dolly Rose Campbell and Sally Ann Matthews would be good together in scenes if that scenario happens.

Defrost Indoors said...

I like that the cafe still hss a few library books lurking in the background.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Humpty. If they wanted to tone down Gemma they should've kept that posh bloke. She actually shared some candid scenes with Rita about whether he was the one.

Now she's overbearing and domineering. Happily send her, Paul, Chesney and mum packing.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): The only redeeming factor in the Gemma storyline was her pride in her "sister" Jenny which was pretty sweet. The people as horrible as Bernie really exit? She was just dreadful and not even funny about it. Just run of the mill, everyday, pedestrian dreadful. Even Tyrone's horrendous mother didn't try to share a bed with Fiz.


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